A Short Story of Ademola Ogundele – Owner of Notjustok

Demola Ogundele – Owner of Notjustok

Ademola Ogundele is a blogger, writer, businessperson, founder, and CEO of one of the top music websites in Nigeria, Notjustok.

Ademola was born on 10th February 1981(39) in Lagos, Nigeria. He’s from Ondo state, the south-west region of Nigeria.

Ademola attended Atlantic hall school for both his primary and secondary school education in Lagos, Nigeria.

He moved to the US in 1999 where he had his tertiary education at Kennesaw state university, Kennesaw, Georgia between 2000-2004 graduating with a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

How Did He Start?

Notjustok was launched in 2006. Notjustok started basically as a lifestyle website however in2007-2008 Ademola found there was a market for Nigeria music online.

According to him “one of the things we found is that there was a need in Nigeria music industry, they were hardly Nigeria songs on one platform online we decided to go ahead and expose remarkable music from Nigeria on the internet”.

The name notjustok came up when Ademola was brainstorming on names which he wanted it to have some kind of meaning.

He thought of a scenario that whenever he went for a date and the guys asked him how it went he would say it was ok for a regular date.

He thought of how he could make it better and he added ’not’ to it. The name notjustok means more than just ok.

Progress So Far?

Ademola started Notjustok just like any regular website.  Initially, when Notjustok got started as a lifestyle and music website they hardly see much traffic.

Nigerian artists back in those days were not inclined to promote their music online but as time went on, in between 2007-2008 artists started selling their music online.

What really changed notjustok into a full music website was when Mandela had his 90th birthday back in 2008, Ademola had software which took him almost 12 hours to get, he was able to get the live streaming of 9ice’s part.

He put it on his website and YouTube and boom he started getting nice feedback and he realized that there is a market for Nigeria music online.

What the Website Has Achieved?

 Awards won: City people music award for music website of the year (2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014), 2013 Nigeria Entertainment awards 2013, Black Weblog Award 2014.

According to Alexa website ranking Notjustok has a Global ranking of 10,874 and ranks as 131st most visited website in Nigeria.

Social media pages?

  • Facebook:  @NotJustOk
  • Twitter: @NOTJUSTOK
  • Followers: 333.2k
  • Instagram: @notjustok
  • Followers: 330k
  • Youtube: notjustokTV
  • Subscribers: 44.2k

Notjustok has grown to be one of the most visited music websites in Nigeria. They majorly get their revenue from advertisements; they have direct adverting with brands.

Another way they have been able to make money in the past is album sales; they sell albums on the site and the revenue will be between the company and the artist.

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