78 Notable David Luiz Quotes About Football

David Luiz Quotes About Football

Hey! We bring to you 78 Notable David Luiz quotes and sayings about football.

David Luiz Moreira Marinho is a Brazilian professional footballer who plays for Premier League club Arsenal and the Brazil national team.

Primarily a center-back, he can also be deployed as a defensive midfielder. After starting out at Vitória, he now plays for a reputable team in the EPL – the leading football league in the world.

Luiz has had a successful career over the years. David Luiz net worth is proof that he is a successful footballer and has had a great share of being famous.

How did he make it to the top of his career? In this quick collection of David Luiz quotes, you’ll learn more about him.

78 Notable David Luiz Quotes Bout Football

1″ The strikers are the first defenders. And the first defender is the first striker to build from the back.” – David Luiz

2. “My respect for Chelsea will be forever.” – David Luiz

3. “My faith gives me the belief that I can go out and perform and improve as a player. It gives me strength and inspiration.” – David Luiz quotes

David Luiz quotes about faith

4. “One day, when I have my own kids, I’ll tell them that, even when their life is not easy, they can still do anything they want. That is the way to approach things.” – David Luiz

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5. “It’s always a battle to play against Diego Costa.” – David Luiz

6. “Barca are a great team that plays fantastic football.” – David Luiz

7. “I think we have to be positive and think about what we can do now because the past is the past – we cannot change it.” – David Luiz

8. “Eventually, the truth comes out in sport and in life. When you win, you’re praised, and when you lose, you’re criticized. That’s normal.” – David Luiz quotes

9. “A World Cup would only be a true experience if I were wearing the Brazilian shirt. Otherwise, it would just be like playing for a club.” – David Luiz

10. “I am not against freedom of speech, and I recognize the value of a fair publication.” – David Luiz

11. “I want to play football, and I want to help the team. It doesn’t matter if I play midfield if I play in defense if I play as a striker.” – David Luiz

12. “Joy is important in life, not just football. Joy is being serious and professional, too. Joy can be reaching your potential by training hard and being disciplined. Joy can be following the rules you need to follow.” – David Luiz

13. “I was winning everything in Paris. I was there for two years and won all the titles in France. I had a great life, great credibility with the club… I had everything.” – David Luiz quotes

14. “Yes, I love playing football, so it doesn’t matter where I play.” – David Luiz

15. “The weather was so cold in Lisbon when I arrived. I decided, ‘Let’s grow the hair to hide my ears.’ And after that, it became nice hair.” – David Luiz

16. “If you don’t take risks in your life, you never feel something new, so I taste something new, and I like that.” – David Luiz

17. “I love Sarri’s philosophy. We play high, with a lot of possession in a technical way.” – David Luiz

18. “When Chelsea came to me and said they wanted me to come back, I was happy because I had a special moment here – one of the best in my career. I won the Champions League, the Europa League.” – David Luiz quotes

19. “This is football, so you need to be clever to understand the moment and win games.” – David Luiz

20. “I have tremendous respect for all French Federation of Football football teams, players, and supporters.” – David Luiz

21. “I’m a joker; that’s my choice. It’s my style. But I care about my life. I care about the game. I care about the people who gave me this opportunity.” – David Luiz

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22. “Nobody likes to lose a Champions League semi-final.” – David Luiz

David Luiz quotes about winning champions league

23. “My dream was always to play for Brazil.” – David Luiz quotes

24. “That’s why football is so nice – it gives us the opportunity to react quickly and learn a lot from a situation, what were our mistakes, and where things went wrong.” – David Luiz

25. “You cannot hide yourself from any situation.” – David Luiz

26. “Brazil has people in some places with so difficult situations. They prefer to smile than cry because they love life. They love to be happy. That’s Brazilian style.” – David Luiz

27. “I came back to Chelsea to stay. When I took my decision to come back here from Paris, it was to win the Premier League and to do something again with Chelsea, so I am very happy here.” – David Luiz

28. “I changed my position when I was 16 or 17. I started in midfield or further forward as a number 10, and then in one tournament, we lost two defenders to injury in the same game, and we didn’t have any on the bench. So I played at the back, and the manager of the first team saw me, and he said, ‘I want this guy in the first team,’ and that was that!” – David Luiz quotes

29. “Everything in life belongs to God. Our purpose has already been mapped out.” – David Luiz

30. “I can speak about me: I never want to be off the pitch; I never want to come off.” – David Luiz

31. “What I’ve learned in life is that you can’t always win, especially in sport, but you can be a true champion for everything you did to get there.” – David Luiz

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32. “Every league game is like the World Cup. The passion… intense, the desire for points.” – David Luiz

33. “I’m looking forward to playing my first match for Paris.” – David Luiz

34. “It’s always difficult to win matches.” – David Luiz quotes

35. “Lukaku is a fantastic player and a great friend.” – David Luiz

36. “I have God in my heart.” – David Luiz

37. “When I was young,g I always saw Brazil winning games on television with fantastic players and a fantastic team.” – David Luiz

