Top 10 Best Dribblers In NBA 2022 Rating

Top 10 Best Dribblers In NBA

In this new post, we bring to you the top 10 Best dribblers in NBA in 2022. Talk about the best handler in NBA history, swift ball throws, and accurate passes, these basketball players got it all.

You will agree with me that dribbling is an extremely important aspect in any sport, but notably in basketball. This is especially true when a player is trying to attack another player on the court. In point of fact, it is the fundamental component of both the offensive and defensive aspects of basketball.

As an illustration, a player must dribble his way through in order to advance the ball in the backcourt, in order to cut loose from clogged defensive zones, and in order to make a drive into the basket. This is necessary in order to create an effective offensive play.

Basketball is often considered to be the most exciting sport played all over the world. Some of the most amusing dribbling moves are the spin motion, delay, and in-and-out dribble.

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So, tell me you’re not always thrilled to watch players use their fingers instead of their palms to control the basketball, coupled with the way they dribble the basketball below the opponent’s waist or knees.

In basketball, one has to dribble pass his opponent to get to the basket. This has lead to various dribbles  carried out by different players which endears them to those who come to watch them.

You will definitely be thrilled to discover the top 10 best dribblers in NBA. This selection was carried out based on each player’s ability to display his dribbling skills, which makes it an eye candy for basketball fanatics.

10. Kember-Walker

When you talk about  an attacking catalyst, Walker is the man, to look out for.

Best Dribblers In NBA - Kemba Walker

He is very swift when it comes to ball handling. Walker’s ability to vary his speed, change his direction at different instances, coupled with his aggressiveness makes it difficult for any opponent to guard him.

All these add up to his dribbling prowess. His pinpoint passes have never gone unnoticed. Instinctively, he is terrorizing, particularly in the passing lanes.

Little wonder many opponents coaches always put in everything they have to deter him. Therefore it is not surprising that he makes the list of top 10 dribblers in NBA.

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9. Ricky Rubio

If you have ever searched for the prevailing virtuoso in NBA, look no further than Ricky Rubio.

Best Dribblers In NBA - Ricky Rubio

Painful it is that his amazing talents are just coming to the fore. Like Ronaldinho in football, who was known for using his dribbling skills to entertain fans, Rick Rubio is definitely the Ronaldinho of NBA, little wonder he is among the top best dribblers in NBA, currently.

Ricky Rubio, who won the 2019 FIBA World Cup Most Valuable Player, is greatly endowed with amazing and eye-catching dribbling skills which he uses to captivate his fans, some of these dribbles are; ankle-breaking crossovers, behind-the-back dribbles, no-look passes, (or blind passes as you may wish to call it), spin moves.

So if you want to get entertained by this top NBA dribbler,  watch him play for the Phoenix Sun’s, the team he is currently playing for.

8. Dwyane Wade

Best Dribblers In NBA - Dwayne Wade

Dwyane Wade, unlike most players who fumble with theirs, moves in the course of trying to dribble past opponents, attacks his opponent with his celerity.

His dribbles, like the crossovers, appear to be dim-witted but make no mistake, they have knocked down opponents to the admiration of fans, particularly his abrupt slash, coupled with his unmatched speed makes him unguarded.

These miscellanea of dribbles, ranks Dwyane Wade as one of the best dribblers in NBA.

7. Derrick Rose

The Detroit Pistons number 25, who plays as a point guard, is one of the most talented dribblers in the NBA.

Best NBA dribblers - Derrick Rose

On isolation, Derrick is blood-curdling. This is as a result of his ability to fuse his speed and power into his dribbling.

When it comes to volatile crossovers, give it to Derrick Rose.

This volatile crossover helps him to get his first quick step and drives into the traffic and then finish with ease.

All these qualities make it difficult for him to be ruled out of the list of top best dribblers in NBA.

6. Ty Lawson

Ty lawson - amazing basketball handler

One thing Ty is known for is his tricky hand, which helps him to advance and brake swiftly, earning him the respect he deserves from the opponent.

He is capable of capitalizing on unguarded lanes and seams in opponents’ defense and finish with his well-timed groovy lay-up around the rim.

Through his efficient application of waffling moves, with a fusion of in-and-out dribble, Ty brings his opponents to a halt. This amazing dribbling skill puts him in the list of best dribblers in NBA.

Best passers in NBA - Kevin Durant

5. Kevin Durant

It’s not surprising to see Durant make this list of top dribblers in basketball.

He has a high scoring prowess, coupled with his dribbling skills like; spin moves, jump-off dribble or step-through, which is a higher version of the rondo fake.

No one uses the cross over dribble like Durant, as he uses it effectively to make room for himself and put the ball in the basket.

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4. Chris Paul

One cannot compile a list of best dribblers in NBA without including this volatile, thrilling player.

Skillful basketball player - Chris Paul

When it comes to identifying offensive chances, and capitalizing on them, give it to Chris Paul.

He doesn’t allow his height to be a barrier to him, as he is amazing when it comes to making recoveries and breaking defenses, Chris is top-notch!

Chris has the ability to use his ball-handling, and dribbles to distract defense, drawing them out and creating space for his teammates so he can pass the ball for them to finish.

He is always calm on the ball, reads the game and controls the tempo of the game.

Lance Stephenson

3. Lance Stephenson

It’s always a joy to watch players handle the ball with skill, Lance is one of such players.

You will agree with me, that he deserves to be ranked high on the list of best dribblers in NBA.

The way he uses his spin moves to floor his opponent is a sight to behold.

Lance has the ability to blend his speed, strength, and his spin moves leave him unguarded. Off the dribble, he good at creating openings for his teammates to run in.

2. Jamal Crawford

Jamal Crawford - 2nd Best NBA dribbler

Over the years, Jamal has improved excellently on his crossover moves, such that he has become a Marshall when it comes to cross over moves.

Jamal Crawford always leaves fans in a standing ovation, each time he displays his behind-the-back hop-step dribble to break down defenses, making it difficult for him to be guarded.

Hence, this list of best dribblers in NBA would have been incomplete, if he was not included.

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1. Kyrie Irving

Ask me, I would say he is the reason why this list exists.

The best dribbler in NBA-Kyrie-Irving

The best showman, and the king of crossovers who knows how to leave his fans in awe with his behind-the-back dribbles, and his exceptional crossovers.

He knows how to break down defenses with ease, in fact, one should always expect to see opponents get floored by this amazing player with his swift, precise dribbles.

He has won lots of awards, one of which is the USA basketball player of the year award.

Put simply, Irvin is a joy to watch. All these put together Kyrie Irving is the best dribbler in NBA.

Summary of the Best Dribblers In NBA

There are always going to be outstanding dribblers in the NBA, despite the fact that there are a ton of players in the league that are capable of dribbling.

These players stand out not only because of their dribbling ability, but also because of the other exceptional qualities they possess.

It was on this note that we were able to compile a list of the top 10 best dribblers in NBA. See the quick recap of best basketball dribblers:

  1. Kyrie Irving
  2. Jamal Crawford
  3. Lance Stephenson
  4. Chris Paul
  5. Kevin Durant
  6. Ty Lawson
  7. Derrick Rose
  8. Dwyane Wade
  9. Ricky Rubio
  10. Kember Walker

Do share with us your thoughts in the comment box below.

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