6 Day Traders To Follow On Twitter

day traders on twitter

Tweet your way to successful trading when you start following these 6-day traders. Gain valuable knowledge and insights from the best in the business!

Top 6 day Traders To Follow In 2021

These days trading has become an activity, a passion, and for many, a lifestyle. The internet has allowed anyone with an interest in the financial markets to become part of that very narrative.

That is also the beauty and the innovation of cyberspace; it’s created a climate of communications that no one could have foreseen.

We now have Instagram, Facebook, and the one that allows us to literally connect with our favorite celebrities – Twitter.

In fact, it is Twitter that has allowed us all to become engulfed in the lives of anyone out there, well-respected traders also!

And so, with all that all in mind, let us now take a cursory glance at 6 of the top-day traders who are so good at what they do, that that they’re more than happy to share their skills on Twitter.

1. Steve Burns/@SJosephBurns

With nearly two decades of trading experience, Steve Burns has established himself as the go-to guy for trading advice.

By way of his blog, Steve provides fellow traders with a vast wealth of knowledge and this includes extensive courses. Steve has also penned a series of books dealing with the various intricacies of trading.

2. Katie Stockton/@StocktonKatie

Known for her in-depth technical analysis, Katie Stockton is the head-honcho at Fairlead Strategies, an online platform to aid traders and investors in gaining a better understanding of technical analysis.

Fairlead Strategies tackles a multitude of applicable topics in both the fields of stocks and cryptocurrencies. Katie sports a wealth of investor knowledge due largely to more than 20 years spent on Wall Street.

3. Keith McCullough/@KeithMcCullough

Known for his popular website, hedgeye.com, Keith McCullough is a former hedge fund manager who takes pleasure in letting regular Joe’s gain access to industry-level knowledge.

On his Twitter account, he is known to offer simple and effective tips while his website has its own TV channel which broadcasts an array of trading products and informative insights.

4.  Zanger/@DanZanger

Not only is Daniel Zanger renowned for his ability to prognosticate on stocks that are about to soar, he is also the world record holder for the largest percentage increase of a portfolio within the span of a year.

Zanger also publishes an informative newsletter in which he advises on which stocks to be on the lookout for while regularly tweeting his analysis.

He is by far one of the leading voices when it comes to selecting stocks that are ripe for the picking, and analyzing charts.

5. Scott Redler/@RedDogT3

Scott Redler combines technical analysis with his own personalized strategies. According to the CityIndex latest market reports, tech stocks are the ones to really keep an eye out for, something with which Redler agrees as tech stocks are his specialty.

Scott regularly tweets about his interest in tech stocks while backing up his claims and statements with applicable charts.  His website,  T3live.com, offers up a slew of helpful trading material that can only help you improve your own skills.

6. Ross Cameron/@WarriorTrading

Ross Cameron is by far one of the most transparent traders out there. Cameron regularly publishes audits of all his trades and then provides additional clout and clarity with accompanying YouTube videos.

These vlogs offer fantastic insights as Ross proceeds to unpack everything that went on during the trading process. His videos are deemed imperative viewing for anyone looking to become a successful stock trader.

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