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Are you looking for an editor that can edit your photos and videos for free with premium features? Finding such an editor is difficult because many of the top-rated editors either charge fees or don’t offer premium features.

However, this article brings the solution to your problem by sharing an amazing all-in-one free online editor for you. Yes, this is the CapCut creative suite which is a blessing, especially for all content creators. 

Not only for content creators, but it is equally beneficial for personal and professional uses. Want to know how? Let’s have a detailed look at what this creative suite is all about. Also, explore its core advantages and disadvantages to know why it is the top pick! 

What is CapCut Creative Suite?

It is an online editor for editing photos and videos on a professional level by using artificial intelligence and advanced tools. This online editor comes with all the essential tools and features that combine together to polish your creativity. 

For example, it doesn’t only allow you to simply edit your videos but offers much beyond basic editing. It allows you to add subtitles, remove/add background, add songs and sounds, and play with effects. Whether you want to resize your video via video compressor or need to crop/trim or split it, it does everything. 

Similarly, this creative suite brings exciting features to transform your photos such as resizing, color matching, upscaling, etc. It also allows you to work in collaboration with your team and invite more people to your space. In short, this creative suite combines all features and tools under one roof to offer an easy yet professional editing experience. 

Advantages of Creative Suite

To have a better understanding of this suite, let’s look at the following exciting advantages it brings for you. 

  1. Creates impressive images

Whether it is your personal website, professional workspace, or social media account, creating impressive images is a must! No one would pay attention to your content if it is dull and lifeless. To engage others in your profile or work, you must create content that grabs others’ attention. So, this is where this creative suite plays an important role. By using its online image editor, you can create photos that are sparkingly beautiful and aesthetically engaging. It allows you to add text effects, filters, stickers, frames, and different shapes to your photos. Similarly, it allows you to choose the best themes and matching colors to further polish the visuals of your photos. You can change the photos’ backgrounds by either removing or replacing them. There are so many exciting features in this image editor for a wonderful experience. 

  1. Makes interactive videos

Similarly, the online video editor in this creative suite allows you to create the most engaging and pleasing videos. You can be a successful content creator if your videos lack engagement, quality, clarity, and interactiveness. This video editor works on all of these core aspects that ultimately combine together to make your videos go viral. 

For example, this editor allows you to add captions, generate transcripts, add audio and music, and also filters. It also brings in a great variety of impressive transitions to a smooth visual experience. You can also submerge different videos, images, audio, and music into one track to create a unique video. It also supports automatic background removal, crop, trim, and resize options for videos through AI technology.  

  1. Extensive variety of templates

Another advantage of using this creative suite is the free access to its extensive variety of templates. These templates include a great variety of personal as well as commercial templates. The best thing is that all of these are free of cost. You don’t need to pay a single penny to use the premium templates. Moreover, they help save your precious time by offering you an already-made template that you just need to edit. 

  1. Smart tools create magic

This creative suite comes with smart tools that work like magic to transform your work into masterpieces. Most of these tools are based on AI technology that doesn’t only generate professional-level transformations but also fastens the process. Moreover, these smart tools enable you to edit your photos and videos in a way that creates outstanding engagement results. 

  1. Watermark free downloads

Similarly, one of its biggest advantages is the watermark free downloads. You don’t need to pay any fee to download your work without the editor’s logo. Unlike this creative suite, many popular editors always charge some fee for downloading or saving your work without watermarks. This is not an issue here and you enjoy full freedom to download as many files as you want. 

  1. Teams collaboration 

Besides downloading your projects such as videos, you can also share them as presentations with your team. To do so, you don’t need to download them to your device first. Instead, you can simply share them directly from the editor to your team members or friends. Besides, you can also invite new members or new friends to this space for better collaboration.

  1. No experience required

It doesn’t require any previous experience or any particular editing skills which is a must. You can simply visit this editor and start making your transformation through the mindblowing one-click AI technology. 

  1. Guaranteed Results

Even without having any professional experience or expert editing skills, you can enjoy 100% results with this creative suite. It is all because of its smart tools that run backstage with AI and automate the transformations. 

  1. Privacy protection

Another advantage is the full privacy protection for using this creative suite. All your data, photos, videos, files, and information is safe and secure here. No one can access or steal your data from this suite and this adds more value to the use of this suite. 

  1. Saves time 

Due automation of transformations, it saves you time and saves you from hours of effort. All of these advantages make this creative suite a must-have for all types of photo/video editing jobs. 

Disadvantages of Creative Suite

Besides its advantages, must also keep its following disadvantages in mind. 

  1. Requires internet connection

To use this creative suite, you must have a good internet connection. As this is an online editor, you can use it without having an internet connection. 

  1. Requires Signup

Another important requirement to use it is to sign up and create your account here first. However, signup is a short and quick process that won’t burden you or stress you in any way. 

Steps to Use Creative Suite

Here are the following steps to use this creative suite for editing photos or videos. 

  • Step 1: Signup

Search CapCut Create Suite on Google and access the official webpage. Then click on “Signup for Free” to create your free user account. 

  • Step 2: Upload

Move to the video/photo editor and upload the video/photo that you want to edit. You may also simply drag and drop it here. 

  • Step 3: Edit

Use the given tools on your left-hand side to make wonderful edits to your videos/photos. Play with text effects, filters, new backgrounds, trimming, cropping, resizing, transitions, etc. 

  • Step 4: Export

Click on export to download or share your work with others. 


An online creative suite comes with a number of exciting advantages to delight you through an outstanding editing experience. Although it has a few disadvantages those aren’t really worth considering. So, let’s transform your ordinary photos/videos into professional pieces and surprise others through your creativity. 

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