20 Best Dribblers In Football 2022 You Should Know!

Top 20 Best Dribblers In Football

We’ve compiled a list of the top 20 best dribblers in football as of 2022 for your reading pleasure. These athletes have it all when it comes to the top football handlers with exceptional precision.

Definitely one of the most entertaining sports on the planet is soccer.

Several leagues and a strong following make it a popular sport. Football matches are so exciting to watch that fans throughout the world put their other commitments on hold to follow their favorite teams as they compete in various events.

Talent, footwork, and eye-popping dribbles by diverse players add to the excitement of the game. The best dribblers in football are highly sought after as a result.

With their impressive talent displays, goal-scoring prowess, and daring footwork, several of these athletes have a dedicated fan base.

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When it comes to taking on opponents and breaking down defenses, dribbling has become a key tool for athletes.

The skill with which these players handle the ball prompts the question, “Who are the best dribblers in football history?”

This article lists the top 20 finest soccer dribblers in Europe. Athletes are rated based on their success rate and the number of dribbles they had in the previous season.

20. Takefusa Kubo

Best Dribblers in Football - Takefusa Kubo

Takefusa Kubo is the first player to make our list of the best dribblers in football game today.

During his loan spell with Mallorca, Kubo scored six goals for his new team.

Lionel Messi’s heir apparent, the 18-year-old wonder kid, has been likened to Messi. Because of his speed, quick turn, and low gravity, opponents find it difficult to get the ball from him.

Football fans may be tempted to compare his dribbling skills to those of Lionel Messi. He has a success rate of 55.7 percent on dribbles.

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19. Eden Hazard

Best Dribblers in Football - Eden Hazard

Since joining Real Madrid, the attacker has been plagued by a series of ailments that have hampered his ability to dribble, yet he still ranks among the top 20 greatest dribblers in the world.

He can cut through opposing defenses while maintaining control of the ball because to his agility and low center of gravity.

When he is healthy, he is a disaster for his opponents. Hazard is one of the best dribblers in the world, and he deserves that reputation.

18. Jack Grealish

Best Dribblers in Football - Jack Grealish

If there is an award for the most fouled players in the Premier League, one of the top 10 best leagues in the world, Jack is the man to be given such an award.

The way he manages his speed and assaults opponents fast is an indication of his skill.

Two of his dribbles and drives outside the opposition area resulted in two fouls, and he also scored a goal for Aston Villa against Fulham in the Premier League.

He’s Aston Villa’s main threat despite playing for a faltering Premier League squad, creating an average 2.9 chances each game.

He has a success rate of 2.1 per game when it comes to dribbling. His dribbling statistics show that he is one of the best in the league.

17. Alphonso Davies

Alphonso Davies

If he should be remembered for anything, it should be the way he punished Nelson Semedo of Barcelona in the quarterfinal of the just concluded champions league.

Dribbling has become his main style of play always an average of 3.3 dribbles per game, with a 62% success rate, amazing for a teenager.

Indeed, he is sure to become one of the best left-back in soccer. With his offensive qualities as a left-back, one can see him always joining the attack; always running down defenses with his superb speed and quick feet, delivering crosses into the opponent’s box.

These qualities earned him a spot in the top 20 list of best dribblers in football, 2021.

16. Matteo Kovacic

Best Dribblers in Football - Matteo Kovacic

Ranked seventh in the premier league list of dribblers, Kovacic has the ability to run with the ball, give through passes, penetrate opposition with the ball, and also take shots.

He is very trickery with the ball with his leg, and deserves to be on the list of the best dribblers in soccer.

He is very swift with his movements with the ball, his number of take-on always earn him a couple of fouls last season, he recorded a total of 30 take-on, excellent for a central midfielder, who drops to deep, gets the ball, and drives upfront to create a chance for his attackers.

15. Hakimi Achraf

Best ball handlers in soccer - Hakimi Achraf

Currently at Inter Milan, the former Dortmund offensive full back who prefers to play on the right, had a dribbling rate of 50%.

His explosive power, together with his is quick feet enables him to run down the up the opposition half, dash in into the box and lay down set plays, and or make crosses.

He likes to dribble a lot, and no doubt listed as one of the best dribblers in football history.

Defensive wise he is also superb. This made Inter Milan to waste no time in signing him from Dortmund.

14. Kingsley Koeman

When you talk about a player whose speed is insane, Koeman is the man.

