Top 10 Best Study Apps For College Students (2022)

Top 10 Best study apps for college students

We bring to you the latest list of the top 10 best study apps for college students in 2022, and their respective features.

When it comes to schooling, students are constantly engaged in studying. However, when technology gets in the way of studying, it can be difficult to concentrate, or, perhaps they are unable to organize their study notes in any way.

More so, students may require additional assistance with a certain topic or topic area. That’s why we’ve compiled a quick list of the top apps for studying that college students can use.

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There is a study app suited to every student’s needs, no matter what their circumstances may be.

You did hear that correctly! The best study apps for college students are not simply for entertainment purposes. In point of fact, there is a plethora of software that can help students increase their chances of getting the most out of the education they are receiving.

best study apps for students

This is not to say, however, that the use of apps will make the work simpler. These mobile applications are designed to be study aids.

Check out this list of the 10 best study apps for college students to use if you are in need of assistance with any aspect of your education, such as taking notes, maintaining concentration, or anything else along those lines.

10 Best Study Apps for College Students to Learn & Succeed In 2022

1. Freedom App

According to Christian Wilder, an educational writer at Academized and Boomessays, “Freedom enables you to stay on task by locking your phone.”

Students can use this app to report any websites or other apps that they believe to be distracting to them.

When said apps and sites are flagged, Freedom will block them for a certain amount of time as dictated by the user once it is activated. No doubt, the Freedom App is one of the best study apps for college students today.

2. Evernote

Evernote’s primary function is to organize all of your memos and notes in a single location.

Users have the ability to record a note or memo in any format they prefer. The app also allows you to save notes that you have handwritten. In addition, they have the ability to save audio files, receipts, and even web clips.

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3. The Microsoft Lens software

Next on the list of top 10 best study apps for college students is the Microsoft Lens Software.

Microsoft Lens, which was formerly known as Office Lens, is yet another choice for saving documents and other kinds of notes.

Using this app, you have the option of editing docs or sharing them with others in an online setting. This application is ideal for anyone who needs help organizing their notes.


You need a system to organize your school subjects, as well as the deadlines and assignments that go along with them. Todoist is the perfect app for you to use to study with!

You will be able to highlight important deadlines, zero in on priorities, and organize projects and homework into categories (or “classes”) with the help of this application. This app can also be integrated with other applications, such as Google Calendar and Dropbox.

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The Oxford English Dictionary [Oxford English]

You need a dictionary, but you don’t want to lug a heavy book around with you, do you? Next on the list of best study apps for students in college is the Oxford Dictionary.

The good news is that in addition to being a physical book, Oxford is also available as a resource on the internet. There is an app available for the Oxford English Dictionary.

The app can be downloaded for free, but a paid “premium” version is also available with additional functionality. However, having the free version is still beneficial because it enables you to look up words and their definitions.

Students can benefit from using Oxford’s app because it contains more than 350,000 words, phrases, and meanings and over 75,000 audio pronunciations of those words and phrases.

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Do you need a planner for your academic pursuits? Get some assistance with that from!

When setting reminders on due dates, the myHomework app, in contrast to Todoist, enables you to keep track of classes, projects, tests, and other academic obligations.

In addition, the study app is compatible with all of your electronic devices, such as your laptop and tablet computer.


Next of the best study apps for college students is Paperfellows. Users have access to high-quality online paper service through the writing app that offers to its customers.

Students can use the app to get the assistance they require before they are required to meet school deadlines. This assistance can range from proofreading services to tutoring.

Google Drive

Google Drive, which is a cloud-based storage solution, is an excellent location for saving files such as images, documents, and so on.

The application can be used on a variety of different devices, including personal computers, smartphones, and tablets.

You also have the ability to edit and share documents, which you can then send to other students and teachers for the purposes of group projects at school.

If you are in an area with limited to no Wi-Fi connectivity, you can still access your files and documents even when you are not connected to the internet.

  1. LiquidText

According to Destiny Walters, a student blogger at Assignment Help and Oxessays, “LiquidText enables students to make digital notes on their devices.” [Citation needed] “Rather than scribbling notes down on paper and running the risk of misplacing them, LiquidText stores all of your notes in a single location.

Users are instructed to highlight course materials, draw lines to connect concepts, write digital notes by hand, and create mind maps through the use of this app.

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The Current Written Status

At long last, a new writing app has been released, and this time it comes from the State Of Writing.

The website offers a mobile application that connects harried students with qualified writers. Students can seek advice for writing any type of paper for school, including essays, research papers, and even dissertations!

Best Study Apps for College Students (Conclusion)

In the end, the students who use these 10 best study apps for college students will benefit from using these apps. Consider using one of these apps to enhance the quality of your educational experience if you feel that you could benefit from additional support with areas such as writing, homework, maintaining focus while studying, and so on.

Therefore, let’s get some books out, fire up some helpful study apps for college students, and get to work on our homework!

Good luck!

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