Alibaba Akpobome Net Worth, Age, Assets & Biography

Alibaba Akpobome Net Worth

How much is Alibaba Akpobome net worth?

Alibaba Akpobome Net Worth:3 Billion Naira
Born:June 24, 1965
Country of Origin:Nigeria
Education:Ambrose Alli University
Source of Wealth:Standup comedy, Endorsements, events management

Alibaba is a legendary personality in the Nigerian comedy industry who set the standard for the Nigerian humor that we witness today.

Today, everyone in the comedy industry benefits from Alibaba’s sweat and labor, as he was a pioneer and key player in making the comedy sector so popular in Nigeria.

With almost three decades of experience in the field, it should come as no surprise that Alibaba Akpobome net worth will be massive.

Alibaba Akpobome’s net worth has grown exponentially as a result of the exceptional success that his works have earned, particularly in the last decade.

This article will explain Alibaba net worth, how he came to be, and his efforts to change the Nigerian comedy industry.

Alibaba Akpobome Net Worth and Highlights

As of today, Alibaba Akpobome net worth is estimated to be 3 Billion Naira, making him top the list of the top 10 richest comedians in Nigeria.

Some of his achievements include:

  • 2001  Laughter Awards – Baziks Theatre Abuja – Outstanding Performance
  • 2002  Laughter Incorporated award for Immense contribution to the comedy Industry
  • 2003  Delta State University Achievers Merit Award
  • 2004  Pendulum Awards LASU National Association of Physics Student – Icon of Comedy
  • 2004  1st Nigeria Entertainment Awards for Icon of Comedy
  • 2005  National Comedy Award for Comedy Enterprise
  • 2006  Eric’s Entertainment Inc – Recognition of his solid support to young entrepreneurs
  • 2006  Lagos State University Award of Excellence
  • 2006  City People Entertainment for Invaluable Contribution to the Entertainment Industry
  • 2007  RCCG Enablers Merit Award
  • 2008  The News award For turning stand up comedy into a viable business
  • 2008  Diamond Award for Comedy For helping the growth & development of the Comedy Industry in Nigeria
  • 2009  City People Entertainment Award for Invaluable Contribution to the Entertainment Industry
  • 2009  National Daily Award for Comedian of the decade
  • 2010  Comedy for Change award In commemoration of his 20 years on stage

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Early Life

Alibaba Akpobome was born into the royal family of Agbarha Otor in Delta State on the 24th of June, 1965. Who knew what Alibaba Akpobome net worth would be in the nearest future?

Due to his royal roots, he is the first born of many children from his father thereby spending most of his early life in Warri. His old man is a retired soldier who had a post in Lagos, Nigeria.

He had his primary and secondary education at the Ojo primary school and Command secondary school respectively.

His tertiary education was provided by Ibru College in Warri before moving to the Bendel State University which has since been renamed as the Ambrose Alli University where he studied Religious Studies and Philosophy.


In order to make a career for himself in Comedy, Alibaba moved to Lagos State permanently after the conclusion of his university program in Religious Studies and Philosophy and earning the equivalent degree in 1990.

Despite his initial interest in law, he discovered his passion for comedy and followed through with it. This decision no doubt made Alibaba Akpobome net worth something to talk about today.

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His career officially took off by making guest performances at corporate events, being a master of Ceremony, performing on television shows with some of his colleagues including Charly Boy, Danladi Bako, and Patric Doyle.

He also made appearances on radio shows with Mani Onumonmu, Sani Iran or and Bisi Olatilo. During all these times, he was also an executive assistant in 1991 with Dapo Adelegan of DP Lekki.

Since at the time, most people had little to no regards for Comedy due to its unpopularity in those days, Alibaba decided to improve on his Comedy skills by packaging it in a more receptive way to the Nigerian audience.

He successfully created a place for comedy in the entertainment industry as an innovator for Official and casual events by serving as Master of Ceremony in such events.

In a bid to repackage comedian, as well as change the Nigerian perception towards comedians, Alibaba decided to register his company with the government in 1993.

As part of the revolution, he decided to set up billboards in strategic places in Lagos State with the message that ‘Being funny is serious business’.

This created an awareness within Nigerians to see comedy as a respected business and way of life.

According to him, Comedy business is big enough for anyone from anywhere who intend to make comedy a profession and a source of earning.

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This opened the gates to a lot of upcoming artists who are looking for a a platform to showcase their talents in comedy while earning at the same time.

As a result, Alibaba became a mentor who provides support and advice on professionalism in the business. He also tries to bring Comedians who are up to the required standard for the industry.

With time, the industry continued expanding from him to the huge comedy enterprise that is so popular and visible in Nigeria. He has been in the comedy business for over 3 decades and Alibaba net worth is nothing short of outstanding.

Alibaba net worth also received a boost ever since he also added acting to his portfolio by appearing in a few Nigerian movie hits in the likes of My Guy, The Last 3 Digits, Head Gone, The Wedding Party, Alakada, and so on.

For his work in his chosen field which is majorly comedy, Alibaba got recognized in 2009 by the Johnny Walker ‘Striding man’ society.

As a show of  appreciation for his work in comedy, the Nigerian Stock Exchange gave him the privilege to ring the Year end closing bell in 2012.

He was also interviewed by the CNN African voices about his plan to make Nigerian comedy a giant piece of the Nation.

At the time of writing of this article, Alibaba net worth is estimated to be N3 Billion naira.

In one of Alibaba Akpobome quotes, he said; “Do you want to blame others for your failure? ITS YOUR FAILURE. It’s not their failure. You are the first beneficiary of your success. There are people worse off, than you are, that are making it”Alibaba

Life Lessons From Alibaba

  • Consistency is the key to creating a successful business. Despite facing difficulties in his work to create a niche for Comedy in the entertainment industry in Nigeria, he simply continued to push on.
  • Hard work is the only way to success. Imagine the amount of work that Alibaba had to put in, in order for the industry to reach the stage which it has.
  • You have to get the right people around you in order to succeed in any endeavor of your own choosing.

Alibaba Akpobome Net Worth (Summary)

Alibaba net worth which is a huge N3 Billion Naira is nothing short of amazing considering the great deal of work he put in place to make the comedy industry a nationally recognized profession.

Alibaba Akpobome net worth is obviously well deserved as it makes him a figure which upcoming comedians can look up to for inspiration.

It is worthy to note that he is not even close to dropping the microphone, as he still has more to offer the industry.

That said, expect a mind blowing increase in his earnings and worth over the coming years.

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