Why Use BetKing Mobile App For Betting Online?

Bet with BetKing Mobile App

Have you ever used the BetKing mobile app to bet online?

It’s no more news to see people making a lot of money as much as millions of Naira through sports betting.

Another fact is that there are also people who win cash consistently on a weekly basis.

The fact that you’re reading this article shows you are interested in sports betting.

If so, we are here to introduce you to the BetKing mobile app which comes with awesome features and makes betting an easier thing to do.

It’s no doubt that BetKing is ranked as one of the best betting websites in Nigeria, and while it is possible to bet in bet shops, you can bet online with BetKing app.

With the app, you get extra value for your cash and you enjoy features that you can never get while placing your bets through a betting shop.

This article focuses on online betting through the BetKing mobile, all the features that come with the app, and why they have a competitive edge.

So, come with me as I explore everything about this awesome bet app.

Who Is the Owner of BetKing?

The BetKing company was co-founded by both Adekunle Adeniji and CEO Byron Petzer.

They also acquired the services of a popular former Nigerian and international footballer in the person of Austin Okocha as a Brand Ambassador as well as a nominal partner.

Adekunle was previously in charge of virtual products of Bet9ja before he decided to part ways and created his own bet business in BetKing.

He also founded Micserah and Lofit Gaming Network Ltd afterward.

Why BetKing Has a Competitive Edge

BetKing offers its customers two special promotions that are not usually found on other betting platforms in Nigeria. They include:

100% welcome Bonus

Through the BetKing mobile app, customers are offered a huge 100% bonus on first-time deposits.

All you are required to do in order to activate this offer is to register a new account on the platform.

You can then proceed to deposit at least N1,000 and you will automatically receive an extra N1,000 when you activate the bonus package.

All that this means is that if you deposit N1000, this amount will be transferred into your bonus account resulting in a total amount of N2,000.

Likewise, if you deposit N200,000, you will automatically have N100,000 in your account and N200,000 in the bonus account.

225% Accumulator Bonus

Through the BetKing app, customers are always given more value for their money.

This is evident through the recent increase in their accumulator bonus which increased from 170% to a mouth-watering 225%.

This accumulator bonus cannot be found on any other bet platform in Nigeria. It simply shows that bettors can enjoy up to 225% on potential winnings.

However, before this accumulator bonus can be activated, there are certain criteria that you have to meet.

The first criteria are that your bet needs to contain more than 5 selections, which means you must predict up to 5 games.

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The second criteria are that the odds of each game on the slip should be more than 1.20.

For example, if your bet slip has 12 selections and 9 of them have odds of 1.15, then you will not be able to enjoy the accumulator bonus on offer.

On the other hand, if you have a bet slip of the same number of selections but 9 of them have over 1.20 odds, then the accumulator bonus will apply to just the 9 selections on your ticket.

The bonus starts at 5% for the first five selections and will increase depending on the number of selections you choose.

If your bet has 40 selections, under the correct criteria, then you will receive a bonus of 225%.

BetKing Registration – How Do I Register?

Similar to many other bet platforms in Nigeria, account registration on the BetKing app is relatively easy to do and you can get started with your betting online.

We have listed the easy steps for you to register on BetKing mobile app without any complications.

  • Visit the BetKing official website at www.betking.com.
  • After the page has opened, you are required to select the version of the website you would like to visit either through the New mobile site or Lit/old Mobile if you’re accessing the platform on a mobile device.
  • After selecting the version of your choice, the full web page will open, click on “register now” located at the top left side of your device screen. For desktop, once you visit the home page, you will also be able to see an icon to register or sign up as an agent. Select the icon for registration.
  • On reaching the registration page, input all the details required of you including your account details and personal details like your name, email address etc.
  • Accept the terms and conditions that come with the registration process and click on the “proceed” button.
  • Upon successful completion of your registration, the next thing you want to do is deposit into your BetKing Nigeria account and activate your bonus. To activate your bonus, go to the “Bonus” page in the My Account section. You can opt for the bonus program by clicking the “Activate” bonus button.

