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So, here’s a quick one; some of our favorite Bad Boy Timz quotes and sayings about life, hustle, positivity, and success.

Bad Boy Timz as he is popularly known is one of the fastest rising music artists in Nigeria.

He became a bang right from the start of his music career, and it became clear that he has so much in him to give to his fans from across Nigeria and probably beyond.

Although he is far from being on the list of the top ten richest Nigerian musicians, Bad Boy Timz net worth in this early stage of his career is amazingly promising.

In this quick post, we share with you interesting things he once said, in our collection of Bad Boy Timz quotes.

Bad Boy Timz Quotes About Life & Hustle

1. “If you put enough time into something, your time is gonna come.” – Bad Boy Timz

Bad Boy Timz quotes about persistence

2. “Bad communication ends many good things.” – Bad Boy Timz

3. “This is my year.” – Bad Boy Timz quotes

4. “It’s a great day to speak positively into the universe. God will grant all our wishes. Amen” – Bad Boy Timz

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5. “Love your brother like yourself, not more than yourself. Ma pa ara e.” – Bad Boy Timz

6. “Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, then it’s not the end.” – Bad Boy Timz

7. “It’s A new day… whether you choose to smile or frown, it’s your face” – Bad Boy Timz quotes

8. “Everybody goes through something, it’s all about perseverance.” – Bad Boy Timz

Bad Boy Timz quotes about determination

9. “I just want to have fun!” – Bad Boy Timz

10. “Learn to forgive yourself quickly.” – Bad Boy Timz quotes

11. “Be happy. God is solidly with you” – Bad Boy Timz

12. “Crazy how some people got nothing to offer but a lot to say” – Bad Boy Timz

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13. “In a gathering of people, when talk finish na gossip remain.” – Bad Boy Timz quotes

14. “The craziest thing you can do to yourself is pleasing someone else when you’re hurting” – Bad Boy Timz

15. “One life! One life! Never forget” – Bad Boy Timz

16. “Leave all your worries behind and say a prayer” – Bad Boy Timz” – Bad Boy Timz

Summary of Bad Boy Timz Quotes

Just like a young body with an old soul, these words of wisdom and inspiration from Bad Boy Timz shows he’s gone through a lot to reach this height that he’s attained today.

For example, “whether you choose to smile or frown, it’s your face”; this shows it’s all up to you to decide what you make out of every day, every challenge, failure, or success.

Will you share with us which of these Bad Boy Timz quotes resonates more with you? If so, let’s have your comments in the box provided below.

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