Adedeji Adeleke Net Worth 2021 (Davido’s Father)

Adedeji Adeleke net worth

How much is Adedeji Adeleke net worth?

Adeleke Net Worth 2021:$900 Million
Full Name:Adedeji Adeleke
Born:March 6, 1957
Country of Origin:Nigeria
State of Origin:Osun state
Education:Western Kentucky University, Pacific Columbia University
Source of Wealth:Oil & Gas, Real Estate, Entrepreneurship
Major Company:Pacific Holdings Limited

Adedeji Adeleke net worth and biography is the topic of the day. Bearing the Adeleke surname can be one of the biggest privileges anyone will enjoy as a Nigerian.

Davido, who currently tops the list of the top 10 richest musicians in Nigeria, the son of Adedeji Adeleke can proudly testify to this fact due to the many perks which his music career has enjoyed being the son of the billionaire mogul – Adedeji Adeleke is today, one of the most influential figures in the economic and commercial industry of Nigeria.

What made him more pronounced is the profession of his son as a music celebrity which means more attention is paid to not just his father, but every other member of his family as well. As a result, questions regarding Adeleke net worth are inevitable.

Having a status as one of the top 10 richest men in Nigeria draws the bigger attention of the general public, regardless of the kind of personality he exudes.

Adedeji Adeleke is a top businessman who owns some of the biggest business entities across Nigeria and beyond its borders.

Davido father net worth is not just thanks to his personal endeavors but also due to other external factors that contribute to his wealth which will be discussed later in this article.

This post will give curious minds an insight into the full scale of Davido’s dad net worth, early life, career and other facts aside his wealth that will definitely draw your attention.

How Much Is Adedji Adeleke Net Worth?

As it stands today, Adedeji Adeleke – Davido’s father is worth an estimated $900 million.

In a bid to give back to the society, Adedeji Adeleke has embarked on numerous humanitarian projects which have earned him plaudits from the public.

He created a non-profit NGO known as the Springtime Development Foundation (SDF) whose objective is to improve the lives of numerous Nigerians through Education which gives endless opportunities.

Dr Adedeji Adeleke Biography

Adedeji Tajudeen Adeleke was born on the 6th of March 1957 in Lagos State, but is originally from Ede, Osun state.

He was born to Adebayo Adeleke, who was his father, and his mother whose name is unknown or unavailable to the public. Adedeji was born with a silver spoon as his family was from the high class of the society.

His father was a renowned architect and town planner, which was one of the influential positions at the time. His father’s most influential work was the planning of Banana Island in Lagos which had become the hub for both local and international estate and housing investors.

Adedeji Adeleke net worth didn’t just grow from nothing, to pull of such a great piece of work, it is clear that his own father, Adebayo, was a hugely influential figure in Nigeria at the time.

Davido’s father spent most of his early life in Enugu State with his maternal grandmother until he came of age to attend primary school.

Adeleke Adedeji had to move to Lagos state, one of the 36 states and capital in Nigeria, with his family, where he had his primary education at the renowned Ansar-ud-deen primary school from 1965-1970.

At the conclusion of his primary education, Adedeji had to relocate with his parents to Osun state where he was originally from.

This relocation was due to the official duties of his father, but this move also allowed Adedeji Adeleke net worth to find its path, and renew acquaintances with his place of origin.

It was in Osun that he had his secondary education at the Seventh-day Adventist grammar school. After spending 5 years, Adedeji graduated in flying colors in 1975 with his West African Senior Secondary Certificate in Education.

After the conclusion of his secondary education, Adedeji Adedeji was sent abroad by his father to the United States of America where he attended the Western Kentucky University in 1976.

His major in the tertiary institution at the time was Finance. Adedeji earned his Bachelor’s degree in Finance in 1979 and immediately enrolled for a Masters degree in the same year.

His masters degree was concluded in 1981, after which he proceeded to enroll for a PhD in International business at the Pacific Columbia University, California.

At the conclusion of his PhD program at the school, he returned to Nigeria to obey the clarion call of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).

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Immediately after completing his service, Adedeji swiftly moved into business by creating his own company. At this time, no one really knew how much Adeleke net worth was.

