7 Best Nysc Camp In Nigeria 2023 – Still Ogun State Camp?

Best NYSC camp in Nigeria for service

Which is the best NYSC camp in Nigeria? So, time don set to join the leagues of other graduates flexing in various orientation camps, taking shots in the white colored outfits, and the khaki regalia, right?

The excitement of being accepted into a university is quickly replaced by worry or excitement as service year at one of Nigeria’s top NYSC camps is about to begin.

Let’s take a taste of the beverage known as “grateful and resigned heart,” which ASUU makes us drink whenever undergraduate students and potential corp members are tossed around in their erratic current or tide.

So, here we are, reminiscing on those days we were PCMs; the joy felt when we saw our names were on the list of those considered for National Youth Service, irrespective of the batch.

Consider the time and effort it took to register, the nightly vigil some people held on the nyscportal, and the money necessary to spend three solid weeks in camp as an otondo.

The debate now begins; some may claim that the camp they had orientation at is the best, while others will consider theirs to be the worst. Someone may even claim, “It was a lovely jungle, na camp no be 5 star hotel,” which is hilarious.

The query is still open…

Which State Has the Best NYSC Camp?

The Ogun State Permanent Orientation Camp, located on Ikenne Road in Sagamu Local Government, Ogun State, is the best NYSC camp in Nigeria.

When considering the best NYSC camps in Nigeria, the state where the camp is located also pops up. With this, Lagos state camp is the closest competition.

It is barely a surprise when more urban states are ranked as one with the best NYSC camps.

It is a shocker when the more rural ones are sighted at the top; do not be hasty in concluding in this beautiful argument that might soon get heated…stay with me.

A quick summary of what brought us here…

Once upon a time in Nigeria, the reign of the military coup d’états was prayed for when the darkness named Biafra War swept across the land till it was too late to see it had wreaked more havoc than good.

Three years after the civil war, a ritual was agreed to be carried out annually, the deal was signed, sealed and delivered on the 22nd of May, 1973.

Ever since then, youths brought up and trained in one geopolitical zone of the country are sent on a mission to an opposite region of the country, all in a bid to foster peace and unity.

This peace ritual is done in all 36 states of the country, not excluding the Federal Capital Territory.

Ogun state has currently been reputed to have the best National Youth Service Corp orientation camp.

OGUN STATE was formed on the 3rd of February, 1976 and is one of the southwest states in Nigeria.

When talking gross domestic product, Ogun state is ranked the 9th largest state in the country.

The ‘gateway’ state, with 20 local government areas, is home to a number of industries not excluding Dangote Cement Factory, Nestle, Procter and Gamble, and more.

Ogun state houses the first private university in Nigeria, Babcock University; and 4 other private universities.

It is also home to 3 federal secondary schools. Ogun state is the state with the best NYSC camp in Nigeria.

Corps members enjoying their stay in the camp

7 Nothern States For NYSC

You’ve got Ogun state camp as the best and most beautiful NYSC camp in Nigeria. Here are 6 other states with the nice Nysc orientation camps in Nigeria.

Despite all, there are northern states that are ranked best for National Youth Service Corp, they include:

1. Kano State NYSC Camp

Kano state is one of the first generation of state and capital in Nigeria before it was recreated on the 27th of May, 1967.

This state has one of the most sought after NYSC camps and it is located at Kusala Dam, Karaye Local Government, Kano state.

The largest state with the highest number of local governments, 44; has good living conditions if we are not considering the exclusive extreme weather of the northern states.

It is one of the exposed states in the north with some job and entrepreneur opportunities.

2. Kaduna State Nysc Camp

One thing I have witnessed is the fast pick of Kaduna over some northern states for NYSC, probably because of its popularity more than its security.

The north central state was created from the old Kaduna state on the 23rd of September, 1987. The NYSC Permanent Orientation Camp, Kaduna, Abuja Road, is located in Kaduna state.

3. Sokoto Nysc Camp

Sokoto or Sakkwato state is one of the northern states in Nigeria. It was created on the 3rd of February, 1976. It later birthed the Kebbi and Zamfara states.

NYSC Permanent Orientation Camp Wamakko, Wammako Local Government Area, is unarguable one of the best NYSC camps in Nigeria apart from its social exposure.

It is the most peaceful state of all northern states with cheap fruits and good roads. Sokoto state is what you make it to be for you.

