10 Chinko Ekun Quotes (Things He Once Said)

Chinko Ekun Quotes and Sayings

We bring to you 10 Chinko Ekun quotes and sayings about life, hustle, and success.

Chinko Ekun is a talented Nigerian singer artist, rapper, and songwriter who hails from Ondo State and came into limelight after his song “Able God” became a hit.

He is by name Oladipo Olamide Emmanuel. According to him, the name “Chinko Ekun” is coined from a combination of two different words.

He got ‘Chinko’ from someone that said he looked like a Chinese in his PD days while ‘Ekun’ was his first hit track.

Chinko Ekun net worth is no joke and he has worked with some of the top 10 richest musicians in Nigeria.

The indigenous rapper that raps mostly in the Yoruba language got a massive boost in his career after he caught the attention of one of Nigeria’s top musicians named Olamide, who is the CEO of YBNL.

How did he make it this far? What kept him motivated? See these 10 Chinko Ekun quotes and sayings.

10 Chinko Ekun Quotes About Life, Hustle, and Success

1. “There are many animals in the jungle hunting for prey but the tiger needs to think big”. – Chinko Ekun

2. “When girls seduce me, I focus on Heaven”. – Chinko Ekun quotes

3. “When you are an artist, struggling to make a name, people act like you don’t exist”. – Chinko Ekun

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4. “Every finish line is the beginning of a new race”. – Chinko Ekun

5. “When you succeed and your name is everywhere, everybody suddenly recognizes your existence”. – Chinko Ekun quotes

Chinko Ekun Quotes about success

6. “One day, you will make it regardless of the struggles and challenges”. – Chinko Ekun

7. “You spend your money, I spend my money; I’m not competing to being the hottest”. – Chinko Ekun

8. “Shout-out to those that believed in me and never left me; I’m stepping on my enemies with truck feet”. – Chinko Ekun quotes

9. “I am cool to the core, but sometimes I could be looking hot”. – Chinko Ekun

10. “Everybody has a different time to shine; and we all have our season”. – Chinko Ekun

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Summary of Chinko Ekun Quotes

There you have it, Chinko Ekun Quotes and sayings about life, music, hustle, and success.

Let us know which of these quotes got your attention the most, in the comment box below.

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