38. “I cannot get to the top on my own. Everyone is important to me. Everyone has played a part in my success, and I try to show that.” – David Luiz

39. “I always give my best on the field, but I think modern footballers have a big opportunity to make a difference in peoples’ lives.” – David Luiz

40. “It’s great to understand football – it never stops. Since I started playing football, I always learn from every coach. It’s great.” – David Luiz quotes

41. “I learned a lot: sometimes you have to be patient. Sometimes you have to take care of your body. Sometimes you have to learn from the outside to be good in the future.” – David Luiz

Wise sayings by David Luiz

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42. “I think I always have to feel fresh start because I am getting old!” – David Luiz

43. “I think everybody is born pure. You never go to the maternity ward and hold a baby that has bad energy.” – David Luiz

44. “To say ‘He played bad’ is different from ‘He is a bad player.’ Do you understand? I make a mistake. It does not mean I am a bad person.” – David Luiz

45. “I am an optimist in my life.” – David Luiz

46. “If you want me to be honest, be honest with me. ” – David Luiz quotes

47. “I’ve been working hard a lot since the beginning of my career, and to play 10 years consecutively in big clubs is not easy, and I try to give my best every season.” – David Luiz

48. “To put your team in the top level of the Champions League is special.” – David Luiz

49. “I can wake up crazy or normal; it depends.” – David Luiz

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50. “When I was young, I was a kid that never stopped. I wanted to do everything; a lot of energy. I didn’t have this big hair. But I was a happy person.” – David Luiz

51. “Footballers have a great opportunity to be a good example because the kids want to listen to you and be like you in many ways.

52. “I’ve had more than one girlfriend in my life.” – David Luiz

53. “Some people in the press don’t respect people in life. I can put my head on my pillow and sleep great because I respect everyone.” – David Luiz quotes

54. “Communication is always important, but it’s a separate type of language in football.” – David Luiz

55. “When you live through new experiences and new situations in your life, that’s when you grow.” – David Luiz

56. “I always love football, but of course it’s good when you win and the team is doing well.” – David Luiz

57. “Winning the Premier League is never easy. Whether you’re at home or away, the games are always tough.” – David Luiz

58. “The collective comes before the individual.” – David Luiz quotes

59. “I love London. I love the variety, the entertainment, the restaurants, and the concerts. It’s different from what we have in South America.” – David Luiz

60. “I’ve been to Madame Tussaud’s. Three times.” – David Luiz

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61. “Every coach has his own philosophy.” – David Luiz

David Luiz Quotes about coaching

62. “Mano Menezes is a fantastic coach, but Scolari is a fantastic coach, too, as well as being more experienced.” – David Luiz

63. “I’ve always said my shoulders are broad, and I can take on that extra responsibility. I love it. I want it. I prefer to take it on myself to help the other guys, who can then go out and play with their heads clear and calm.” – David Luiz

64. “You have moments where you’re down, but I can be sad for one or two hours, no more. The rest of the time, I have to be happy because the team needs me to be positive. My brain needs it. I need it.” – David Luiz quotes

65. “If I was playing for a club in mid-table, I could make three or four mistakes, and no one would notice because the analysis is not at the top level. But when you play for a big club, every little mistake is highlighted. So every day, you work, work, work.” – David Luiz

66. “I was never afraid to come back to Paris. I trust the club; I trust this country.” – David Luiz

67. “Scolari is a fantastic coach, a fantastic man, and he is so transparent.” – David Luiz

68. “I don’t speak about the future.” – David Luiz

69. “Other players can be leaders on the pitch, but not all players can understand another player, so I try to. You need to understand the heart of another player. I try to read other people, to figure out how I can joke with this guy, how I can help him or touch his heart.” – David Luiz quotes

70. “I know what is important. When I go to the pitch, I cannot laugh; I respect the other players. I try my best and put my passion inside the game.” – David Luiz

71. “I like to have fun, but there are moments you need to show yourself, and that, for me, is on the pitch.

72. “I think it was genetic: my legs were born like this.” – David Luiz

73. “It’s never easy to lose the games and then come back stronger.” – David Luiz

74.”Many, many of the teams respect Chelsea. Chelsea is a big club. It doesn’t matter the position of the table: respect is always there. ” – David Luiz

75. “I have played in big clubs for many, many years. When you win, it is good, but when you lose, nobody is going to be happy, and the pressure is going to be there.” – David Luiz quotes

76. “It is never good to concede a goal; it is part of our job not to concede, just as it is part of our job to score.

77. “Everybody knows the Premier League is so difficult, we have to think step by step.

Frankly, I loved playing there. The Americans are incomparable for the sport’s business, and they’re beginning to truly love football.

78. “I think that the path of my career can pass through the United States. I love the style of life here.

My priority will be my family in the years to come.” – David Luiz

Summary of David Luiz Quotes About Soccer

There you have it, 78 interesting things David Luiz once said in our quick collection of quotes from David Luiz about football. Thanks for checking it out.

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