Basketmouth Net Worth & Biography

What is Basketmouth Net Worth?

Basketmouth Net Worth:$16.2 Million
Born:September 14, 1978
Country of Origin:Nigeria
Education:University of Benin
Source of Wealth:Standup comedy, Endorsements, events management
1st Hit:Nite of 1000 laughs (2000)

Basketmouth has been everywhere doing just about everything in recent years.

The 40-year-old sensation has been working as a comedian, movie star and commercial spokesperson.

Still, all that talent and hard work have brought him enormous success and wealth. In fact, his net worth is no joke.

He’s definitely one of the top 10 richest comedians in Nigeria, but just how much is Basketmouth net worth? Keep reading to learn more.

Basketmouth Net Worth and Highlights

Basketmouth net worth is currently estimated at $16.2 million

  • In 2005 and 2006 Basketmouth won the National Comedy Award
  • The Best Standup Comedian of the Year
  • Pan-Africa Comic of the year in 2017

Early Life

Basketmouth was conceived in Lagos State. However, he hails from Abia State, Nigeria.

He finished his primary and secondary school in Apapa, Lagos and proceeded onward to the University of Benin, Edo State to study for a degree in Sociology.

He found out his skill in drumming in 1991 followed by taking up rapping in 1994.

Today, he has shared the stage with top comedians like Bovi, Akpororo, AY, I go Die, Kenny Blaq, and more..


BASKETMOUTH authoritatively discovered his ability in drumming in 1991 which he later accomplished for more than 5 years afterward.

He ventured into rapping in 1994. Starting his music career, he put together a group called “Da Psychopaths” which had 7 members and they started going for shows in 1995, anyway they later shut down the group without releasing any material.

From that point, he proceeded to set up his own rap group known as “Da Oddz” with his sibling Godwin and Muyiwa Osunrobi making it three of them.

They were welcomed to a couple of huge shows where they showcase their talents, however, they didn’t rise to stardom as their image of rap was not regular to the Nigerian sort of brand.

They needed to pursue their degree whilst pursuing their career.

They got admitted into the University of Benin in the year 1996/1997, where Basketmouth studied sociology while his sibling studied anthropology.

Bright and his team went for a show and they got jeered off stage, that was the place he figured it wise to venture into another career.

He at long last decided to drop the mic as a rapper and returned as a standup comedian.

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His 1st standup comedy was a disaster because the viewers  got annoyed and subsequently booed him off the stage.

Soon thereafter (1999), he returned after a series of research on what brand of comedy could sell or will be accepted in UNIBEN; that was the start of Basket mouth’s initiation and introduction into the universe of standup comedy.

His professional stand up act appeared in the year 2000 and his big break came when he met AliBaba.

That same year, Basketmouth was charged to perform at Lagbaja’s monthly show at Motherland, in October 1st 2000.

He showed up at the eminent Nite of a 1000 laughs. After at that point, it was one gig to another.

In 1999, Basket mouth engaged in events management alongside his favorite acts.

He and his companion (Bayo Adekeye) promoted and bundled shows that highlighted the likes of plantation boiz, remedies, and a host of different artists.

It was during that period that Laff n Jamz was conceptualized.

On the 1st of November 2000, the idea came to reality including Ali Baba, Paul Play, Teju babyface, mandy, Mr. Patrick and a host of others.

Following Laff n Jamz in UNIBEN, Ali Baba advised Bright to come down to Lagos to expose his skills. It was difficult to combine studies and standup comedy simultaneously yet it was finished.

After Basket mouth included Plantation Boiz in 2000, they asked him to anchor a monthly show that was held at their den in Ikeja.

It was during that period that Bright affected the entertainment industry in Lagos.

Is Basketmouth funny or not? In one of the hilarious Basket mouth quotes, he said “Most Girls pray For Hardworking men, Yet they don’t respond To Greetings From Bricklayers”

What is Basket Mouth net worth

Things showed signs of improvement including Basketmouth net worth as he was welcomed by Tequila events to perform alongside Julius Agwu on a tour that involved more than 30 higher institutions around Nigeria.

Basket’s development in Lagos can be followed back to the year in 2000 when he performed at a show called hanging with the homeboys; his performance thrilled the crowd and he won their acknowledgment.

He stretched out his demonstration to the monthly homeland show hosted by Lagbaja. No doubt, making his way has triggered a boost in Basketmouth net worth.

Afterward, Ali Baba acquainted him with Opa Williams who at that point highlighted him in the now most well-known comedy show in Nigeria and past (Nite of a 1000 laughs).

Basketmouth hit the big screen in Nigeria when he was included in international concerts that witnessed the likes of Joe, Boys 2 Men, Sean Paul, Beyonce, Wyclef Jean, Dru Hill, Akon, Snoop Dogg, Ciara, Chris Brown, and numerous others.

His international gig was in Europe (2003) after which he stayed off the foreign scene until his debut performance in Atlanta at the Nigerian Reunion in 2006.

This performance prompted a series of performances and bookings in the United States and different countries including South Africa.

Consistently through the years, Bright has won the National Comedy Award for Best Comedian of the year, Best Standup Comedian on the year (2005/6).

As a follow up to the growth of Basketmouth net worth, he started a company called humor unlimited (2004), (stage play) – Devils kiss (2004), and in 2006 advanced by forming a one-man standup comedy show.

This made history in Nigeria [Basket Mouth Uncensored 1,2,&3]. From that point forward, Basketmouth net worth started to climb.

He later established a consulting/event & Artist management company (Barons World Entertainment) in 2006.

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Life Lessons From Basketmouth

  • CARRY on: As explained above, things might not start off well for you or your career. But be persistent and work hard, and you will definitely have that breakthrough.
  • Before venturing into any kind of business, ensure that you have all the information you need in order to help you make better decisions for your business.
  • Rape is never something to joke about.

Basketmouth Net Worth Summary

Basketmouth net worth is nothing of a surprise as it’s there for all to see that he is a smart, hard-working man, who has built himself from scratch to the point where he is today.

He’s as well a role model for young ones in Nigeria as the story of his life is one that is inspiring and captivating.

He has faced challenges, he’s always said making it to the top is not so easy. The lesson? Just keep grinding.

What did you think of Basketmouth worth? Use the comment box below.

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