31 Notable Anthony Martial Quotes About Soccer & Life

Notable Anthony Martial Quotes About Soccer and life

We bring to you a quick collection of Anthony Martial quotes about soccer, life, determination, failure, and success.

Anthony Martial is a Manchester United striker. By scoring against Liverpool, he made the perfect start to his United career.

Jordan Martial is a French professional footballer who plays as a forward for Premier League club Manchester United and the France national team.

Playing youth football for Les Ulis, Martial began his professional career at Lyon, then transferred to AS Monaco in 2013 for a fee of €6 million. 

Today, Anthony Marital net worth is proof of his growth as a successful footballer that has the sky as his limit.

In this article, we’ll share with you interesting Anthony Martial quotes about soccer; things he once said that will help you learn more about his ideologies, perspectives, and more.

31 Notable Anthony Martial Quotes About Soccer

1. “I must continue to work hard in training. I need to think more like a goal scorer; sometimes I get so immersed in the game because I love general play so much.” – Anthony Martial.

2. “I have many aspects of my game I need to improve, and that’s what I am focusing on. I prefer not to say what they are in public – for me, it’s a secret, and I just want to work hard.” – Anthony Martial.

Anthony Martial quotes

3. “I’m quite a reserved person, a bit shy at first when I don’t know someone. I like to have a laugh and a joke; people have seen that in me.” – Anthony Martial quotes

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4. “My family were happy for me that I’m going to such a big club as Manchester United. They were a bit nervous because of my high price, but I’m going to stay focused on proving my worth.” – Anthony Martial.

5. “It’s not easy to speak about myself, but I am a speedy player.” – Anthony Martial.

6. “My brother was the one who gave me the desire to follow in his footsteps. Also, it was Ronaldinho and Ronaldo, the two Brazilian players, who also inspired me to a future in football.” – Anthony Martial.

7. “It’s true that the atmosphere here is quite different from the one in France. People live and breathe football here, and that’s what I like. Every footballer wants to play in the Premier League.” – Anthony Martial quotes

8. “In France, it’s easy to know which team is going to win the game, whereas in England, anywhere you play, you know it’s going to be difficult.” – Anthony Martial quotes

9. “I am a professional footballer, and it’s a game where the coach decides where you can be most beneficial for the team. As long as I am attacking, I am happy! I know what Jose Mourinho decides will be best for the team and me.” – Anthony Martial.

10. “It is not easy to arrive in a different country and adapt quickly, but I think I’m getting there, and I’m proud of that.” – Anthony Martial quotes

11. “I love Manchester. I like being here, and certainly, I see myself being here for a good while yet.” – Anthony Martial.

12. “Goal scoring is what I do, and it’s the thing that makes me most happy, so I’m thrilled inside. But I’m just not the sort of guy who shows that sort of emotion on the outside too much.” – Anthony Martial.

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13. “It’s annoying to be on the bench – it’s truly annoying – but it’s a test you have to overcome, and that’s how you progress. It’s difficult because all you want is to be able to help the team, and when you’re on the bench, you can’t.” – Anthony Martial. 

14. “If I were to become an icon, then I’d be very happy. I’ll need to score a lot of goals, and the team will need to pick up trophies, though.” – Anthony Martial. 

15. “I get on well with everybody. I’ve always been like that.” – Anthony Martial. 

16. “The atmosphere at Old Trafford is unique, and when you’re a bit tired, they help you: they shout out your name, and that gives you extra energy.”- Anthony Martial. 

17. “The best thing about playing football is making fans happy. The supporters help us a lot out on the pitch.”-Anthony Martial. 

18. “The main thing is, wherever I play, I enjoy it and help the team.” – Anthony Martial quotes

19. “I don’t go out a lot, as I like to stay in. I often go for dinners with my girlfriend, and I love to see movies at the cinema, but I don’t understand them.” – Anthony Martial

20. “Football. It sounds simple, but it’s always been the case – I don’t see myself living without playing.” – Anthony Martial. 

21. “Someone like Cristiano Ronaldo focuses on scoring to progress, so perhaps I need to think more about scoring.”-Anthony Martial. 

22. “I remember my very first training session. It was raining hard. It was cold, and I went home. I couldn’t train. I stayed for ten minutes then told my dad to take me home.” – Anthony Martial quotes

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23. “When I get onto the pitch, I block out everything around it, and I focus on the pitch.”-Anthony Martial 

24. “I prefer to play up front, but if the coach puts me on the wing, then that means it is better for the team, and for me, that is the most important thing.” – Anthony Martial. 

Anthony Martial quotes

25. “I think the greatest goal I’ve ever scored is the one against Liverpool. It was amazing for me, and it made my name in the Manchester team.” – Anthony Martial. 

26. “With time, I will progress even more, and I will be more mature to score even more goals.” – Anthony Martial. 

27. “I stay in my bubble; I concentrate on the football. I work, and I try to learn English as quickly as possible.” – Anthony Martial quotes

28. “Thierry Henry is Thierry Henry. I still have everything to prove. By continuing to work, I will try to reach his level, but I am still very far off.” – Anthony Martial.

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29. “I try to learn from Falcao and Manu Riviere as well – his movement is excellent – it’s really good for me. I need to work on my movement and my finishing, but seeing these guys on a regular basis gives me a benchmark.” – Anthony Martial. 

30. “I know not to let myself get distracted and to concentrate on what happens on the pitch.” – Anthony Martial. 

31. “I don’t know if I’m worth 80m euros, but I don’t worry about the sums.” – Anthony Martial

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