6 Funny But True Ayo Makun Quotes About Life

Ayo Makun Quotes

We’ve brought to you funny Ayo Makun Quotes that are true and useful in Life.

Ayo Makun with stage name AY is a comedian, presenter, actor, screenwriter, director and MC of multiple talents, winner of numerous awards.

He prefers to be called “Warri boy” because he has all the characteristics that would have made him believe in that part of Nigeria.

He is the guest of the live shows of AY and of the comedy, comedy of AY.

He is the C.E.O of Corporate World Entertainment Nigeria.

AY is one of the most successful and witty comedians that Nigeria as produced. It is one of the most creative and enviable Nigerian comic acts.

For an iconic comedian and actor, there must have been a lot of money made. Ayo Makun net worth is a top leveled one, and we all would like to learn from someone like him.

In this quick article, we’ll share with you our favorite Ayo Makun Quotes that are funny but true.

6 Funny Ayo Makun Quotes About Life

  1. “Set a goal that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning”. – Ayo Makun
Ayo Makun Quotes about goals

2. “Any man who successfully convinces a monkey that honey is sweeter than bananas is capable of selling cond-oms to a Roman father”– Ayo Makun

Ayo Makun Quotes about marketing

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3. “He who swallows a complete coconut has absolute trust in his anus”. – Ayo Makun

Funny quotes from Ayo Makun

4. “The only warning Africans take seriously is LOW BATTERY” – Ayo Makun

Ayo Makun Quotes about Africans

5. “When your clothes are made of cassava leaves, you don’t take a goat as a friend”. – Ayo Makun

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Quotes from AY about Friendship

6. “Respect pregnant women because it’s not easy walking around with evidence that you’ve had sex”. – Ayo Makun

AY quotes

As funny as AY could be, he’s paid the price for success. Here’re 10 powerful AY lessons about life, hustle, and success. These lessons will motivate you to achieve your dreams.

Conclusion On Ayo Makun Quotes

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