Top 10 Legal Bookmakers In Netherlands 2023

Top Bookmakers in Netherlands

Here’s the latest list of the best bookmakers in Netherlands for 2023.

The Netherlands is a highly developed European nation noted for its liberal morality and one of the nations with one of the highest population densities.

Dutch betting sites are operated by foreign internet bookmakers who abide by the bare minimum of the law.

The Netherlands ranks 17th in terms of the size of the iGaming market with more than 1.7 million active players and an average gambling expenditure per participant of over €650 million.

No doubt, the establishment of betting companies is on the rise. For example, there are tons of betting sites in Nigeria. But in this article, we’ll share with you gambling sites in the Netherlands.

Which bookmakers in Netherlands offer the best terms to customers and where can you play safely?

This article is set to answer this challenging question.

List of Top 10 Bookmakers In Netherlands

No doubt, many people want to place a bet about the best teams, richest footballers, and other sports competitions. Below is the list of the top 10 bookmakers in Netherlands.


BetClic serve as a gateway to the fascinating online world of sports betting, gaming, etc.

It offers everyday bonuses on its online games, as well as Multi bonus to win 100% extra.

It rewards its players for winning accumulators from a variety of sports, including Europe’s biggest football tournaments and premiere cup competitions.

BetClic views both current bets and settled ones on their gadgets, and also browse popular and upcoming bets using the Event Calendar.


Next on the list of best bookmakers in Netherlands is BETSSON. Betsson attracts new clients with the help of seasonal promos and incredibly fascinating contests for regular players.

It gives seasonal promos and incredibly fascinating contests for regular players thereby attracting new clients.

Betsson online bookmaking company was created at the turn of 2000 and 2001 by Fredrick Sidfalk, Henrik Bergquist and Anders Holmgren.

It is not only about betting, it also offers qualitative online games, etc. Its whole range is available to players on a very attractive website.

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GoalBet Bookmaking Company was established in 2009, it started its operations in Austria.

Although the company is still growing, it always expands its offer and possibilities on the betting market.

The company can boast of a good variety of sporting events with all the best and popular competitions which includes special bet offers.

Interestingly, it is highly secured. Hence, listed as one of the leading bookmakers in Netherlands.

7. 888SPORT

888sport is one of the pioneers of online betting and has built its brand with popular promotions and some of the best odds in the betting industry.

888sport was created by two Israeli brothers, Avi and Aaron Shaked and Shay and Ron Ben – Yitzhak in 1997. It was created to take some of the first bets ever placed on the internet.

The 888sport is spread worldwide by professional gamblers and sports teams. The sports selection also spans the globe with thousands of betting options available.

It is one of the best and most recognized in the world which makes it to be on the list of the top 10 bookmakers in Netherland.

6. BET365

Bet365 offers a full card of wagering opportunities powered by the industry’s leading software developers.

It is frequently at the top of player payout rates among all games.

The Bet365 Group Limited has won armfuls of industry awards and recognition and now claims over 14 million customers in 200 countries.


Unibet is an award-winning online sportsbook which has focused on the European market since its founding in 1997.

Unibet is a 50% risk free starting bet – if things go bad half, your stake is returned. Each bet is placed on an event with at least three potential outcomes.

It has low rollover requirements on sport betting promotions and wide selection of markets with live streaming options.

Presently, it has registered customers of 9.7 million in over 100 countries.


Cashpoint betting company is a decent gaming experience which operates in the bookmaking industry since the mid-90s.

Cashpoint bookmaking was established in 1966, however, the company stepped on the online field not long ago.

Its activity is completely official and trustworthy even amongst skeptical players. Interestingly, cashpoint bookmaking is in the top hundred best bookmakers in the world.

It is also one of the top 10 bookmakers in Netherlands.


This bookmaking company is a project of the Zirconium Gaming Limited Company which is registered at Antigua and Barbuda. It has a license of the Financial Services Regulatory Commission.

The betting company has been in existence since 2013 and has succeeded to gain a great number of clients all over the world at such a short period of time.

This has made it to be amongst the top 10 bookmakers in Netherlands.


BWIN has famous bookies, it is one of the biggest bookmakers and also one of the most popular betting sites.

It runs advertising active and sponsorship campaign and has partnered with top European football and other brands.

Bwin bookmaker used to be the main sponsor of different leading football clubs such as Real Madrid, Anderlecht, Manchester United and Bayern Munich.

Although the main focus is on football, it offers daily more than 10,000 events. It covers about 500 leagues from one hundred countries and World Cups and European Cups.

1. 1xBIT

1xbit is a crypto bookmaker in the Netherlands that offers extensive and varied betting options.

It has a particular focus on Sports Betting which covers 1,500 competitive sporting events from around world.

It is undoubtedly one of the premier bookmakers which has a lot to offer besides sports betting which makes it number one on this list.

It is Live Betting, it has multilingual sites, best action line and high odds on favourite.

It has table games, live betting, etc.

1xBit is a leader in Bitcoin games, it has been since Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies were in their infancy were just starting.

Dutch Betting Calculator

Dutch betting is a popular way to get better odds than the bookmakers offer. You can find many different websites offering this service, but how do you make money?

A typical example would be betting on one match which has four possible outcomes: home win, draw, away win and no score draw. With dutching, you will normally get 4 different bets instead of one.

The individual odds on these bets are then added together to give your overall profit or loss from the bet

The dutch betting calculator is a tool that will allow you to calculate the odds of winning if you place a bet on the number of points that must be scored by each team. This calculator, which uses the same formula as other betting calculators, can be found at:

Dutching helps reduce the impact of losing one bet by placing several bets on the same horse or event at different prices (also known as “layering”). You can use this technique to increase your winnings: by having multiple bets available in order to choose from when making your final decision about which bet will pay off most effectively.

In addition, it allows for greater flexibility when deciding which races/events should be covered by each combination; because there are so many different combinations possible with this method!

Summary of the Top Bookmakers In Netherlands

Here is the summary of the list of the above mentioned bookmakers in Netherlands:

  1. 1xBit
  2. BWIN
  3. Winner
  4. Cashpoint
  5. Unibet
  6. Bet365
  7. 888Sport
  8. GoalBet
  9. Betsson
  10. Betclic

The Netherlands is considered one of the most progressive nations around the globe, especially in terms of culture and economic terms.

Betting in the Netherlands is very easy and secure. The regulating body provides licenses and regulations for gambling products like games, bingo, and so many others.

What do you think? Kindly leave your comments and then like and share.

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