Do BetKing Pay Cut One?

The simple answer to this question is ‘NO’. The cut 1 permutation is not available on the BetKing mobile app.

You can, however, make use of their Cashout option before your ticket is settled

How Fast is BetKing PayOut?

The BetKing app payout can be expected within 24 hours of withdrawal from your bet account.

To withdraw:

  • Log into your account with your username and password.
  • Click on the user area menu on the left side of the website
  • Click on withdrawal. Enter your 10-digit NUBAN Bank Account Number and amount you wish to withdraw
  • Click ‘Proceed’
  • Select the appropriate bank name
  • Click on ‘Accept’ to complete the transaction.

Do BetKing Payout On Weekends?

BetKing payout your winnings on weekends and also public holidays.

How Do I Fund My BetKing Account With USSD?

You can fund your BetKing account through the USSD by dialing the code which will be given.

This feature is however available only for users of GTBank account. If you are a GTBank user, you can then follow this process.

  • Dial *737*50*AMOUNT*153# on your mobile device (note that the telephone number on that device should be the same as registered with GTB).
  •  Enter your 6-digit User ID (this can be found at the upper right of our website)
  • Enter pin or last 4 digits of your GTB card
  •  Proceed with payment, a notification will be received upon the success of your deposit.
  • No internet connection is required for this medium.

Key Features of BetKing Mobile App & Use

Just like other betting apps like SportyBet App, BetKing app includes sports betting, live betting, and also the virtual betting.

Betking mobile application

Through the BetKing app, you are provided with access to over 10,000 betting opportunities all over the world.

This feature makes BetKing one of the biggest sports betting companies in Nigeria today. All the sports covered by the BetKing app include:

  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Handball
  • Rugby
  • Volleyball
  • Engine Sports
  • Aussie Rules
  • Badminton
  • Beach Volley
  • Boxing
  • Cricket
  • Darts
  • Golf

It can, however, be noted that football is the biggest and the most played sport on the BetKing platform.

This is why BetKing offers daily football bets in thousands of varieties of leagues all over the world.

You should also see the top 10 most accurate football prediction websites for sure win, which will enable you to make the best betting decisions.

Early Cashout Feature

BetKing has included the early Cashout feature in their mobile app that allows users to end bets earlier in order to make a profit from the bet.

If you place bets of different games and while checking the scores, some of the games you played are not turning out as desired.

You can Cashout before the bet is settled on a reduced cost in order to recover all or part of your losses.

Recovering some of your losses is great compared to losing everything at the end of the games.

Live Betting

The bookmaker offers live betting which allows bettors to stake while the match commences.

Live betting adds dimension to the game since everything occurs continuously as you watch the matches with your own eyes.

As opposed to just staking on who will win and afterward checking the scores later, you can put down wagers all through the match as each side scores, etc.

What Is the Maximum Winning on BetKing?

Unlike NairaBet mobile with maximum winning of N200 million, the maximum potential winnings are 40 million nairas on a bet slip, which is through the BetKing mobile app.

For bettors who place their bets at the agent’s shop, the maximum potential winning is N10,000,000.

How Much Is Minimum Withdrawal On BetKing?

The minimum amount you can withdraw through the app is 5,000 naira.

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Summary Notes on BetKing Mobile App

Like playing bets on sports? Play from the comfort of your sofa and receive the latest bonuses from a range of online sports betting through the app.

Enjoy a flutter? Place your free bets online and choose from top offers from BetKing.

Do virtual games call to you? Get free virtual games and more when you select one of the offers from one of the biggest betting companies in Nigeria.

This article explains everything you need to know about the BetKing mobile and how you can use it to make your own millions.

If this article has been helpful to you in any way, do well to share among your friends on different social media platforms.

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