4. Nasarawa Orientation Camp

Nasarawa is one of the states of the north central geopolitical zone in Nigeria. it was created from the old Plateau state on the 1st of October, 1996 during Abacha Sani regime.

Nasarawa state is not only home to the Federal University of Lafia but also Farin ruwa falls that is reputed to be one of the highest fall in Africa.

Try to not run back home after getting oriented at Magaji Dan – Yamusa Permanent Orientation Camp and visit the salt village, where there is natural iodized salt; you might become original salt supplier…lol.

Nasarawa has been ranked by ex-corp members as one of the best northern states for NYSC.

5. Federal Capital Territory

The state formed from parts of Nasarawa, Kogi, and Niger states; on 1st of October, 1984; has one of the best NYSC camp in Nigeria located at NYSC Permanent Orientation Camp, Kubwa, Bwari Area Council, FCT.

How about surfing through the history of Abuja city on your way there? Living expense in Abuja is quite expensive but it is known for its avenue of opportunities.

6. Rivers State Camp

The address NYSC Permanent Orientation Camp, Nonwa – Gbam Tai Local Government Area can be found in Rivers state.

Rivers state is a name brought about by the presence of many rivers surrounding the state on the 27th of May, 1967.

Just as Victoria Island cannot be compared to some places in Lagos, this state is an island and has high living expenses.

It also has ‘okay’ weather conditions that will not make you wonder if you are closer to the sun, but I heard its cold season will make you wish you are living in an oven…lol.

The Worst NYSC Camp In Nigeria

They say to every good, the bad exists; just as the best NYSC camp in Nigeria exists, so does the worst NYSC camp in Nigeria but which is it?

In a typical Nigerian home, being sent on an errand did not require processing of the sort in the brain but obeisance to whoever sent you.

What did I just say? My bad…lol. TBS, today a 4 year old child will ask you why you sent him or her on such errand and are even picky on where to go.

The same reaction is gotten from graduates on the line to serve their fatherland…hmm, who would want to go?

The only ones allowed to speak now are those who have been to Borno state.

So, Borno state NYSC orientation camp is the worst NYSC camp in Nigeria?

The popular frightening Sambisa forest is a place in Borno state…hmm. No o, Borno state is not excluded from having corp members parade on their soil.

A state presently contrary to its nickname ‘home of peace’ was created on the same date as the state with the best NYSC camp; 3rd of February, 1976.

It would seem the state is a magnet for war, even the government is scared of leaving its children at the NYSC camp in this state, hence, the redeployment to another state.

The opposite of the best NYSC camp in Nigeria, which is the worst NYSC camp in Nigeria, is located in Borno state.

Which Is the Best State For NYSC?

Is it Ogun state NYSC camp or Lagos state NYSC camp?

Tell me, some say Ogun, others say Davido Lagos, I say the best state for NYSC is Lagos especially when it comes to opportunities after NYSC life.

Although, living conditions and expense are on the high side in populated states like Lagos, getting more opportunities to succeed is what we all seek.

Which Is the Best Northern State For National Youth Service?

Fear of the North, even Cersei had. No layman wants to go to the North for orientation camps talk less of serving.

It is inevitable to have or pick one of the northern states in Nigeria as one of the four possible places to serve the fatherland.

While some will fast and pray, families weep from home to the park, others having resigned expectation of not seeing a loved one again.

Yes, the northern states are now the most dreaded place to serve considering security, let us not forget their spices…my god, aren’t they rated high when it comes to the usage of condiments too?

Their snacks, fura de nunu, and other drinks; I would not forget to mention their sedentary lifestyle and their loving spirit and hospitality toward corp members.

Still, I’ll go with Sokoto and Kaduna state. What did you think? I await your comment in the box provided below.

Best NYSC Camp In Nigeria (Summary)

Over the years and generations, rankings have been conducted, and some states have legitimately won the title of finest Nysc camp in Nigeria.

To promote unity among us, let’s discard the program’s central component, the peace ritual. Please remember that we are all Nigerians and should behave as a one entity, regardless of the neighboring tribe in your state.

Say NO to killing, mistreating corp members, and our beloved government. Instead, how about giving the NYSC program a sense of adventure and direction? And not just a waste of a year, as many people think.

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  1. Worse Camp should be the NYSC Camp in Kaiama, Bayelsa State, please go and check it out, that place is a mess.

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