15 Notable Bovi Quotes (Things Bovi Once Said)

Bovi Quotes and Sayings

Here are 15 notbale Bovi quotes and sayings about life and success.

Bovi is one of the star comedians who built their career in comedy from scratch, and he is definitely dignified for attaining the level he is today.

It is no coincidence that Bovi Ugboma net worth is one of the things his fans, and audience think of when they see him on stage.

His renewed looks, wear, and vigor is some of the features which provoke the thoughts, considering how he started his career. He is no doubt one of the richest comedians in Nigeria right now.

Today, Bovi has become the focal point and the big gun in the comedy industry. His presence in the industry is not hard to notice with his funny demeanor without even speaking a single word.

How did he make it this far to attain such height? Here are some of Bovi quotes and sayings that speak of what’s within him to keep grinding.

15 Bovi Quotes & Sayings About Life and Success

1. “Every time you subtract negative from your life, you make room for more positive” – Bovi

2. “Life is too short. Leave the past behind, let the future write itself, and just live for today.” – Bovi Quotes

3. “If you want to say bad things about me behind my back, come to me, I’ll tell you more.” – Bovi

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4. “Remember one thing… You might be a player, but I am the GAME” – Bovi

5. “People will love you, people will hate you, while others will secretly wish to be you.” – Bovi Quotes

6. “I only use violence as an appropriate response. so if I slap you, it’s because you gave me a reason to.” – Bovi

7. “When u defeat an enemy through his weakness, you win the battle. When you defeat him through his strengths, you win the war” – Bovi

Bovi Quotes

8. “God doesn’t give up on people. People give up on themselves.” – Bovi Quotes

9. “There is life beyond Color” – Bovi

10. “Privilege breeds ignorance” – Bovi

11. “Sleep well. You will wake up a happier better person.” – Bovi

12. “Aim higher! That may be exciting but it’s not an accomplishment” – Bovi Quotes

13. “Dream about your passion and how it will affect the world positively.” – Bovi

14. “Fame is fickle” – Bovi Quotes

15. “Don’t let success get to your head or failure get to your heart” – Bovi

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