The New Cost of International Passport In Nigeria

The new cost of International Passport in Nigeria

What is the new cost of international passport in Nigeria today?

The international passport price in Nigeria is always a topic of discussion among people who intend to travel out of the country, either on a business trip or pleasure.

The Nigerian international passport presents the opportunity to appreciate international travel and navigate through different people, culture and races through your travel to anywhere on the planet.

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Nigerians who intend to travel to countries within West Africa are only required to have the ECOWAS passport which grants access to all the 15 countries within West Africa.

The ECOWAS passport price ranges between N28,000 and N50,000.

cost of International passport in Nigeria
Ecowas International passport

However, Nigerians who need to travel outside of West Africa are required to get a Nigerian international passport.

Nigerian Visa applicants, whatever the age, are required to pay a non-refundable, non-transferable international passport application due, before you can obtain an international passport.

The international passport price in Nigeria must be paid irrespective if a visa is given or not.

There are however numerous visa-free countries Nigerians can visit, just in case you don’t have one.

This article however, records the cost of international passport in Nigeria.

cost of standard passport in Nigeria
Image of Nigeria standard passport

To apply for a new passport, the Nigerian Immigration Services (NIS) at the moment issues electronic passports (e-passports) for new applications.

Regular travelers can apply for a Standard e-passport with green cover.

Official e-passports with blue cover are meant for government officials and Nigerian diplomats.

So, you’ve been thinking, don’t we have a 32 page international passport and 64 page passport in Nigeria?

What is the difference between the 32 page passport and the 64 page international passport?

Who can optin for either of the passports? You’ll learn more in this post.

Official Cost of International Passport In Nigeria

Before giving you details of the international passport price in Nigeria, let’s give you a complete breakdown of the types of international Passport Booklet issued in Nigeria by the Nigerian Immigration Services (NIS).

 Also we’ll recommend the type of passport you should apply for based on its use.

The 32-page Nigerian international passport is regularly given for recreation (holidays and tourist) travelers or those not traveling internationally frequently.

Business travelers, however, might need to consider applying for a 64-page passport if your work requires consistent traveling.

However, if you are an ardent traveler during breaks and holidays or however it may be, you may need the 64-page passport too.

This will ease you the stress you might have to go through in order to acquire a new passport.

Listed Below is the breakdown of different prices of the various types of international passports available in Nigeria.

Price Of International Passport In Nigeria (64-page)

  • Minor (Age 0 – 17) – N20,000
  • Adult (Age 18 – 59) – N20,000
  • Elderly (Age 60 and above) – 20,000 Naira Only.

Price Of  international Passport In Nigeria (32-pages)

  • Minor(Age 0 – 17) – 8,750 Naira Only.
  • Adult(Age 18 – 59) – 15,000 Naira Only.
  • Elderly(Age 60 and above) – 8,750 Naira Only.

Price International Passport Outside Nigeria (64-pages)

  • Minor(Age 0 – 17) – $125.
  • Adult(Age 18 – 59) – $125.
  • Elderly(Age 60 above) – $125.

Price of international Passport Outside Nigeria (32-page)

  • Minor(Age 0 – 17) – $65.
  • Adult(Age 18 – 59) – $94.
  • Elderly(Age 60 and above) – $65.

However, The Nigerian Immigration Services (NIS) recently launched a new international passport early this year. This new international passports will be valid for longer time within the range of 5 to 10 years pending request of the user.

This new international passport also allows for better self-tracking of visa applications, Weather friendly, higher durability and so on.

The new cost of international passport in Nigeria with a 10-year validity is 70,000 Naira in Nigeria and $230 off the borders of Nigeria.

Also, the cost of  international passport in Nigeria for the 64-page booklet with a 5-year validity will cost 35,000 Naira in Nigeria and $150 outside Nigeria.

The new 32-page international passport can be obtained at a cost of 25,000 Naira in Nigeria and $130 outside Nigeria and is valid for only 5 years.

This new international passport price in Nigeria has seen a backlash from most Nigerians because of the hike in the official price of the Nigerian international Passport. This is the only reasonable disadvantage I the new international passport has.

Application and Paying the cost of  international passport in Nigeria can only be processed and made online through the Nigerian Immigration Services (NIS). Payment can made in either Naira or U.S. Dollars. Cash payments are not allowed or accepted.

NB: Any applicant living outside Nigeria that wishes to apply for the renewal of his or her passport or want to obtain a new one  must obtain an identification number from NIMC through the Nigerian embassy, else he/she will be denied issuance of the passport.

 Before you can register or apply to successfully obtain a Nigerian international passport, there are requirements to be met.

For adults who are 18 years or older:

  • Filled passport application form
  • Two recent passport photographs
  • Evidence of payment (Receipt)
  • Means of Identification i.e  Certificate of origin (valid staff ID card attached)
  • Birth certificate
  • Filled Guarantor’s form (with photocopy of data page of Guarantor’s Nigerian e-passport and one passport-size photo of the Guarantor)
  • Marriage certificate (if any)
  • Name change affidavit (if any)

For Minors younger than 18 years:

  • Filled passport application form
  • One passport-size photograph (signed on the rear side by consenting parent/s)
  • Birth certificate
  • Proof of Nigerian citizenship of parents
  • Letter of consent issued from both parents (valid court order if one parent is unavailable)
  • Evidence of payment

Listed below are the steps to follow in order to make payment for a new Nigerian international passport:

  • On the Nigerian Immigration Services portal, select the E-Passport Application Form Option. You are required to log into the system through your email, then create an account for the application process.
  • Complete the form with your correct details and print. Then click on the Submit Button.
  • Once the application has been successfully submitted, you will be issued a Reference Number and Application ID. Print a copy, as it is a requirement in the application process
  • At the end of the page, click on the ‘Proceed to checkout button’ to proceed to the payment process
  • Click on the ‘Proceed to Online Payment Button’.
  • Select the credit card payment option. Give about 30 minutes for the payment to register, then proceed to paying the cost of international passport in Nigeria with credit card. The applicant can only use his or her credit card for payment. Third party credit cards are not accepted.
  • You will then receive a payment confirmation on your email.