His explosive power and speed are out of this world. Dribbling is his type of play. In fact, Koeman cannot put a cross through without attempting to dribble his opponent.

He is a pacey player who is excellent with making attacking runs, creates chances; or makes slashes into the opposition box to shoot or lay a final pass. At 24, he still has more to show the world, so watch out for the speedster.

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13. Douglas Costa

Next on the list of the best dribblers in football is Douglas Costa.

In one-on-one scenarios, he is a player with exceptional imagination who can use his deceptive nature and quick feet to put opponents to a halt.

Along with his incredible speed, he has great explosive power. These, combined with his precision crosses, he uses to his opponent’s harm. Costa, while not a goal scorer, is a prolific assist provider.

Douglas Costa has a strong work rate, which allows him to adapt to any structure his coach employs.

Despite the fact that he didn’t play much last season, he always gave his all whenever he was needed.

12. Ousmane Dembele

The versatile winger who has established himself to be one of Europe’s best dribblers has the ability to use both feet. He is no doubt one of the best dribblers in football worldwide.

His proficiency in handling the ball with his feet while taking on defenders in one-on-one situations makes him outstanding in the LA Liga Santander.

He also has a high shooting ability from a distance. He knows how to make a mockery of his opponents with his feints, which he uses to floor his opponent.

His intelligent runs, along with his trickery on the ball helps him to make cuts into the opposition box and create chances for his team mates to score.

This rates him high among best dribblers in the world.

11. Anthony Martial

Currently operating from the no. 9 position, Martial has established himself to be an exciting player with a series of dribbling skills.

He uses his high technical ability, along with his explosive power to take on opponents. He mostly drifts to the left-wing so he can make cuts into the opposition and finish.

He has high goal-scoring ability, recording a total of 20 goals for Manchester United, last season.

Although he’s not listed as one of the richest footballers in the world, his swift movements and speed, and some of his arsenal in the attack have made him the 11th best dribbler in football.

10. Felipe Anderson

Regarded as one of the pacey players in the league, the versatile winger has amazing footwork, good ball possession, and control.

Mostly playing from the left, the outstanding winger has the ability to slash in between opponents, create chances, and also score.

He has a high kicking power and also has a high shot accuracy. His ability to take on defenders, deliver crosses for his teammates, makes Felipe Anderson a great threat, and one of the best dribblers in football.

9. Nabil Fekir

Fekir, who is currently with Real Betis, had a successful season last year.

With a total of 103 dribbles, he scored 10 goals (7 goals, 3 assists) and passed with an accuracy of 81 percent. Fekir has flourished since joining the LA Liga.

He is a quick and creative attacking midfielder who can locate open spaces to penetrate with his quickness, making him a devastating weapon for Real Betis in attack. He still has time to make a name for himself as a 26-year-old.

8.  Emiliano Buendia

Though relegated, the creative attacking midfielder had been instrumental to the Canaries last, despite the fact that his team was relegated to the English championship.

His dribbling stats shows why he was ranked third in the league last second.

The outstanding play maker had a total of 129 dribbles last season, providing seven assists that season. He has a passing accuracy of 81%.

Among his team mates, Buendia is the best. Hence, deserves to be listed as one of the best dribblers in football.

7. Jadon Sancho

Currently making the headlines with the number of assist he keeps recording every season, the England star, and Dortmund’s most prolific winger who is just 20 years old, has been regarded as a world class player.

His dribbling skills which include the use of feints, footwork, successive runs, and take on has helped him in contributing a total of 15 assists and an average of 2.6 chances per 90 minutes of play.

He is one of the best creative wingers currently, his average number of chances  created testifies to that.

His quick feet help him to confuse his opponents, leaving them hanging while he moves on to lay a cross for his teammates to score.

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6. Jeremie Boga

Not so popular, but I will prove to you why he deserves to be added to this list of top dribblers in soccer.

Jeremie Boga

Jeremie, who is currently at US Sassuolo has been on top of his game since joining the Italian side, making a total of 166 dribbles last side.

He contributed to a total of 10 goals for his club who sat 11th on the league table.

These impressive stats qualify him to be rated among the top dribblers.

So far, you’ll agree that these dribblers are enough for fans to place bets on the best betting sites, because they have confidence in their favorite players.

Now, let’s move to the top 5 dribblers.

5. Wilfried Zaha

Crystal Palace is fortunate to have such an outstanding player on their team. Little wonder they are reluctant to let their key player leave to another team.

