20 Notable Alisson Becker Quotes About Soccer & Life


We bring to you 20 interesting Alisson Becker quotes about soccer and life.

Alisson Ramses Becker, commonly known as Alisson, is a Brazilian professional footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for Premier League club Liverpool and the Brazil national team.

In 2019, he was named The Best FIFA Goalkeeper and was also the recipient of the inaugural Yashin Trophy.

Alisson Becker net worth is inevitably discussed by football fans around the world, considering how he plays for a top club in the richest football league in the world.

In this post about Alisson Becker quotes, you’ll come to learn more about his ideologies, life’s perspectives, and what keeps motivating him to achieve success.

Similar to his brother Muriel, Alisson also started training with the youth team of Internacional in the Brazilian football league.

After spending a few seasons within the youth system of the Club, his abilities were finally recognized and he subsequently earned his debut at the club. Today, he is one of the most paid goalkeepers in the world.

20 Notable Alisson Becker Quotes

1″. I’ve always worked really hard, and I’ll continue working the same way, whatever the size of the transfer fee.” – Alisson Becker

2. “I made a professional decision, a step forward in my career, and for Roma, who earned a huge sum.” – Alisson Becker quotes

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3. “I am really happy with the increased recognition that goalkeepers are getting now. I’m glad to be a leading part of that.” – Alisson Becker

Alisson becker quotes about goalkeeping

4. “If you look at my professional history as a goalkeeper, I’m not somebody who makes many.” – Alisson Becker

5. “The secret of the wise man is to learn from the errors of others.” – Alisson Becker quotes

6. “Goalkeeper is a very influential position, and that is becoming recognized now. If you think about it, any error that we make can be fatal for the team. It can lead to a goal and cause a defeat.” – Alisson Becker

7. “I am more mature today, so I deal better with the mistakes than the many times when I locked myself away and wanted to be alone.” – Alisson Becker

8. “I’ve always worked really hard, and I’ll continue working the same way, whatever the size of the transfer fee.” – Alisson Becker quotes

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9. “I’ve got big ambitions, and so do Liverpool, and now I’m playing in the biggest league in the world.” – Alisson Becker

10. “My game is characterized by consistency, and that is what has brought me to Liverpool and helped me grow and develop. I like to make simple saves. I don’t make saves for the camera.” – Alisson Becker

11. “We have to learn from our mistakes. But it’s part of my game; I won’t be arrogant of saying that I will keep doing this. We have to learn from our mistakes.” – Alisson Becker

12. “I’ve locked myself in my room and wanted to be on my own a lot in my career, but I don’t do that anymore.” – Alisson Becker quotes

13. “Play the pass at the right moment – not on a dry pitch and not hitting it hard enough. We don’t have to accept it; that was a mistake – no goalkeeper should dribble in this situation.” – Alisson Becker

Alisson becker quotes

14. “It gives me a lot of confidence to play with my feet, and I have to be focused for 90 minutes.” – Alisson Becker quotes

15. “I have fitted perfectly in the team and in the team’s style of play. Alisson Becker

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16. “I don’t think about numbers.” – I think more about what I can give back to the club for the faith they have invested in me.” – Alisson Becker

17. “There is a lot going on with negotiations in the football business, and I appreciate some people think that it’s a crazy, absurd amount of money.” – Alisson Becker

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