You will find out about the procedures to successfully apply for a new Nigerian international passport later in this article.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Nigerian Passport?

Most passport application takes around 48 hours to process after paying for the cost of international passport in Nigeria.

This is also after your biometric data has been obtained and all required documents uploaded. At times, it has been known to take as long as a month to process, so it is advisable to apply well ahead of time.

Nigerians living outside the country can also apply for their international passport at their closest consulate, or through the online application by visiting the Nigerian Immigration Services (NIS) portal. This makes it easier to obtain anywhere in the world.

Express Centres are also established in cities all over Nigeria to cater for emergency/expedite need.

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Nigerian Passport Application Form

This is the form which needs to be filled and completed by any Nigerian citizen who wishes to obtain a Nigerian international passport in order to gain access to travel to several countries around the world for either business or pleasure.

The passport application form has 7 sections

The first section is the general information section where you have to input personal information about yourself like title(Mr/Mrs), First name, Last name, Middle name, Gender, Date of birth, National Identity Number(NIN) and Place of birth.

The second section is the permanent address section where you input your address, city, Country, State, LGA, District and Postcode.

The third section is the contact information section. You are required to input your State of Origin, Nationality, Hometown, Contact phone, Email, Mobile Phone, Occupation and Maiden name.

The fourth section is the personal feature section where you input your Marital status, Eye color, Hair color and Height.

The fifth section is the Other information section where information about special features, Next of kin name and Relationship with next of kin are inputted.

The sixth section includes address, City, Country, State, LGA, district and Post code.

The last section is the Passport Booklet type Section. Here, you have to input the passport booklet type you want, either 64 or 32-page booklet, Validity type and the numbers in the captcha.

You then have to tick the ‘I accept responsibility form’ and then Submit the application.

How to Verify Nigerian International Passport

The Nigerian international passport that you have received can be validated or verified through your National Identity Number (NIN).

Cost of international passport in Nigeria - NIN card
Hisilicon K3

 Your National Identification Number (NIN) is used to link all records about you. These records are– demographic data, fingerprints, passport photograph, other biometric information and digital signature – in the National Identity Database.

This makes it easier to confirm and verify your identity when you are traveling abroad and or carrying out transactions.

Nigerian Passport Application Status

After the cost of international passport in Nigeria is paid, it’s a basic requirement to verify your passport application status. This is to check if the application is successful or not.

These are the steps to check your application status:

  • Visit the NIS Portal and choose the “Query your Application Payment Status”. At that point enter your Passport Application ID and Reference No.
  • If a  “Validation code” field appears(this happens just when you’ve not confirmed your payment on the NIS Portal). Input the validation number from your receipt either from Bank or online platform
  • Click the “Search Record” box and you will be coordinated to the “Applicant’s Details” page where a date and venue for your interview will be generated.
  • You would now be able to print your Acknowledgment Slip or NIS E-receipt by using the “Print” button on the page. This is a requirement for the interview at the passport office
  • The receipt or acknowledgment slip must be printed with a printer. You have to bring it along to the interview.

NB: All passport applicants are required to be physically available on the date outlined on the payment confirmation receipt. In a case where the applicant cannot make it on the appointment day, another appointment might be rescheduled by the applicant.

However, rescheduling the appointment is not possible until the initial appointment day has passed.

How Much Does it Cost to Renew Nigerian Passport?

Below is the breakdown of the cost of international passport in Nigeria for those who plan to renew their passport:

For the 32-page passport booklet:

  • Minor (Age 0 – 17) – 8,750 Naira Only.
  • Adult (Age 18 – 59) – 15,000 Naira Only.
  • Elderly (Age 60 and above) – 8,750 Naira Only.
  • The official fee for 64 Pages is 24,500 Naira for all category of applicants.

However, Before you apply for any renewal of your international passport, there are requirements to be met. These are the documents you need to have before going for a renewal application:

  • Fill the Passport Application form online
  • Print out your Payment Slip
  • Print out Acknowledgment Slip
  • Applicant are required to come with the Expired Nigerian international E-Passport
  • A Photocopy of Bio data page of E-Passport
  • Two current passport-size photographs with white background.

Summary Notes on Cost of International Passport In Nigeria

The article has enlightened you about the cost of international passport in Nigeria, the necessary steps you need to take in order to get it and its requirements.

We also discussed how long it takes to get a Nigerian international passport, the Nigerian passport application status, how much the renewal of international passport in Nigeria would cost and so on. We hope this article has provided all the answers to any questions you may have.

If however, you still have any questions concerning the ernational passport price in Nigeria and its requirements, you can make use of the comment box to express all your doubts and questions and we will always be available to clear them.

However, if you still have questions concerning the international passport price in Nigeria and its requirements, you can make use of the comment box.

Would you consider sharing this article on your favorite social media platform? We’d really appreciate that.

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