Your Checklist for Top Tips for Successful Sports Betting

tips for sports betting

Becoming successful at sports betting is a bit like swimming across a river.

At first, you are not sure where to cross but as you carefully test the water in a few places, you learn where it is easy to cross.

Think of betting strategies as the places in the river, where crossing is easy – they reduce the risk of you drowning, rather they get you from point A to point B as intended.

Here is a checklist for your knowledge:

Trust Us

Place your trust in us. The tried-and-tested tips we provide are absolutely free and come from years of experience.

Set Realistic Goals

It’s important to set realistic goals for yourself. Winning a few wagers is easy. The difficult part is to be profitable in the long run.

Start by learning the basics. Then move onto to devising a strategy and stick to it.

Learn the Basics

Learn all there is to know about the sports betting industry. Know the terms, types of bets, how to bet, how bonuses work.

Be consistent in following the news about a sport of your choice. You will use this foundation as a launching pad for your strategies.

Manage your Budget

Allocate a monthly budget for your sports betting journey. It should the part of your finances that you can afford to lose.

From there on, split your budget further and allocate 1-5% of your bankroll to funds that you can absolutely afford to lose. This will be your single-bet budget.

Choose what to bet on

Only bet on games with familiar faces at first. Then as you grow in confidence, identify the best opportunities around.

Bet Online

There are hundreds of sports betting websites online. Research them and find out the best ones for you to place your wagers. To help you, you can find a comprehensive list of bookies here

Calculate the Bet Value

Look for wagers with a positive bet value. A positive bet value means that the probability of a wager winning is better than the probability reflected in the odds. To calculate it, apply the following formula: 1/odds x 100.

Learn Basic Betting Strategies

Profitable strategies exist. Learn them. They yield better results and are used by many.

For example, have you heard of Arbitrage Betting, Backing Heavy Favourites, Home Underdog, Betting based on winning streaks, etc.? If not, it’s a good start.

Identify the Best Betting Line

Bookmakers do not offer the same odds. Shop around a little and find the operator that gives you the best possible deal for your wager.

Keep a chronology of bets

Keep a record of your bets that you can later access can help you study your performance, so you can improve it.

Be Objective

Look at your favourite club as if it is any other club. Don’t get sucked into the trap of betting out of personal bias.

Don’t go Full Tilt

Always have one eye turned inward. Keep your emotions in check – especially when winning, and even more so when losing.


Spend enough time to research team condition before a game. Read statistics and news.

Go your own way

The way to improve and build a reputation is to trust your judgment rather than follow an ‘expert’ on predictions.


Take it further, improvise, and try out your own strategies with calculated risk or expendable resources.

Connect to the community

Join a forum and talk to the people there. Learn from their mistakes or their experience.

Manage your time

Don’t overextend playing. Take regular breaks to refresh your mind.

Go ahead and test these tips now!

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