Boston – 20 Fun Facts About the Capital of Massachusetts

Boston facts - capital of Massachusetts

We bring to you 20 interesting facts about Boston – the capital of Massachusetts State.

Boston is located in the County seat of Suffolk, Massachusetts and its metropolitan area is known as Greater Boston.

Boston was incorporated as a city in 1822 and it is currently the most populous city in Massachusetts, and in the New England region.

Also, of all the cities in the United States, Bostin takes on the 21st most populous city as its population has been estimated to be 692,600 people.

The total land area size of Boston is 89.62 square miles which amount to 232.11 km2 and its water area size is 41.28 square miles.

Some of Boston’s well-known nicknames are; Bean Town, City of Notions, the Cradle of Liberty, The Puritan City, The Hub, The City on a Hill, City of Champions, Olde Towne, Tittle Town, and many other random nicknames.

Boston was named after a town in England, also called Boston in Lincolnshire.

Have you ever heard of any American Basketball team called Boston Celtics? Boston Is home to the famous American Basketball team called Boston Celtics and it competes in the NBA (National Basketball Association).

The four nearest cities to Boston, Massachusetts area; New York City. NY, Jersey City. NJ, Newark. NJ, and Montreal, Canada.

  • Population: 692,600 People.
  • Landmass: 89.34 square miles.
  • Area code: 617 or 857.
  • Popular Celebrities: John F. Kennedy (Former president of the United States), Ben Affleck (Hollywood Actor known for starring Batman), Chris Evans (American Actor famous for staring Captain America).

20 Interesting Facts About Boston – The Capital of Massachusetts

Here are 20 interesting facts about Boston, the capital of Massachusetts State below.

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Fact 1

Boston is home to the first subway system in the United States. The name of the subway is called the Boston subway and it was built in 1897.

Fact 2

Boston is known well known for its baked beans which is why Boston was nicknamed “Bean Town”.

Fact 3

Boston is known for weird laws although most of them are not enforced currently. An example is “It is illegal to leave your windows open while you snore at night”, Weird right?

Fact 4

Boston is home to the first public beach that was ever opened in the United States. The Revere Beach also called Chelsea Beach was the first American beach to be opened to the public.

Fact 5

The United States Independence Declaration was firstly proclaimed in Boston’s Iconic Old State House.

Fact 6

The Ted Williams Tunnel is located in Boston and it is the deepest tunnel in North America. The tunnel is 90 feet beneath the earth’s surface.

Fact 7

Boston city was once flooded with molasses. A rise in temperature pressured the storage tanks containing millions of molasses gallons to burst open and that led to the flooding of Boston with molasses. The incident damaged many property, injured about 150 people, and took 21 lives.

Fact 8

In 1880, Justin White invented the Candle Pin Bowling in Boston.

Fact 9

Boston boasts of the first Light House in America. The Light House was built in 1716 in Brewster Island.

Fact 10

The first Thanksgiving in the United States was celebrated in Boston.

Fact 11

Due to beliefs that Christmas was a corrupted Holiday, the Christmas celebration was once banned in Boston, in 1969 and it went on for about 22 years until the ban was finally lifted in 1681.

Fact 12

Boston was home to the world icon, John F. Kennedy, who had also served as the president of the United States.

Fact 13

Boston is the only capital city in the United States to have a shoreline.

Fact 14

Boston was named after a town in England by the European settlers also called Boston (town) in Lincolnshire.

Fact 15

The first American public park was established in Boston in 1634.

Fact 16

In the late 19th century, it was said to be illegal to bathe without a prescription in Boston.

Fact 17

When the Boston Tea party occurred, more than 92,000 pounds of tea were dumped into Boston Harbor by the protesters.

Fact 18

The Boston University Bridge is praised for its level of architecture as it is the only bridge in the world where a boat can sail through a sea under a passing train, at the same time under a passing vehicle and under an airplane.

Fact 19

Happy Hours are banned in Bars. The ban came up as a result of a fatal accident that took the life of a woman as was caused by driving under the influence of Alcohol.

Fact 20

The biggest Art heist in the world occurred in the state capital in 1990. Two thieves disguised as Boston Policemen and used their cunningness to steal 12 paintings worth 100-500 million dollars from the Isabella Stewart Gardner. To date, the stolen Arts haven’t been recovered.

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