Arsenal Players Salary 2023 – Weekly Wages 2023/24

Arsenal Players Salary and Weekly Wages

Want information about Arsenal Players Salary 2023? In this quick post, you’ll find all the information you need, with answers to the following questions:

  • How does the Arsenal Players Salaries list look like? 
  • How much do Arsenal players earn per week?
  • Who is Arsenal’s highest-paid player?
  • How much is Bukayo Saka salary?
  • How much is Martin Odegaard salary per week?
  • How much is Aaron Ramsdale salary?

In this article, we present you with the full list of Arsenal F.C players salaries.

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Arsenal Players Salary Per Week 2023 Update

The information about the Arsenal players salary, weekly wages, and contracts is accurate and based upon facts collected from Arsenal, BBC, Guardian,, and other sources.

How much do Arsenal players earn in salary per week? What is Thomas Partey weekly wages? How much do Gabriel Jesus and Martinelli earn per week? Who are Arsenal’s Highest-Paid players per week?

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Here are all Arsenal players salaries and contract details.

Arsenal Players Salaries 2023 (Weekly Wages)

Gabriel JesusF26£13,780,000£265,000
Thomas ParteyM30£10,400,000£200,000
Bukayo SakaF21£10,140,000£195,000
Gabriel MartinelliF22£9,360,000£180,000
Oleksandr ZinchenkoM26£7,800,000£150,000
Nicolas PepeF28£7,280,000£140,000
Ben WhiteD25£6,240,000£120,000
Aaron RamsdaleGK25£6,240,000£120,000
Granit XhakaM30£6,240,000£120,000
Martin ØdegaardM24£5,980,000£115,000
Kieran TierneyD26£5,720,000£110,000
Eddie NketiahF24£5,200,000£100,000
Leandro TrossardF28£4,680,000£90,000
Reiss NelsonF23£3,120,000£60,000
Jakub KiwiorD23£3,016,000£58,000
Takehiro TomiyasuD24£2,860,000£55,000
Mohamed ElnenyM30£2,860,000£55,000
Albert Sambi LokongaM23£2,700,000£51,923
Gabriel MagalhaesD25£2,600,000£50,000
Fábio VieiraM23£2,340,000£45,000
Rob HoldingD27£2,080,000£40,000
William SalibaD22£2,080,000£40,000
Emile Smith RoweM22£2,080,000£40,000
Matt TurnerGK29£1,820,000£35,000
Nuno TavaresM23£1,404,000£27,000

The Gunners had been so successful in their transfer window in recent years.

They added to their wing, midfield, and defensive ranks, as well as signing Kai Havertz from Chelsea as a future tool in winning the Premier League and the Champions League.

The Highest Paid Arsenal Player 2023 (Per Week)

Who is Arsenal’s Highest-Paid Player? Highest Salary Earning Arsenal Player? 

The highest paid player at Arsenal is the former Manchester City Forwarder, Gabriel Jesus. He is the most paid Arsenal player in 2023.

He became Arsenal’s highest-paid player after he signed a contract for Arsenal on July 4, 2022 until June 30, 2027.

Aren’t you intrigued that on the list of Arsenal players salary, Gabriel Jesus is the highest paid?

Thomas Partey is the second-highest-paid Arsenal player. Partey’s salary per week is a whopping £200,000 per week

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Arsenal Players Salary - Gabriel Jesus

Arsenal New Transfers 2023

Arsenal announced their new signing, Kai Havertz from Chelsea during the 2023 Transfer window and still looking forward to sign the likes of Declan Rice from West Ham and others.

In the exciting realm of football transfers, Arsenal Football Club made waves during the highly anticipated 2023 Transfer window by unveiling their latest addition to the squad: the immensely talented Kai Havertz, who joined from their London rivals, Chelsea. This captivating signing sent shockwaves through the footballing world, as Havertz’s mesmerizing skills and youthful exuberance were poised to bring a new dynamic to Arsenal’s playing style.

But the Gunners’ ambitions didn’t stop there. Fuelled by their relentless pursuit of excellence, Arsenal continued to set their sights on additional reinforcements to further fortify their team. One such target that emerged prominently on their radar was none other than the immensely talented Declan Rice from West Ham United. Rice, with his commanding presence in midfield and exceptional technical abilities, was seen as the perfect fit to bolster Arsenal’s midfield and provide an added layer of solidity to their gameplay.

However, as the transfer window progressed, Arsenal’s intentions extended beyond the acquisition of these two coveted talents. They demonstrated their unwavering commitment to strengthening their squad by actively exploring other potential signings. The exact details and identities of these potential targets may remain shrouded in speculation and rumors, yet one thing was clear – Arsenal’s management was leaving no stone unturned in their pursuit of excellence.

Weekly salaries of Arsenal Players

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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions About Arsenal Players Wages

Q.1. Who is the highest-paid player in Arsenal?

On this list of Arsenal Players Salary, the highest-paid player at Arsenal is Gabriel Jesus.

Q.2. How much is Arsenal’s team worth?

As of 2023, Arsenal is worth 2.301 billion euros.

Q.3. How much did Odegaard earn in Arsenal?

Martin Odegaard earned £115,000 weekly and £5,980,000 annually.

Q.4. How much is Martinelli earning in Arsenal?

Martinelli earns £180,000 weekly and £9,360,000 yearly.

Q.5. How much does Thomas Partey earn at Arsenal?

Thomas Partey earns around £200,000-per-week at Arsenal Football Club.

Summary of Arsenal Players Salary

The Arsenal F.C salaries list is quite interesting, isn’t it? Let us know, which of these players earnings should be more, compared to what is being earned?

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