Biggest Sporting Events To Bet On

Biggest Sporting Events To Bet On

In 2022, the global sports betting market recorded $83.65 billion in revenues, and it’s projected to record a 10.3% annual growth rate in 2023.

This growth in the demand for sports betting is supported by factors like a huge shift in the regulatory landscape across the world and the availability of innovative digital infrastructure. Sports punters also have plenty of sports events and games from different leagues, ranging from the English Premier League to the World Cup.

Here are the biggest sports events that you can bet on in online sportsbooks like the Betway app:

Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby is arguably the most prestigious horse racing event that you can bet on. This prestigious horse racing event takes place at the Churchill Downs Racetrack and it has attracted the interest of gamblers since 1875.

According to sports betting sources, the Kentucky Derby recorded a whopping $179 million in 2022, recording a 15% increase in revenue compared to 2021. You can check out Betway Sports Betting Zambia for odds on the Kentucky Derby.

March Madness

With a total of 67 matches to wager over three weeks, March Madness is among the most heavily bet-on sports events. The NCAA’s college basketball event attracts over 45 million punters in the US, with bets on the tournaments ranging from $3 billion in 2022.

In 2022, the tournament’s finale features North Carolina and Kansas – two of the biggest basketball colleges in the US. That helped to increase the number of bets on this event, with Illinois casinos generating almost $300 million in revenue.

The FIFA World Cup

The FIFA World Cup is arguably the most popular sports event in the world and it pulls billions of dollars in revenue. Despite only running for a single month after every four years, it presents plenty of betting opportunities.

The event starts with around 210 countries battling it out in the qualifying rounds, before making it to different stages that help to choose the final 32. Punters from across the world can bet on the games every step of the way, from the qualifying rounds to the finale.

The Super Bowl

Focusing on the American sports scene, the NFL is among the most popular tournaments. In fact, wagers on the National Football League make up about 45% of all bets placed on sports, with the Super Bowl ranking among the top three single most popular events of the year.

The Grand National

If you like equestrian sports, The Grand National is another prestigious event worth betting on. Reportedly, the Grand National is among the world’s most challenging horse races, featuring two laps on the 4-mile 514-yard racetrack. It also features a total of 30 jumps.

This prestigious sports event is attended by thousands of people, including A-list celebrities and the royal family. Additionally, it attracts over 600 million viewers across the world, making it among the most-watched sports events on TV.


Whether you’re new to sports gambling or a seasoned punter navigating the odds with great precision, these five sports events present plenty of opportunities to try your luck. These events command huge crowds in stadiums and online sportsbooks, recording billions of dollars in revenue. Additionally, there are plenty of other sports leagues and events to wager on, ranging from the NHL to Golf and the Champions League.

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