It is also unclear if he received any financial support from his father to start his own business venture. He created his own company known as the Pacific drilling company limited in 1983.

This company specializes in geological surveys for water and oil companies, drilling boreholes for private and public entities, detecting reservoirs, aquifers, and other related services.

This company was the sole business in which Adedeji was invested, and year by year, the services offered by the company became more diversified to cover more areas, fields, and so on. Adeleke net worth went on the rising trend through the success recorded by his company.

The services offered by the company created by Adedeji Adeleke was the only domestic company to offer them.

The foreign companies which offered similar services charge much higher than usual, so most companies either national or international companies preferred to do business with the Pacific drilling company limited.

This also agrees with the local content policy of the federal government of Nigeria as regards drilling services in the petroleum industry, which stipulates a certain percentage of personnel and companies involved in exploratory and drilling activities must be Nigerian or locally owned.

The policies of the government back at the time allowed Adedeji’s business to flourish, thus reaping massive profits on the back of numerous projects executed by the company.

Adedeji Adeleke net worth maintained a rapid rise over consecutive years, leading to the company becoming a limited liability company in late 1990.

Today, the Pacific holdings has a sub-group known as Pacific Energy which is a sole oil and gas company offering a wide range of services in the petroleum industry.

This sub group is the most valuable of all the companies owned by Adedeji, bringing huge fortune to Adedeji Adeleke net worth.

In 1996, Adedeji Adeleke established a non-profit NGO called Springtime Development Foundation (SDF) with the aim of bettering the lives of many Nigerians through Education, with himself being a lover of Education.

In March 2011, he received the national license to run operations in his University- Adeleke University in Osun State. He got married to a University Lecturer, Veronica Imade, who passed away at the age of 39 years in 2003.

Today, Dr. Adedeji Adeleke net worth is estimated to be over $900 million.

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How Adedeji Adeleke Spends his money

As one of the richest men in Nigeria, and Africa as a continent, Adedeji can virtually afford anything.

Luxury living is a given for anyone with Davido father net worth, and that exactly is how he lives. News of his doings is usually hot topics when they hit our TV screens, as well as social media platforms.

While the most valuable investment obvious to anyone is his Pacific holdings, he owns some of the most valuable properties any individual can dream of.

One of his most valuable properties is his private jets which are valued at a whopping $35 million and $62 million respectively. You heard it right, he does not own one private jet but two.

This information alone should give you a good idea about the depth of Adeleke net worth.

His luxury cars include the 2017 Bentley Mulsanne which goes for over $350,000 after modifications, as well as the Rolls Royce Phantom which cost over $450,000.

It goes without saying that the worth of his cars are the net worth of some of the biggest personalities in Nigeria.

Adedeji Adeleke also owns numerous mansions across different states in Nigeria. He’s got a mansion in Ikoyi, Banana Island, Lekki, Osun state, as well as in Atlanta, America.

In one of our 20 favorite Adedeji Adeleke quotes, he once said; “If you are living for the moment, it shows you have no plan for the future“. This shows that even when he had money, he invested it.

How much is Adeleke net worth - Davido father worth

Life Lessons From Adedeji Adeleke

  • Coming from a rich family never guarantees success. It is only through hard which it can be achieved.
  • Giving back to society is one of the most important parts of our life. It breeds continuity, cooperation, and support.
  • Take a chance on yourself and assume you have the ability to make it through. You will find that whatever you venture into with dedication and consistency will bear fruits.

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Summary of Adedeji Adeleke Net Worth

Despite coming from the home of a rich father, Adedeji worked with all he had to build the business empire he has today. It is safe to assume that he is well above his father when it comes to net worth and fortune.

Adeleke net worth of a staggering $750 million may come as a surprise to many of you who might be unaware of the vast riches of this business mogul.

This article has been able to enlighten you about the life of Adedeji Adeleke, how he came to make it, what he does, and his purpose to the Nigerian community as a whole.

Through the post, there is no doubt that Adedeji Adeleke is an icon and an example which many other youths must follow to achieve their life’s dreams.

What did you think? Let’s have your comments in the box provided below.

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