72 Notable Alex Iwobi Quotes About Football

Alex Iwobi Quotes About Soccer and Life

We’re here again with the best collection of Alex Iwobi quotes and sayings about soccer and life.

Alex Iwobi is one of the superstar Nigerian footballers currently playing for Everton Football Club and Nigeria international team.

Iwobi first came into the spotlight after coming through the ranks of Arsenal’s reserve team with some scintillating performances that got a lot of people talking.

Many people felt he is a player meant for greatness due to his confidence on the ball, and an eye for killer passes which leaves the defence open in his wake.

Alex Iwobi net worth is proof that he’s an excellent footballer, hut how did he make it this far?

The following Alex Iwobi quotes will help you learn more about him, his ideologies, and philosophies about soccer and life.

72 Alexe Iwobi Quotes About Football And Life

1. “I was growing up in England and England was the only national team I knew, so I was actually very pleased to play at the national level.” – Alex Iwobi

2. “Mesut is a great player and he also works hard off the ball.” – Alex Iwobi

3. “I don’t know the stats but with Mesut in the team, you are always going to get at least three chances a game from him. He always provides an excellent pass or something, a good move or play that leads to a goal, or almost leads to a goal.” – Alex Iwobi

4. “I had many dreams of winning things for Arsenal at a young age.” – Alex Iwobi quotes

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5. “I will take ownership of the nutmeg. My uncle Okocha has got the skills but the nutmeg, the prince title they call me for that, I will say it is my own. It happens instinctively, sometimes the easiest way of getting past my opponent.” – Alex Iwobi

6. “I have been very blessed to be given the opportunity to play for Super Eagles.” – Alex Iwobi

7. “I’m always hungry and eager to represent my country and make them proud.” – Alex Iwobi

8. “I’m happy to play anywhere, I will play wherever I’m told to play.” – Alex Iwobi

9. “Growing up I’ve been playing as an attacking midfielder, more central in the midfield. I wouldn’t say if I’m most comfortable there but that’s where I grew up playing.” – Alex Iwobi quotes

10. “I’ve always seen myself as a midfielder but wherever I’m being told to play in the middle or somewhere, I will always give my best.” – Alex Iwobi

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11. “I try to dwell on the positive and not dwell on the negative as much as I can.” – Alex Iwobi

12. “If I make a mistake I try to use it as a lesson and try to improve on it.” – Alex Iwobi

13. “As long as I am progressing and trying to do my best for the team that is what really matters.” – Alex Iwobi

14. “I have always dreamt of winning the Africa Cup of Nations and the fact that I am representing my country and I am always proud to wear the green white green.” – Alex Iwobi

15. “I see my uncle as an idol, someone I have always looked up to as a footballer.” – Alex Iwobi

16. “When people compare me to him… it’s like ‘wow’ maybe they see me on his level but I don’t believe I am there yet. It is what it is, he’s a skilful player, I’m quite skilful myself so they are always going to compare me to him especially that he’s my uncle.” – Alex Iwobi

17. “I would say each day I’m still growing and still learning, but negatives, obviously they’re always going to criticise me for my goals and assists, which I need to add to my game if I want to be compared with the people I’m playing with.” – Alex Iwobi

18. “All I know is that playing for Arsenal to me is always going to be an honour. I’m always proud to represent this club and wear the badge.” – Alex Iwobi quotes

Alex Iwobi Quotes about playing at Arsenal

19. “I am not one to chicken out.” – Alex Iwobi

20. “I have had it all over the years, being told I’m not good enough. So whenever the chance comes I always try and prove I should be starting.” – Alex Iwobi

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21. “Obviously my joy is to play football and not just sit out.” – Alex Iwobi

22. “I always had that youngster tag at Arsenal, so hopefully with this move, I am able to make a name for myself in the Premier League and create history with Everton.” – Alex Iwobi

23. “Obviously, people in the media speak a lot when things aren’t going right, but we as players do communicate with each other. Maybe it doesn’t come across as being loud on the pitch – and you don’t see it as much – but we do speak when things aren’t going as well as planned.” – Alex Iwobi

24. “I had offers from Celtic and Southampton as well.” – Alex Iwobi

25. “I mean I’ve seen so many kids on the street when we’re like in the bus, they’re screaming ‘go Nigeria, go Nigeria,’ so to represent them I’m just proud.” – Alex Iwob quotes

26. “LG is a very big company and I’m very honoured and proud to be their brand ambassador to represent them on and off the pitch.”

27. “Growing up, I had always looked up to LG as a big brand and they are doing very well.” – Alex Iwobi

28. “Life is really good.” – Alex Iwobi

29. “We know what Mesut is like because we see him in training every day. He’s world-class.” – Alex Iwobi

30. “I get the privilege to play with Mesut every day. He is a world-class player. He gives me advice in a different way. He jokes around but he always tells me I can do more. He also gives me the confidence to express myself.” – Alex Iwobi quotes

31. “Whenever something in the system changes, you have to prove yourself again. But wherever you go, you have to prove that you’re better than whoever else is on the team. At a team like Arsenal, that’s always going to be hard so I always have to be on it in training and matches.” – Alex Iwobi

32. “We are not going to dwell on the past, we are always looking forward to the next game.” – Alex Iwobi

33. “We learn from out mistakes as we have done.” – Alex Iwobi

34. “If you are not performing consistently at a club like Arsenal, then there are other players ready to take the opportunity – which I learned the tough way.” – Alex Iwobi

