Basket Mouth Quotes about Life

We’ve brought to you 7 funny Basket Mouth Quotes about life that are pragmatic.

Basketmouth has been everywhere doing just about everything in recent years.

The over-40-year-old sensation has been working as a comedian, movie star and commercial spokesperson.

Still, all that talent and hard work have brought him enormous success and wealth. In fact, Basketmouth net worth is no joke.

Basketmouth was conceived in Lagos State. However, he hails from Abia State, Nigeria.

He’s not just a comedian, but one with a great pedigree. We’ve brought to you Basket mouth quotes that are funny but real.

7 Funny Basket Mouth Quotes About Life

  1. As a child, my family’s menu consisted of two choices: take it or leave it.” – Basketmouth
Basket Mouth Quotes about choices

2. “Girls: If your boyfriend is a good listener….he’s probably thinking of something else when you’re talking.” – Basketmouth

Basket Mouth Quotes about girls

3. “Most Girls pray For Hardworking men, Yet they don’t respond To Greetings From Bricklayers” – Basketmouth

funny quotes from Basketmouth

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4. “Your boyfriend should not be your source of income. My dear its a relationship, not a job opportunity” – Basketmouth

Quotes from basketmouth about ladies

5. “You Don’t Need a car to Impress a  Girl.. Just Wear a Starched Shirt and Hold a Car key” – Basketmouth


6. “Bloggers Are So Much That The Friend You Invited To Check Out Your Blog….. Created His Own Blog And Copied All Your Contents” – Basketmouth

Quotes about bloggers

7. “I don’t lose….. I either win or I learn” – Basketmouth

Quotes about winning from Basket mouth

Summary Notes of Basket Mouth Quotes

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