Best ball handlers in soccer

Known for his quick feet, take ons, and constant dribbling, Zaha constantly terrorizes opposition defense with his swift cuts into the box, along with his fast leg overs which he uses to confuse is opponents.

He contributed to a number of chances that lead to goals last season, making a total of 219 dribbles with 62% success rate.

Making him one of the best dribblers in football league competitions. This list would have been complete without the marksman.

4. Lionel Messi

Widely referred to as the G. O. A. T (Greatest of All-Time), the six-time Balon D’or winner contributed to a total of 39 goals in LA Liga last season, with a record of 72%  success rate of dribbles.

Best soccer dribblers - Lionel Messi

He has a high chance of creating ability, and he has a high passing accuracy which adds to his contribution to goals.

Most of the goals scored by Barcelona players are mostly assisted by the world best player.

The G.O.A.T is very dangerous in the attacking third, so much so that his presence in any match strikes terror in the minds of his opponents. He is quick, slippery, and pacey.

His low center of gravity helps him to keep the ball glued to his feet, making it hard for him to be easily dispossessed. No doubt, he is deserving to be on this list of top 20 best dribblers in football history.

3. Saint-Maximin

The New signing of New Castle last season, has been very impressive since joining his new club.

Best soccer dribblers in history

His rainbow flick against 6ft 4inches  Sébastien Heller, which failed; can fondly be remembered. He made a total of 127 dribbles, 5.7 on the average.

His take on ability is superb. His quick runs, and body movements makes it difficult for opponents to predict his next step.

His dribble runs helps him create more chances and make assists. He is currently the attacking threat to Newcastle this season.

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2. Neymar Jr

If there is any player who knows how to entertain fans with his show display of talents, it is none other than PSG play maker NEYMAR.

Best Dribblers in Football - Neymar Jr

This is one person who commands respect from football himself. Ranging from his eye-catching ball control, to his Sombrero flick.

NEYMAR is one player who knows how to hang on the ball, making him the most fouled player in league 1.

He knows how to drag opponents to himself, thereby creating space for his teammates to run in before giving the final pass for his teammate to score.

Neymar had become a popular figure in league 1, and the world at large. Becomes of his constant dribble and penetrating passes along with high finishing accuracy; NEYMAR has become PSG’s marksman.

The football showman has recorded an average of 6.1 dribbles per game, earning second place behind first placed Adama.

Trust me when I say that Neymar’s dribbling prowess is ankle-breaking. He is the second-best dribbler in football.

1. Adama Traore

Adama Traore is currently the best dribbler in football.

Though there are many concerns as to why this ” bull” is ranked number one on the list.

The Best Dribbler in Football - Adama Traore

Undoubtedly, Adama’s dribbling skills are out of this world. The only player last season that recorded the highest number of dribbles in a single match (against Manchester United).

It is still appalling to see such a player with such body size has such incredible speed.

He uses his speed, agility, explosive power, together with his quick foot; to terrorize opposition defenses.

If Adama runs with the ball, then forget about catching up with him, if you allow him to be ahead of you.

Players with low physique, find it tough to tackle him. If Adama spreads his body to guard the ball, forget it, you are going nowhere.

The prolific winger has the highest number of successful dribbles (145) in world football this season.

With a success rate of 74%, he deservedly ranks the best dribbler in 2021. So if you ever had any concerns as to why he should rank highest, I believe his dribbling stats as shown in this article, have met that.

A Summary of the Best Dribblers In Football

Despite the fact that we have loads of dribblers in soccer today, there are always those with exceptional skills, which they use to wreak havoc in opposition defenses, create chances and score goals; in which their dribbling prowess made them stand out.

In this article were able to bring to you the list of the top 20 best dribblers in soccer, 2021/2022, rating them based on the number of dribbles per 90 minutes of play.

Here’s a quick recap:

  1. Adama Traore
  2. Neymar Jr
  3. Saint-Maximin
  4. Lionel Messi
  5. Wilfried Zaha
  6. Jeremie Boga
  7. Jadon Sancho
  8. Emiliano Buendia
  9. Nabil Fekir
  10. Felipe Anderson
  11. Anthony Martial
  12. Ousmane Dembele
  13. Douglas Costa
  14. Kingsley Koeman
  15. Hakimi Achraf
  16. Matteo Kovacic
  17. Alphonso Davies
  18. Jack Grealish
  19. Eden Hazard
  20. Takefusa Kubo

What did you think? Let’s have your comments in the box provided below.

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