35. “Obviously, I am an attacking player, so when you are an attacking player, you need to create goals and get goals – and that’s the main thing for me.” – Alex Iwobi

36. “Whatever role I get told to play, I just have to adapt to it and play.” – Alex Iwobi

37. “Coach Amodu without question is a colossus and football icon and has over the years made a meaningful contribution to Nigerian football both at the club and international levels.” – Alex Iwobi

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38. “Coach Amodu has coached the cream of Nigerian football players and I had the privilege of working with him albeit for a very short time during the preparations for the two-legged Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers against Egypt.” – Alex Iwobi quotes

39. “Sometimes in a Premier League game the fans are a bit quiet but in Nigeria, you just hear trumpets, everything. The atmosphere is so different compared to England.” – Alex Iwobi

Alex Iwobi Quotes in the Premier League

40. “Whenever I am called upon to play, I always try to give my best and make sure that I can impose myself on the game.”

41. “It was a difficult decision picking Nigeria over England.” – Alex Iwobi

42. “I’m very proud to represent Nigeria but I would like to say thank you to England for the chance they gave me, it was a difficult decision.” – Alex Iwobi

43. “The love Nigeria showed me… when I played for them in a friendly, the fans were just crazy. The fans almost eat you up because they love you so much.” – Alex Iwobi

44. “I do not have any regrets whatsoever in opting to play for Nigeria and will always do my best whenever I put on the green white green colours of Nigeria.” – Alex Iwobi

45. “Nigeria is a great footballing nation and deserves to assume her rightful place in Africa and world football and I am keen to be part of a team that achieves this goal.” – Alex Iwobi

46. “My mum made me do kick-ups in the living room. My sister even tried to play football. Everyone was trying to help me.” – Alex Iwobi quotes

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47. “That’s what the big players get recognised for, scoring goals or creating goals.” – Alex Iwobi

48. “I used to play football on the streets with my friends and ended up where I am today.” – Alex Iwobi

49. “With the money thing, it is mad. As a young kid earning so much, having a house and driving a nice car it is nice but it is something I keep level-headed about.” – Alex Iwobi

50. “I love attacking, but I hate defending and it’s something I need to add to my game.” – Alex Iwobi

51. “Personally, I want to win the Premier League. That would be an amazing feeling.” – Alex Iwobi

52. “Arsenal is an amazing club, I have been there since primary school and it’s a place I call home and passionate fans who are like family members.” – Alex Iwobi quotes

53. “As a footballer, you’re committed to playing for the badge, train alongside fantastic players daily and compete against some of the game’s best every weekend. What more can you ask for.” – Alex Iwobi

54. “My target is to get as many call-ups as I can, get as many games as I can and win many trophies with Nigeria.” – Alex Iwobi

55. “Arsenal’s standards are very high so I’ve always tried to reach that.” – Alex Iwobi

56. “Arsenal have always been one of the best clubs in the world, so to even be a part of the club from a young age I’ve always had to give my best.” – Alex Iwobi

57. “Arsenal has been always been a big club in my eyes and I’ve seen them win loads of trophies. To be a part of it is just amazing, I just want to make history with the club.” – Alex Iwob quotes

58. “I feel very honoured and proud to be playing for Nigeria.” – Alex Iwobi

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59. “I have always wanted to play for Nigeria and I enjoy each minute we gather and when we play.” – Alex Iwobi

60. “It’s an honour to be an Ambassador for DStv. Their passion for promoting sports is unrivalled across Africa.” – Alex Iwobi

61. “I hope the fans know that, that I always give 100 per cent for the team, for the club.” – Alex Iwobi

62. “I know the fans want to win trophies, we all do.” – Alex Iwobi

Alex Iwobi Quotes about winning trophies

63. “Fans are allowed to have their own opinion, at the end of the day they can say whatever they want, but some of them, it’s crazy. They just want their own team to win. I can understand that. But some of the things they say.” – Alex Iwobi quotes

64. “From Under 15s to Under 19s, I was concentrating playing for England, it was close to me, I could just go to St George’s Park, it was nice. Going back to school when you’ve just played for England, it was amazing, you’re one of the best players in the country, that’s why you’re getting picked.” – Alex Iwobi

65. “When Nigeria actually gave me the call-up I thought ‘oh, it’s going to be a challenge, I don’t go back there a lot, I don’t really speak the language.’ I wasn’t speaking the language as fluently as I am now, so it was always going to be a challenge, but it was a challenge I decided to take and change nationalities.” – Alex Iwobi

66. “I seem to be like a hero to people, it’s crazy.” – Alex Iwobi

67. “I like to have Air Maxes and Air Force 1s, I’m trying to collect more and more.” – Alex Iwobi quotes

68. “Of course, when I was younger I always wanted to have the newest Air Force 1s but my budget wasn’t too good back then! I always stuck with white or black AF1s.” – Alex Iwobi

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69. “I’m just chilled out, you’ll always catch me in a mad tracksuit. Normally a black tracksuit, I’m not really an out-there person.” – Alex Iwob quotes

70. “When I was younger I just played football for the fun of it, scoring the maddest goals and trying to come up with new tricks but when you’ve got to take yourself into a proper match, you’ve got be serious.” – Alex Iwobi

71. “My dad, my uncle and my whole family love football.” – Alex Iwobi

72. “I grew up in a footballing environment.” – Alex Iwobi

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