49 Notable Andrew Robertson Quotes About Life & Soccer

Andrew Robertson Quotes

We bring to you 49 interesting Andrew Robertson quotes and sayings about life, success, determination, and hard work, all coined from his football career.

Andrew Robertson is a Scottish professional footballer who plays as a left-back for Premier League club Liverpool and the Scotland national team, which he captains.

Andrew Robertson net worth is proof that he’s a successful player. He’s a skilled left-back player who displays his skills and determination to win on the field.

In this collection of Andrew Robertson quotes, you’ll learn more about him, his lifestyle, beliefs, and his motivation.

49 Remarkable Andrew Robertson Quotes About Life & Soccer

1. “I know when people say I’m some sort of Cinderella Man that it’s meant as a compliment. I appreciate that, but to be totally honest, it doesn’t feel like one, because it isn’t true.” ― Andrew Robertson

2. “No magic wands have been waved in my direction; I didn’t win some kind of lottery to land a spot at one of the biggest clubs in the world.” ― Andrew Robertson

3. “Football is full of highs and lows, but when people retire, they often say, ‘I wish I’d enjoyed it more.’” ― Andrew Robertson

4. “A lot of players try to buy penalties, and sometimes defenders can’t do a lot about it.” ― Andrew Robertson quotes

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5. “There’s not much point breaking records if, in the end, it doesn’t mean anything.” ― Andrew Robertson

Andrew Robertson quotes

6. “Queens Park was amateur, so you do not get paid. You need to make a living, and for the first few years, when I was in the youth side, it was fine because I was still at school.” ― Andrew Robertson

7. “I’m not a good spectator; I’m a nightmare when I’m injured and I’m not playing.” ― Andrew Robertson

8. “I don’t like it if I’m not part of the starting 11.” ― Andrew Robertson

9. “I don’t like sitting on the bench even when it was very rare at Hull to rest during cup games.” ― Andrew Robertson

10. “Everyone knows what toothache’s like: it’s one of those dull pains that just won’t go away.” ― Andrew Robertson

11. “I’ll never praise myself, because I think there’s always improvement to be made.” ― Andrew Robertson quotes

12. “I always believed in my ability. I just had to work hard and be patient and, yeah, at times it didn’t look likely. You need a wee stroke of luck but every chance I’ve been given, I’ve taken.” ― Andrew Robertson

13. “I set myself high standards, and when I drop below them, I’m not happy about it.” ― Andrew Robertson

14. “Not many things bug me, but if there’s one thing that does, it’s the idea that my story is a football fairytale.” ― Andrew Robertson

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15. “You want the world-class players playing at the World Cup, and you want them to do themselves justice.” ― Andrew Robertson

16. “Sometimes my passes don’t find people, but I do try and create.” ― Andrew Robertson

17. “We all need to chip in with goals and assists. It’s not just the front three. It’s not just the defence that keeps clean sheets, either. It’s a team game.” ― Andrew Robertson

18. “Relegation – that’s pressure.” ― Andrew Robertson

19. “I like pressure. I put in on myself, and I think I get the best out of myself by doing that.” ― Andrew Robertson quotes

20. “When I got the chance to play in the Premier League with Hull City in 2014, I had lived a lot of real life.” ― Andrew Robertson

21. “My ambitions were always to be a solid SPL player.” ― Andrew Robertson

22. “When you hear Liverpool want you, you call your agent back in about five seconds.” ― Andrew Robertson

23. “For me, at the level I’m playing at, I would love to finish my career at Liverpool if you gave me that option.” ― Andrew Robertson

24. “I have always said that I am one to look forward rather than back; what has happened in the past I can’t change now. What is forward, I can.” ― Andrew Robertson

25. “When I moved to Hull and I was playing against players in the Premier League, maybe I pinched myself then.” ― Andrew Robertson

26. “With or without the armband, I would love to pull on the country’s colours. That doesn’t change.” ― Andrew Robertson

27. “Going for titles and medals – who wouldn’t want that? Trust me, it’s a much nicer feeling than fighting relegation.” ― Andrew Robertson

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28. “In the long run of the league, the best team always wins.” ― Andrew Robertson

29. “You can get lucky in the cups, but you don’t get lucky over a 38-game season.” ― Andrew Robertson quotes

30. “It’s great being a dad. It’s like anyone, if things aren’t going well at work, and you go home and see your missus and kid, then it cheers you up straight away.” ― Andrew Robertson

31. “Just before I left Dundee United, I captained them for one game, although I think that was maybe to keep me there!” ― Andrew Robertson

32. “I’ve been very fortunate that I’ve played under a lot of very good captains.” ― Andrew Robertson

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33. “Once you get a feeling for trophies and going far in European tournaments with your club, then you want to replicate that with your country.” ― Andrew Robertson

34. “When you get the armband, everyone looks to you to lead, and when things go wrong, then you get criticized the most, and I need to take that on the chin.” ― Andrew Robertson

Quotes by Andrew Robertson about football

35. “Sometimes, the fact is that you need to think of your health – because what use is it for Ryan Fraser to try and be a hero for one game, then end up out for six months?” ― Andrew Robertson

36. “I’ve never thought that being Scottish should mean there was any kind of barrier to me getting where I wanted to go, and I still feel like I can keep improving.” ― Andrew Robertson

37. “If there’s competition in training, then the training is intense, and then you have the pressure of a weekend that if you don’t put in good performances, then your place is maybe up for grabs.” ― Andrew Robertson quotes

38. “Even when I have a good game, you can still do things better.” ― Andrew Robertson

39. “At the top end of the Premier League, you have to be ruthless. Even just to get in the top four is hard.” ― Andrew Robertson

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40. “It’s funny, actually… a few clubs called when I was in preseason with Hull in 2017, but I wasn’t really that interested. My missus was pregnant, and we were in the process of getting everything ready for our big arrival – that was our top priority, like any expectant parents.” ― Andrew Robertson

41. “A point at Old Trafford is never a bad result.” ― Andrew Robertson

42. “That’s why it’s hardest to win a Premier League instead of a Champions League – because it’s over 38 games. You can’t play well in every game, but it’s about grinding out results.” ― Andrew Robertson

43. “The food bank is something I’ve always supported because there’s no excuse for anyone to go without food.” ― Andrew Robertson

44. “Nobody wants the left-back’s shirt.” ― Andrew Robertson

45. “If you’re let go from Celtic, the club you support, and go to Queen’s Park, people think it’s a disaster. I don’t think I cried, but I was very upset. As a young boy, your dream has been taken away. But I had good people around me, and it was probably the best thing that happened.” ― Andrew Robertson quotes

 “I’m never going to question the fans.” ― Andrew Robertson

46. “Don’t get me wrong: it’s unbelievable getting linked with big clubs. That’s where you want to go; of course it is.” ― Andrew Robertson

47. “I’m not a person who wants to be the center of attention or anything like that.” ― Andrew Robertson

48. “Look at the English league. Everyone down there backs it. That’s why it’s so highly spoken of. If Scottish football can do that, it will make it a lot more appealing to some fans that are maybe not coming.” ― Andrew Robertson

49. “I don’t make any secret of it – I hate not playing.” ― Andrew Robertson

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