Alexandre Pato Quotes & Sayings About Soccer

Alexandre Pato Quotes and sayings

In this quick post, we’ll share with you 13 Alexandre Pato quotes and sayings about soccer.

Alexandre Pato has played for a plethora of clubs like AC Milan, Chelsea, Sau Paulo, Tianjin Quanjian, etc.

Pato’s net worth shows that he has been an excellent player from the start of his career and he’s got some sayings about football.

In this article, we present interesting Alexandre Pato quotes about football.

13 Quotes By Alexandre Pato About Soccer

1. “When I arrived in Milan, I found myself surrounded by many fantastic footballers. – Alexandre Pato

2. “I remember my first time in the Champions League. I was 18, and it was Arsenal against Milan at The Emirates. The night before, I remember I put my music on my iPod. I was lying in bed, and I listened to the Champions League music. That was my Champions League debut, my first time. It was beautiful. – Alexandre Pato quotes

3. “I like the emotion in the English league. You look at the TV, and you see the stadium and the fans. – Alexandre Pato

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4. “My special thing is my speed. I’m fast. – Alexandre Pato

5. “Talent is a feeling that you want to play. – Alexandre Pato

6. “To play for Chelsea is a blessing. – Alexandre Pato quotes

7. “I want to write a new story in Europe, to make a new history. I want to come to win the championship and play again in the Champions League. – Alexandre Pato

8. “I am working and improving every day, and I am happy with my work. – Alexandre Pato

Alexandre Pato Quotes and sayings

9. “I loved Milan. I was there for six years and made my stories there. – Alexandre Pato

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10. “Playing in Milan for me meant being able to play alongside players who were idols to me as a kid. Playing alongside David Beckham – his long passes are perfect for me. – Alexandre Pato quotes

11. I arrived in Milan when I was 18. But my time in Italian football helped me to mature. – Alexandre Pato

12. “I’m a professional, and I have to always do my job.” – Alexandre Pato

13. “In football, nothing is certain, so it’s no problem to return to Corinthians” – Alexandre Pato

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Summary of Alexandre Pato Quotes

There you have it; 13 Alexandre Pato quotes about soccer.

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