Coinbet24 Bitcoin Sportsbook Review – All You Need to Know

Coinbet24 Bitcoin Sportsbook Review

Here’s a detailed Coinbet24 Bitcoin Sportsbook review!

Speaking of a groundbreaking sportsbook in the betting industry in Nigeria, Coinbet24 Bitcoin Sports Book is a name to reference.

Despite the fact that the betting platform recently got moved online, it has developed superior products when compared to products offered by other betting platforms in Nigeria.

As such, Coinbet24 Bitcoin Sportsbook has gradually established itself as one of the top betting sites which bettors can always trust to provide the best betting services which will satisfy the winning drive which most bettors crave.

The unique approach to betting offered by Coinbet24 is what makes them stand out as one of the top betting platforms both in Nigeria and across the world.

As a matter of fact, Coinbet24 is the first and only betting site to introduce Bitcoin betting in the Nigerian gambling space today.

This offers the much-needed flexibility to bettors who desire multiple options in placing their bets. It is no wonder why the popularity of the betting site has been on the rise for quite a while.

Coinbet 24 bitcoin betting site review

Through this article, we will give bettors the necessary and important details concerning Coinbet24 Bitcoin Sportsbook and how they can earn winnings through the many options offered on the platform.

Who Is The Owner of Coinbet24 Bitcoin SportsBook?

In a bid to establish the credibility of Coinbet24 as a betting site, bettors might be on the lookout for the owner of the betting site.

Established in 2015, Coinbet24 is owned by the Coin Group NV.

Just like most other betting platforms in Nigeria, as well as across the world, the figures behind this group are not available to the public, and this can be attributed to private and security reasons.

Why Coinbet24 Has a Competitive Edge

There are lots of reasons to bet on Coinbet, there are features offered on Coinbet24 Bitcoin Sportsbook that result in having a competitive advantage over other betting platforms in Nigeria and the rest of the world.

These features can easily be identified as the reasons why their popularity among bettors have been soaring.

Some interesting features of CoinBet24 betting site include:

  • Live games and high stakes tables.
  • 2 USD no deposit sportsbook bonus, register now to get the bonus.
  • Coinbet24 offers a 100% bonus up to 100mbtc for new users, Get the bonus now!
  • Virtual sports betting
  • Boosted coupons with 20-30% increased odds over the normal ones.
  • You have missed one event on a ticket, no worries Coinbet24 have a stake back promotion
  • You have missed all events and we also have a stake back promotion. read more about this at promotions.
  • Live chat support and email support.

No doubt, it had become the leading site among bookmakers that accept bitcoin in Nigeria.

  • Bonuses

There are two major types of bonuses which bettors stand to enjoy on the Coinbet24 platform.

The first bonus, which is the first deposit bonus allow bettors to earn bonuses reaching  1,000 mBTC or 1 BTC.

Here, 100% of bettors’ first deposit will be added to their betting account capped at 1 BTC.

When you consider the value of this bonus in regular, traditional currency spent on a daily basis, the bonus is incredible in value. Almost any bettor would rush at the chance to earn a bonus of such a huge value.

Coinbet 24 bitcoin sportsbook bonus review

Referral bonus is the other significant bonus available to bettors on Coinbet24 Bitcoin Sportsbook. Through this bonus, bettors can invite friends and fellow bettors to join Coinbet24 through a link provided.

Once these bettors join the platform through the link to which you invite these bettors, you can earn bonuses within the range of 5 mBTC to 1,000 mBTC, depending on the betting history of the bettor you invited.

Additionally, bettors have a chance to earn bonuses in subsequent betting ventures while on the platform.

Special betting campaigns are also set up once in a while, to give bettors an added incentive for their investments and presence on Coinbet24.

Boosted coupons with 20-30% increased odds over the normal ones are also available.

  • Design and User Interface

Upon reaching the homepage of the Coinbet24 Bitcoin Sportsbook site, bettors can notice the exquisite design in which the platform possess.

The betting platform has a simple design that allows for easy navigation and quick access. It is well sorted and arranged in a manner that helps bettors easily locate what they need.

Loading pages on the site is fast as pages open up almost as immediately as you click on them.

All the sports available on the site are placed on the left-hand side of the page. Once clicked, a drop-down list of the sports available on the platform will be displayed.

That way, you can choose your preferred sports, country, league, and so on.

Coinbet24 is also protected with secure technology protocols which helps keep all the details provided on the platform private and inaccessible by a third party.

In addition to its availability on desktop, the site is also optimized for smartphones like Android and Apple devices. It is a mobile friendly site that offer smooth and easy betting experience.

