20 Powerful Adekunle Gold Quotes About Success & Music

Adekunle Gold Quotes about Success and life

We bring to you our favorite Adekunle Gold Quotes.

Adekunle gold has been famous for quite a while now. Though the singer was a fine artist in the past, his seemingly good-guy image, desire to live a purpose-filled life.

In fact, his marriage to his long time sweetheart and fellow artist Simi proves also he is one responsible man.

Since he’s been in the industry for a long time now, it’s no secret that the former graphic designer raked in some pretty impressive checks year after year.

He officially launched his music career in 2010 and so far so good, Adekunle is now an Icon in the music industry, a nobleman with integrity and dignity.

You can learn more about Adekunle Gold’s Biography and worth, for more details about his early life, career, and achievements.

Wouldn’t you want to know his wise sayings in our collection of Adekunle Gold Quotes?

Powerful Adekunle Gold Quotes About Success, Life & Music

1. Music is supposed to be a vehicle for social change

Adekunle Gold Quotes about music

2. With age 30 comes a little more responsibility with a lot of life to live.

Adekunle Quotes about responsibility

3. “I realize this about life when people are somehow no longer part of your story, they imagine it will be a tragedy. Just keep going, your success will be right in their faces and there’ll be nothing they can do about it.”Adekunle Gold

Quotes from Adekunle Gold about life

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4. “The grass is greener where you water the ground”Adekunle Gold

Quotes about work

5. “The world knows only the rich”Adekunle Gold

Quote about success

6. “We are quick to sideline people, even when we really do not know about their reality and experiences.” – Adekunle Gold

Quotes about judging people

7. “It feels good to have a dream, and then see it come through.” – Adekunle Gold. Yes, be passionate about what you do. You shouldn’t miss these 30 powerful quotes from Naira Marley.

Dream quotes from Adekunle Gold

8. “Music is very wide and there is no reason to limit ourselves to just a part of it.” – Adekunle Gold Quotes

Adekunle Gold quotes about music

9. “Every actualized goal we see today begins with a passion from the heart.” – Adekunle Gold.

Adekunle Gold quotes about goals

10. “Money, can’t buy charisma”. – Adekunle Gold

Quotes about money from Adekunle Gold

11. “People love to associate with stars rather than support promising acts.” – Adekunle Gold

Quotes from Adekunle About People

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12. “You don’t get to challenge people and not expect people to challenge you back.” Adekunle Gold Quotes

13. “If they don’t hype you up, hype yourself up!Adekunle Gold

14. “Pain me say no be me write Brymo’s Ozymandias. Be like I dey sleep when the angel dey look for who to give the song to.”Adekunle Gold

15. “What I’ve learned about life; Live on your own terms.”Adekunle Gold

16. “Each new day is a blessing, not a guarantee. Stay humble and remember your place in this universe” Adekunle Gold

17. “Drama is for TV, not for real life. Don’t play a part in someone else’s episode in which they are the only star. Stay clear of Gossip” Adekunle Gold

18. “I realized the mountain I’ve been climbing, is nothing but sand” – Adekunle Gold

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19. “Let me love you baby. Tomorrow can wait”Adekunle Gold

quotes about love

20. “Na jehovah dey bless me ah, Make you no go dey hate me”Adekunle Gold

Adekunle Gold quotes about success

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Adekunle Gold Quotes (Summary)

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