12 DJ Cuppy Quotes (Things Cuppy Once Said)

DJ Cuppy quotes about life and success

We bring to you a quick collection of DJ Cuppy quotes and sayings about life and success.

DJ Cuppy is one of the prominent figures in the music industry. Due to her obvious skills and talent at doing what she does best, her presence and influence in the music industry is acknowledged by many across Nigeria and Africa at large.

She is such a unique DJ in Nigeria because there are only a few prominent DJ in Nigeria that are females. Additionally, most DJs are not considered to be so rich, but DJ Cuppy net worth keeps slipping out when discussing the richest musicians in Nigeria.

DJ Cuppy’s worth is being discussed in the first place because she is a daughter to the Billionaire Mogul, Femi Otedola.

So, we decided to bring to you a quick collection of DJ Cuppy quotes and sayings.

DJ Cuppy Quotes & Sayings About Life and Success

1. “Please don’t ever let social media fool you – nobody’s life (including mine) is perfect.” – DJ Cuppy

2. “My family is high profile: It always gets highlighted and people get so caught up in my background that they question my talent, authenticity and skill. I’m so set on my path and I’m unapologetic.” – DJ Cuppy

3. “If I had a show tonight and no one came, I literally wouldn’t care, just because I love what I do so much.” DJ Cuppy quotes

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4. “…Obviously, it’s really nice when you do what you love and someone else loves it too, but you can’t please everyone.” – DJ Cuppy

5. “My people… doesn’t matter how over-saturated the market is. If God called you to it, there’s room for you!” – DJ Cuppy

6. “Regardless of any door that gets closed, it’s all about depending on nobody but yourself…” – DJ Cuppy quotes

7. “…In life, we feel let down like we’re not good enough; you are more than good enough. You just have to go for it and take what is yours, good things come to those who work hard, and not those who wait.” – DJ Cuppy

8. “Don’t take my kindness for weakness– DJ Cuppy

9. “I’ve learnt to kill them with kindness and rise above the noise– DJ Cuppy quotes

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10. “Arrogant and insensitive people disgust me– DJ Cuppy

11. “I DO NOT take my blessings for granted… I mean, look at how far I’ve come?! THIS can ONLY be God!– DJ Cuppy

Summary of DJ Cuppy Quotes

There you have it, a quick collection of things DJ Cuppy once said. Let’s have your comments as you share with us which of these DJ Cuppy quotes resonates more with you.

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