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  • Multiple Payment Methods

As an already established fact, bettors can place their bets on Coinbet24 using cryptocurrencies.

There are numerous cryptocurrencies accepted on the Coinbet24 platform including BTC, ETH, BCH, and over 50 other cryptocurrencies.

This allows bettors the freedom to bet with any of their preferred cryptocurrencies.

Coinbet24 Registration: How to Create An Account

  • Visit the official website at
  • Click on the “Open Account” icon on the top right corner of the homepage.
  • Input your correct email address, and formulate a strong password (which is usually a mixture of upper case & Lower case alphabets, and numerals.
  • Input your country and select your preferred currency for betting on the site.
  • Tick the box which indicates you agree to the terms and conditions of Coinbet24 Bitcoin Sportsbook
  • Click on the Sign-up button.
  • A verification link will be sent to your email address after successful account creation. Click on the link to verify your account.

In cases where bettors forget the passwords to their account at any point in time, bettors can easily recover their passwords through their email account by clicking on the ‘Forgot password’ icon on the login page.

Does Coinbet24 Pay Cut One?

At the time of writing of this article, Coinbet24 does not pay or offer the cut one permutation.

How Fast is Coinbet24 Payout?

Through the Coinbet24 Bictoin Sportsbook platform, bettors enjoy instant withdrawal and deposits.

Bettors can receive their payouts in a matter of seconds after making a successful withdrawal application.

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Does Coinbet24 Pay on Weekends?

Bettors on Coinbet24 receive instant payout on weekends, as well as public holidays. Bettors can receive their payouts on any day of the week.

How do I Fund My Coinbet24 Account through USSD?

Since there is only Bitcoin betting available on Coinbet24

bookmaker, the USSD funding option is not available on the site.

You can however utilize the many other funding options outlined on the site. These include EcoPayz, Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Bank transfer, and so on.

Key Features of Coinbet24 and Use

There are lots of features available at the disposal of bettors on Coinbet24.

Each of these features allow bettors to express their betting prowess in preferred betting games available on the platform.

Through these features, bettors can earn easy winnings than ever experienced anywhere else.

Sports Betting

At the time of this writing, there are numerous sports market available for bettors choosing on Coinbet24.

These sports markets are large enough to cover most of the sport betting needs of bettors on the platform.

The sports market on this site ranges from the most popular sports around the world, as well as the less appreciated ones.

While there may be other platforms that offer more sports on their platform, Coinbet24 Bitcoin Sportsbook offers the widely popular sport markets among bettors in Nigeria and across the world.

These include the likes of Soccer, Hockey, Basketball, Volleyball, Rugby, Handball, Tennis and so on.

Bettors can enjoy placing their stakes on Coinbet24 Bitcoin sportsbook with more than 200 markets on  events including multiple Asian, over/under lines with high odds.

Each of these sports is sorted on the homepage and you can click on each one to find a drop-down of different leagues and countries where such sports are played.

Virtual Sports Betting

Bettors who have an affinity for virtual games also have the chance to express their prowess in this section.

Games covered in this category on Coinbet24 includes Horse racing, Dog racing, Virtual football, and vFootball League.

Customer Support

Bettors can easily access the customer support or service on Coinbet24 Bitcoin Sportsbook through their email address at, contact form on the website, Coinbet24 official Facebook page or the live chat window available on the website.

Through these mediums, bettors can make their requests, and enquiries concerning their services or any issue which bettors may face on the platform.

The customer service on this platform are available to bettors 247, with acute response to bettors.

What Is the Maximum winning on Coinbet24?

The maximum winnings bettors can receive on a single bet slip on Coinbet24 is 1000 mBTC (1 BTC).

What Is the Minimum Withdrawal on Coinbet24?

The minimum withdrawal amount which bettors can make on Coinbet24 is 1 mBTC.

Summary of Coinbet24 Bitcoin Sports Betting

From the complete review of Coinbet24 which we have explored so far, it’s east to note that betting on the platform is straightforward.

Despite the fact that it is a betting platform that deals with Bitcoin betting, its operations are centered around ease of use for bettors.

With a sports market of over 200 on respective events, this is wide enough to cover each possible option bettors might need to earn winnings.

Coinbet24 Bitcoin Sportsbook also ensures that its odds are highly competitive and attractive to bettors. This is one of the strategies which the site has adopted in order to convince more bettors to bet on their site.

Its unique design and layout ensure that bettors enjoy the best experience in terms of betting.

The fact that it is optimized for desktop, smartphone devices or tablets allow bettors access to the site through any device.

With all these wonderful products on offer to bettors on Coinbet24, I’d rather join them. You should!

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