Top 10 Best Betting Sites In Kenya 2023

Top 10 Best Betting Sites In Kenya

It’s 2023 and you’re wondering which are the top 10 best betting sites in Kenya, right? Don’t worry too much, we’ll share with you our top 10 ranking of Kenya’s best bookies..

One of the most common ways for sports fans in Kenya to make quick money is through sports betting.

Bettors who are specialists in making sports predictions in different categories have earned victories on some of the greatest betting sites in Kenya.

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Those who bet but have no genuine clue which bookmakers are the best in Kenya can get ideas from this post. Betting on some of Kenya’s top betting sites greatly increases your likelihood of winning.

This is a result of the fantastic features that each of the betting sites listed below provides to its users.

We will list the top bookmakers you may trust, along with the characteristics that set them apart from one another, to make your life as a bettor easier.

While we could provide you with a list of all betting sites, we’ve chosen to just provide you with the top 10.

Top 10 Best Betting Sites In Kenya 2023 – Top Bookies

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10. Triple5bet

One of the most recent sports betting sites to launch in Kenya is Triple5bet. Despite this, Triple5bet has quickly acquired ground and a sizable clientele to rank among the top 10. You will enjoy sports betting, live betting, virtual betting, and other types of betting as many other top bookies do.

The bonus offers that Triple5bet offers to both new and returning customers set them apart from the competition.

If you are a new player and you make your first deposit of up to Ksh 30, you will receive a free bet.

9. Kwikbet

Kwikbet is increasingly becoming a household name for bettors in Kenya today. This is due to the continuous expansion of the betting site to cover the respective needs of its bettors across Kenya.

Kwikbet has been adding new, innovative betting features to make it more attractive, comfortable, and easy to place bets.

The drive of Kwikbet to improve on its betting services to customers is what earned the company a place among best-betting sites in Kenya.

Kwikbet has a wide sports pool for bettors to choose from. These sports games include popular sports like football, basketball, tennis, cricket. Other non-popular sports you will find on Kwikbet includes E-games, biathlon, Futsal, darts, and so on.

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8. Bet254

Bet254 is another new betting site that is making huge waves in the Kenyan betting industry.

Being a new betting site, the platform comes with some of the best features in design, customer service and experience, and Payment methods that are relevant to the technology of today.

These new features are what seem to attract lots of new bettors who are trooping in numbers to join the platform.

Features of the betting site that make it so unique from others on the list of best betting sites in Kenya include competitive odds, wider betting markets, and virtual games which have not been experienced in Kenya before.

7. Dafabet

As one of the best bookies in Kenya, Dafabet is innovative in the ways in which it serves its customers.

Dafabet is an international betting site that is based in different countries like the United States, UK, Philippines, India, Kenya, and so on.

It is one revered betting site because it provides gamblers with a unique experience as to ways to play different kinds of games.

Excellent features which bettors on Dafabet enjoy include a good selection of promotional offers in terms of first deposits, bonuses, weekend offers, and so on.

Other features include competitive odds, an active betting market, customer support, and other tools that help to stake easily and a much faster process.

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6. Odibet

Odibet is a company created in 2018 and registered under Kareco Holdings Ltd. It is a fully licensed sportsbook that has been providing bettors with top betting services that you can trust.

Even though this company is still in its early years of operation, the fame and abilities of this website has helped it to rapidly scale and grow immensely in such a short period. To be ranked as 6th among best betting sits in Kenya shows just how effective this company is in driving growth.

Odibet offers features that are similar to many other betting sites on this list. However, you can agree with us that the marketing efforts of this company contributed immensely to the huge turnover of bettors which this betting site has on a monthly basis.

Even without a betting app, Odibet is doing excellently well to serve its customers.

5. Betwinner

Next on the list of best betting sites in Kenya is BetWinner. BetWinner is by far one of the biggest sports betting platforms, not just in Kenya, but across the continent.

It is a very popular betting site that has carefully honed its reputation over years of operation.

Everyone would agree that this betting company’s reputation would not be as much as it is if it doesn’t match it with world-class betting services.

Betwinner has a wide collection of sports markets where bettors can select from. They range from the most popular sports to the less popular ones.

On Betwinner, you will enjoy sports markets like football, volleyball, basketball, darts, hockey, NFL, golf, floorball, and many other types of attractive sports. Betwinner also offers a staggering 100% deposit bonus for new players, capped at Ksh15, 000.

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4. Melbet

Everything gets better with Melbet. With the interface, customer support, mobile-optimized app, faster-loading pages, and a comprehensive sports section; it is simply a top betting site any bettor will enjoy being on.

One of the greatest features that make Melbet stand out from other betting sites is the staggering welcome bonus offered.

As a new bettor, you enjoy a 200% welcome bonus capped at a whopping Ksh20,000. You will definitely not get anything better anywhere else in terms of a bonus.

Melbet clearly earns its spot among the best betting sites in Kenya through an all-around excellent platform that works for desktop users, Pc users, and mobile users.

Though the services of the betting company came to Kenya in 2020, the parent company has been in existence for a much longer time, hence the proper organization and improved features.

3. 22Bet

When speaking of the most popular betting sites not just in Kenya, but in other countries around the world, 22Bet is definitely one of them.

22Bet is a well-established and organized betting platform that serves the best betting services to bettors in Kenya. The services here are well suited to the needs of all sorts of users.

Whether you are a football lover, basketball lover, or any other popular sport, you will definitely enjoy your betting experience on 22Bet.

Over time, 22Bet has evolved to bring the best in betting such as improved sports market, virtual games, and games that are sought after by expert bettors in Kenya.

Each of the games represented under the virtual games is up to date with some of the best games in the world. Whatever games you need on 22Bet, be sure you will find them.

2. Sportybet

Who doesn’t know Sportybet in Kenya? Sportybet is so popular that you don’t have to be a bettor to have heard about this awesome betting site.

It is one of the best betting sites in Kenya today because they are so focused on not allowing bettors to miss out on any kind of betting market available around the world.

It’s is a constantly updated betting platform to give bettors the latest games that most platforms will not possess.

Coupled with a well-updated app and market, Sportybet is one of the easiest to use. It is optimized for both desktop and mobile versions.

This means you can easily access the platform through any device available today. The live-streaming feature of Sportybet is the most seamless, as you can stream live games before you decide on the outcome of your bets.

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1. Betway

Betway is an international betting company with branches in over 70 countries around the world.

It is one of the most widespread betting platforms that aims to dominate the world with excellent sport betting features, virtual, Slot, and many other forms of betting that is not restricted to sports.

Betway offers a unique approach to betting and is not limited in the areas that they cover with prediction opportunities.

Through Betway, asides from the excellent features they offer that you will find in other top betting apps, they offer betting opportunities on life events like politics.

You can predict who will win the next Kenyan elections, who will be the next president of the United States, and so on.

This provides a new betting dimension that is not restricted to sports lovers. Betway is simply one of the best betting sites in Kenya.

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Betting Sites In Kenya (Summary)

Betting sites have a lot of things in common. These include their sports markets, virtual, payment methods, winnings, live betting, streaming, and so on.

The few features which differentiate these platforms include their odds, bonuses, strength, customer base, and so on.

Each of these features can make all the difference between a top betting site and a regular one.

This article has outlined the best betting sites in Kenya and the features that separate each from another.

You can go through each of these sites and choose the one that best suits your betting needs, as well as improves your winning rate.

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