Crazy Bets Won Against All Odds

Betway odds agains odds

Placing a bet is easy. All you have to do is go to the Betway website, register an account, make a deposit, and you can dive right into it.

Betway has a huge collection of events you can bet on, covering everything from soccer and racing to entertainment and politics. No wonder, it is listed as one of the top betting sites in Nigeria and worldwide.

The lineup of options is truly diverse: at Betway, you can bet on Premier League teams as easily as you can on the political party winning Sweden’s General Elections.

Sounds crazy? Wait until you hear about the crazy things some people bet on – and won.

Donation From Beyond The Grave

Back in 2003, when then Swiss champion Roger Federer won his first Grand Slam victory in Wimbledon, a British punter called Nicholas Newlife saw greatness in the 22-year old rising star.

He placed a bet of £1,500 (close to £2400 or $3,200 today) at odds of 66 to 1 that Federer will win Wimbledon at least seven times until 2019.

Nick Newlife passed away in 2009, and left all his belongings, including the betting slip, to the British anti-poverty charity Oxfam so he didn’t have a chance to see Federer beat Andy Murray in his seventh Wimbledon victory. And when he did, the charity received the win of more than £100,000.

From Go-karts To Stardom

Englishman Richard Hopkins took his son karting one day in 1998, a fun activity for any boy, without a doubt.

There, in turn, he found something unexpected: a 13-year-old boy who did great on the track. So great, in fact, that he quickly placed a bet on him (which is a bit weird, if you ask me).

Hopkins actually placed three bets: one on the kid winning his first Formula One race before turning 23, one on him becoming a Formula One world champion by the age of 25, and one on both of them happening. The boy’s name was Lewis Hamilton.

Hamilton far exceeded Hopkins’s expectations: he didn’t only win four Formula One races before turning 23, he even won the World Championship the next year.

As a result, Hopkins cashed out on his decade-long bet in 2008, taking home a win worth £165,000 (a bit over $220,000 today).

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Fathers And Grandfathers

Parents and grandparents are known to overestimate their sons’ and grandsons’ talent in sports. Not all of them are willing to bet money on it, though.

Some of them seem to have a great eye for spotting talent, and the will to put their money where their mouth is.

Lewis Cook’s grandfather bet £500 on the youngster making an international appearance before the age of 21.

Harry Wilson’s grandfather bet £50 on his 18-months-old grandson to play international football.

Eddie Kirkland, along with some friends, bet £98.10 on Chris Kirkland being called for the English national team before he turns 30.

Ryan Tunnicliffe’s dad bet £100 on him making it to Manchester United’s first team when he was only nine.

It’s needless to say that all of them won: each of the bets – placed at insane odds – paid out big time.

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