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Dave Whelan net worth

What is Dave Whelan net worth

Willian Net Worth:$220 Million
Born:November 24, 1936
Country of Origin:England
Role Played:Defender
Source of Wealth:Football, Endorsements, Businesses
Marital Status:Married

Dave Whelan was reared in Wigan after being born in Bradford on November 24, 1936.

His ancestors were from Ireland’s County Tipperary. Due to the time in which Dave Whelan was born, there are understandably few records of his early years.

Dave Whelan Net Worth is estimated to be roughly $220 Million dollars. He is no doubt one of the richest football players in the world alive.


Whelan began playing football and was a member of the 1960 FA Cup final losing team, which was defeated by Wolverhampton Wanderers, 3-0.

Dave suffered a double blow from the game because he played for an hour before getting hurt after a poor challenge and breaking his leg.

His football career was dogged by injuries, and the one he suffered in the championship game was just one of many that happened to other players at the time, leading some to dub it the Wembley hoodoo.

Whelan was subsequently sold to Crewe Alexandra F.C after he suffered the broken leg injury. It was at this club he retired after playing for a few years at the club.

He retired in order to focus on his other business in Supermarket. He sold his store, Whelan Discount for more than £1 million to Ken Morrison.

After he worked in the stall owned by the Howard Brothers, He then decided to open another supermarket in Wigan which he advanced into a grocery store.

He later traveled to America to study more on supermarkets. After he returned to England, he decided to create a chain of supermarkets which consist of 10 supermarkets in the 60s in Lancashire. He also sold the business for £1.5 million to Ken.

In 1977, Whelan ventured into and bought Wigan fishing and JJ Bradburns which he later renamed as JJB Sports although those were the initials of the previous owner of the business.

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He then used the business to focus on sports supplies and the store kept on expanding until it had 7 stores by the 80s, making it the second largest sports retailer in the UK. This improvements were beneficial to Dave Whelan net worth.

JJB Sports was hit by a fine in 2005 for allegedly fixing price of shirts of the England national team and Man Utd at a total of £5.5 million.

This had no real effect on Dave Whelan net worth. This fine made him step down as Chairman of the business but came to the aid of the company to settle a payments dispute that resulted in a two-day strike.

Whelan subsequently sold out his shares worth £50 million initially and later sold his remaining 29% stake in the company in 2007 as a result of breach of agreement between him and the stock exchange.

Later in 2009, Whelan bought the sinking business of JJB including its stores and fitness centers.

The Wigan athletic stadium was then renamed the DW Stadium and their sponsors were subsequently DW Sports fitness after Dave Whelan bought the football club.

At the time when he bought Wigan, they were in the division 3 of the English league, the best soccer league in the world.

After taking over, Whelan promised to bring Wigan to the top division of the English premier league which he was able to fulfill in the summer of 2005 when the club got promoted as they won the division 3 and 2 title and runners up to the championship in 2004-05.

After a tremendous increase in Dave Whelan net worth, he then invested £30 million to the construction of the club’s new stadium and after it completion, it became one of the biggest stadium outside the premier league.

Wigan, who majority of people had underestimated to be relegated the following season managed to stay in the league for the next eight years and were also able to reach the league cup final.

In 2007, West ham incorrectly registered Carlos Tevez and Javier Mascherano and Dave called for the club to be relegated from the league.

He also told the then Premier league Chairman to resign as a result. After a court of arbitration for sports case, it ruled in favor of the premier league.

Later that season, Wigan were relegated from the league and Whelan subsequently stepped down from his position as Chairman and also appointing his son who was 23 years old as the Chairman.

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After the announcement of Maurice Lindsay’s intention to retire immediately from the club after the Warriors’ loss at the hands of Catalans Dragons on 29 July 2007, Whelan managed to persuade him to stay on until the end of the season.

After the announcement of Lindsay’s retirement however, Whelan said he would be willing to sell the club after a proposed takeover from a “genuine Wigan fan” earlier in the year.

On 24 October 2007, it was reported that Ian Lenagan, previous proprietor of Harlequins RL, had finished his takeover of Wigan Warriors, purchasing out Whelan’s 89% stake in the club with the deal producing results from 1 December 2007.

Wigan Warriors Rugby League Club Chairman Maurice Lindsay and business magnate Dave Whelan, the then proprietor of the JJB Sports realm, had just been making commotions about shaping a rugby union side.

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Introductory contact was made through Whelan’s Finance Director Simon Moorehead and an energizing night saw the individuals guaranteed £10,000,000 investment more than 5 years, with Mr Whelan communicating the dream to drink red wine away to Toulouse in the European Cup not long from now.

Wide-peered, and with these guarantees of future achievement, the individuals hesitantly sold their shares in the club for £1,000 each, to the new proprietors, with Lindsay turning into the club’s new Chairman.


  • On 30 August 2007 He was awarded the Freedom of the Borough of Wigan by Wigan Borough Council
  • In July 2015 He was awarded the Honorary degree of Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) by the University of Bolton.

Quotes By Dave Whelan

  • I know it is easy to criticize and I accept it is a difficult job managing England but the man in charge must be passionate and realize he owes it to the nation to win the World Cup.” – Dave Whelan
  • If any Englishman said he has never called a Chinaman a chink he is lying. There is nothing bad about doing that. It is like calling the British Brits, or the Irish Paddies.” – Dave Whelan
  • It goes down in history as something special. A club like Wigan that’s only in the Football League 25 years and was in the old fourth division qualifies for the Premiership. It says to every team in the land it is possible, it can be done.
  • Believe in the unbelievable and your belief will become believable.” – Dave Whelan
  • The problem with closed-minded people is that their mouths are always open.” – Dave Whelan
  • People keep asking me ‘can we really do it?’ Why not? We won’t be easy pickings for United, that’s for sure. We are no one’s pushover and everyone in the land who does not have an affinity for United will be rooting for us and urging us to victory.” – Dave Whelan
  • Twenty-eight years ago we were playing non-league football and now we are in a cup final.” – Dave Whelan

One thing easy to learn from Dave Whelan is to diversify and not focus on one business. As the adage says, Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Being a racist is bad for everyone. It is best to see everyone as people and not treat them differently due to their races or the color of their skin.

Hard work always pays. If you want evidence, its Dave Whelan net worth

Dave Whelan Net Worth (Summary)

Despite having a not so successful football career, Dave Whelan net worth is enviable to many people today.

He worked hard and smart for every bit of cash he has by acquiring varieties of businesses both in the football industry and the trading industry.

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