Top 10 Best Website to Download Movies In Full HD

Here’s the latest list of the top 10 best websites to download movies for free, in Full HD, as of 2022!

Are you looking for a website where you can download high-definition (HD) movies? We’ve got your back.

Because not everyone has the time to attend to the movies, many people prefer to download their favorite films to watch at home, either on their mobile devices or on their computers.

Yes, we recently released an article listing the top 10 free movie download sites for mobile, be it Hollywood, Bollywood, Korean movies, etc.

However, many people struggle to find the best websites to download movies in high definition (HD), which is why undertook extensive research to compile a list of the top 10 best websites for downloading movies in full HD.

10 Best Websites to Download Movies Free

RankWebsites to Download Full HD Movies
#8Movies Flixter
#91337x Movies

10. YTS

YTS, commonly known as YIFY torrents, is a collection of thousands of high-definition movies from a variety of genres. This site is our first mention on the list of the best websites to download movies for free.

Yiftach Swery created it, and it was first released in 2010. It has a very basic user interface, and downloading movies from this site is really easy.

The site’s most intriguing feature is that you can use your mobile device to download HD movies in lesser sizes, which saves data.

The films on this site are listed alphabetically and in order of popularity. Over 15,423 HD movies are available on YTS, including timeless and iconic classics.

YTS gives you access to movies in any format that you want, including 720p, 1080p, 3k, and 4k.

Even after the size has been compressed, the pictures, sound, and detailing are similar to the original content. So, if you’re a movie buff, YTS is one of the best websites for downloading and watching HD movies.

Visit official website: YTS

9. 1337x

Regarded as the second most popular torrent website in 2020, 1337x is also among the best websites to download movies in full HD.

1337x gained prominence in 2016 after its creation in 2007. 1337x allows users to access newly released movies for downloads in HD and at the range of 360p and 720p.

Another exciting fact about 1337x as one of the best websites to download HD movies is that it has an average download speed of 4.00MBPS, it makes use of BitTorrent protocol which makes room for p-to-p (peer to peer) sharing of its torrent files directory. So you can check out 1337x for your HD movies.

Visit official website: 1337x

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8. Movie Flixter

Movie Flixter is another top website for downloading movies in HD.

It prides itself as the best online channel for latest movies and having a collection of comedy, horror, action, among other online movies.

It makes it easy for users to download movies at great speed and to receive notifications on new releases and to see movie trailers and reference plots.

It might interest you to know that these movies are hosted on free hosting websites for easy assess and also you can connect with movie Flixter from different social media and get notifications on any updates and new releases.

So if you looking for the best websites to download movies in full HD format, movie flixster is another site to consider.

Visit official website: Flixter Movies

7. F.Movies

Are you looking for new releases and you don’t know which site download them from? F movies is the site to visit.

It is another top website that houses both New and old movies in HD which makes it an interesting site to download movies from.

F movies allows users to watch movies online without any registration, and in high definition.

On the Genre section, you will find genres of movies like kungfu, comedy, animation, drama, among others, which makes it easy to search for the genre of movie you want to watch or download.

No doubt, F Movies is one of the best websites to download movies online free of charge.

Visit official website: F Movies

6. Retrovision

You can’t list the top ten websites for downloading HD movies without including Retrovision in the list.

Retrovision is indeed a hub for classic and current movies in various categories ranging from horror, comedy, sci-fi, action, etc.

For those that don’t have the patience to download movies, Retrovision allows for the streaming of movies online.

Visit offficial website: Retrovision

5. 123Gostream

Among the list of top ten best websites to download movies online in full HD is 123Gostream.

An outstanding feature of this site is that it makes the search for movies extremely easy as it has a section where one can search for movies by year and month.

Both old and new movies are in high definition and the size of the files are relatively small so as to save your data.

In the ‘popular movies’ section, you will find two subsections of search which are ‘day’ and ‘week’ where you can also search for movies based on the day of release or week of release.

Visit official website: 123gostream

4. AZmovies

AZmovies is also one of the best websites to download movies free. It is very easy to navigate this site and the way the movies are categorized makes it stress-free.

It has a section for ‘the top 10 movies’, ‘new movies’, and ‘just added’. On AZmovies, you can find out the next movie to see and where to see it.

AZmovies allows you to see movie trailers as well as getting you informed on new releases through various platforms such as iTunes, Netflix, Amazon Prime etc.

When you talk about overview of several streaming providers, among other best websites for downloading high definition movies, AZ movies comes in very handy ,as it helps locate the movie that appeals to you.

Visit official site: Azmovies

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3. 02Tvseries

Apart from movies, are you also a lover of wrestling? 02tvseries has loads of Wrestlemania collection, all in HD quality.

What is more interesting about 02tvseries is that it updates its movies and wrestling collections on daily basis, so you get to see recent movies every day.

It has a section for you to make your selection in alphabetical order, let us take for example, you want to search for the movie “spider-man”, all you need to do is to go to the section of letter ‘s’ and make carry out your search which makes it easier to search for your choice of movie.

Visit official website: 02tvseries

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2. Foumovies

Fou movies no doubt deserves to be listed among the top 10 best websites to download movies free of charge!

For one thing, it has a great user interface that attracts users. Here you can search for any type of movie depending on the country, all you need to do is click on either the ‘hindu movies’ or ‘English movies’ easily search for either Bollywood or Hollywood movies.

You can check the recently added section to see new releases or current movies to download. All movies in Fou movies are on HD.

Visit official site: FouMovies

1. ToxicWap

As of today, ToxicWap is currently the best website to download movies online in full HD, and free of charge!

If you are wondering why toxicwap is ranked number one on this, it is because it has the most simple but captivating user interface and also, the way the contents are categorized makes it easier to search movies.

It has different sections ranging from Movies, TV series(if you love watching series), Anime, cartoons, etc.

This makes it easier to search for the genre of movie you want to download. Like other top sites, all the movies on this site are in HD.

Visit official site: ToxicWap

Summary of the Best Websites to Download Movies

Having presented you with the top 10 best websites for downloading movies in Full HD, we believe that knowing which websites to download HD movies from will no longer be a challenge.

Here’s a quick summary of once again:

  1. Toxicwap
  2. Foumovies
  3. 02TVseries
  4. AZmovies
  5. 123Gostream
  6. Retrovision
  7. F.Movies
  8. Movie Flixter
  9. 1337x
  10. YTS

So, enjoy watching your movies!

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