Apps that let you borrow money in USA

Are you looking for apps that let you borrow money in USA? You have reached the right place.

Do you want to pay for rent or you need money to support your business?  Whatever your financial needs might be, getting an app that lets you borrow money at the right time is important.

We’ve recently published online loan apps in Nigeria that let’s you get quick loans in minutes, and today, we’ll share with you top apps for loans in USA.

These money lending apps in USA can give you access to cash range depending on the amount you need to begin with. Here are the best 10 apps that let you borrow money in USA.

1. Viva Payday loans  

If you are looking for mobile apps that can let you borrow money in USA then Viva Payday loans might be your destination.

Viva Payday loans is among the top-rated payday loan apps you can possibly apply for. This app prides itself on offering instant loan approvals, and next day deposit into your bank account.

The entire application process is online and takes less than five minutes to complete.

You can choose the loan amount that you wish to apply for from the website’s homepage. The lender has included innovative tools on the page to help you select a loan amount between $100 and $5,000.

2. Earnin

The mobile app (formerly Active hours) allows workers with bank accounts to tap into their already earned pay, the moment they leave work instead of waiting until payday.

Users can cash out up to $100 per paycheck, or up to $500 for active users. Earnin charges no fees or interest, instead of asking customers to tip what they think is fair. It is one of the fastest apps that let you borrow money in the USA.

To use Earnin, you must have a consistent pay schedule weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly or monthly. More than 50% of your paycheck must be sent to a single checking account by direct deposit each pay period.

Also, you’ll need to either work at the same location every day or use electronic timesheets to track your hours.

Earnin calculates your pay rate based only on money that’s directly deposited into your checking account from a single employer.

If you have Earnin’s “Lightning Speed” feature,  you may be able to receive your money immediately. Without Lightning Speed, Earnin says you’ll typically receive your money in one to two business days.

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3. Branch

The branch is an easy-to-use app that let you borrow money easily. To use Branch Pay to get a cash advance, you must have at least two months of direct deposits from the same employer.

Each deposit must be more than $40 and deposited into the same bank account with a participating bank.

The amount of money you can request for a cash advance is based on two things: your bank account direct deposit history and how much you spend compared to what you earn.

When you first start using the app, Branch says your cash advance limit will be low. But as you use the app over time and repay your advances, your limit may increase.

Branch doesn’t charge interest on cash advances, and its fees vary based on how you choose to receive the money.

You can get “instant” access for free when the money is sent to your Branch debit card. No doubt, Branch is one of the apps that let you borrow money online.

If you want your money sent to an external bank account or debit card right away, Branch will charge you a fee of either $3.99 or $4.99, depending on the amount you transfer.

 If you don’t have enough money in your Branch Wallet to cover a bill, branch won’t pay it, and you won’t be charged an overdraft fee. But you’ll need to quickly find another way to pay the bill instead.

4. Dave

Dave is a simple yet powerful mobile loan app in USA. Dave is an app that provides cash advances to its members to help them avoid bank overdraft fees.

Dave doesn’t charge interest, it asks for tips instead. Members have to pay a small monthly membership fee to use the app and the maximum cash advance amount is low.

Dave provides pay check advances and budgeting assistance to anyone in need. Dave will help you avoid overdraft fees, plan for upcoming expenses and spot you up to $100 when you need cash fast.

5. Money Lion

Money Lion is also an apps that let you borrow money, save and invest right in the palm of your hand.

To get a credit-builder loan through the money Lion app, you must have a Credit Builder Plus membership, which costs $19.99 a month.

You can help offset the cost of the membership by earning rewards for logging into the app and using your moneyLion Visa debit card (if you have one) to make purchases of more than $10 per month.

MoneyLion doesn’t check your credit to determine your eligibility for its credit-builder loans. Instead, you will link your primary checking account, and the company will review your account activity to decide whether you qualify.

6. Brigitt

Brigit may advance you between $80 and $250, but you’ll have to pay $9.99 a month for Brigit Plus plan to qualify for “instant transfers” and other features.

The app, which is available on Android and Apple devices, stands out for its budgeting tools that help you track your spending and its “Brigit score” model.

Your Brigit score ranges from 0 to 100 and measures three financial wellness metrics: bank account health, spending behavior and earnings profile.

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7. Empower

With the Empower app, you can get an interest-free advance of up to $250 at any time during your pay cycle. There is no late fees and no credit checks.

However, Empower is more than just a payroll advance app.

8. PayActiv

With PayActiv, employees are able to access their earned, but currently unpaid income with no interest rate. They can also use the PayActiv mobile app to pay bills, do bank transfers, and start budgeting and saving. 

PayActiv is an alternative to short-term, small-dollar, predatory lending products that are used by millions of workers while waiting for payday. Pay activ’s services include instant cash access, bill pay, bank transfer, savings, budgeting tools and lots more.

9. Daily Pay

Here is another apps that let you borrow money for employers it. Daily pay also gives you access to a portion of the wages you’ve earned before payday.

For each hour you’ve worked, you build up credit in your DailyPay account, which you can then transfer to your bank account at any time.

The app charges a fee of $1.25 per transfer to receive your money by the next business day or $2.99 to receive your money instantly.

When payday comes around, you receive your regular paycheck minus any advances you’ve requested. DailyPay also lets you set up automatic transfers at specific times.

10. Chime

Chime is an online-only company that partners with two banks to offer its checking and savings accounts. 

Chime has no monthly fees or overdraft fees, and it lets you round up purchases to the next dollar and save the remainder.  No monthly fees, no overdraft fee.

Apps that let you borrow money in USA in 2020 (Summary)

There you go, the list of 10 Apps that let you borrow money in USA. If you find yourself trapped for cash before your next pay check, try  researching apps that can let you borrow money.

Since some of these apps typically charge lower fees, one of these apps may be a good choice,  if you’re in need of some extra cash to bridge the gap until you get paid.

We believe this article has been helpful, if yes, don’t hesitate to like, comment and share.

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