80 Notable Adama Traore Quotes About Football & Life

Adama Traore Quotes

We bring to you 80 Adama Traore quotes and sayings about football, life, and success.

Adama Traoré Diarra is a Spanish professional footballer who plays as a winger or wing-back for Premier League club Wolverhampton Wanderers and the Spain national team.

Traoré began his career with Barcelona, appearing mainly for the reserves. Soon, he made his mark and he’s known as one of the best dribblers in the world.

Adama Traore net worth today is proof that he is a successful footballer, as he has had the opportunity to play in the English Premier League.

How did Traore come this far? What kept him motivated through the years when he was just starting out? Check out these interesting Adama Traore quotes and sayings about life, football, hustle, and success.

Adama Traore quotes about football

Adama Traore Quotes & Sayings About Football & Success In Life

1. “One moment that changed my mentality was the first time I went to Mali when I was six. Soon after that trip, Barcelona signed me, but when I was there I saw children like me, six years old, who didn’t have shoes, while I had the opportunity to fulfill my dream. It shocked me. I was six and I didn’t understand.” Adama Traore

2. “People tell me I’m the first in dribbling. But it’s important that, after dribbling, I cross or pass or score. If I don’t, then dribbling is pointless.” – Adama Traore

3. “There were gangs in the school I went to. They fought each other constantly.” – Adama Traore

4. “My greatest strength is my speed and power. This is what stands out more but I’ll get better, I have many attributes.” – Adama Traore quotes

5. “I learned a lot from Ronaldinho and Messi.” – Adama Traore

6. “You know if you give 100 percent every day that you’re going to be happy with yourself. When you lose you’ve got to pick yourselves up and go again.” – Adama Traore

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7. “I am working every day.” – Adama Traore

8. “About Mali, they came to my house. We spoke and after that, the guy posed for a picture giving me a Mali shirt. In Spain, I didn’t go because I was injured. When the time comes, you will see which team I decide.” – Adama Traore

9. “Darren Campbell, the British Olympic sprinter, was my sprint coach at Middlesbrough – yet the best advice he gave me was to slow down. That might sound strange but he said: ‘You have too much speed – you don’t always need to run at 100 percent.’ I was used to running flat out every time, but he told me, ‘You know how quick you are, slow down.’” – Adama Traore quotes

10. “Barcelona is the best education possible. Training with Messi is something I will never forget – he was always the last off the pitch and working incredibly hard in the gym. If he is the best player in the world and works so hard, who are we? You can have all the crazy talent but you need to work.” – Adama Traore

11. “People are thinking I am running so fast on the pitch, but I think it’s slow.” – Adama Traore

12. “I’ve always been quick, ever since I was little.” – Adama Traore

13. “I work with a nutritionist, I have my personal trainer and another person who is like my physio.” – Adama Traore

14. “It’s genetic. I exercise, but I gain mass very quickly.” – Adama Traore

15. “My training? I don’t do weights. It’s hard to believe, but I don’t do weights.” – Adama Traore

16. “I did learn a lot of things in different positions, wing-back, winger, and striker as well so I am happy to go and learn different positions which I like and I trust the process of Nuno Espirito Santo.” – Adama Traore quotes

“Few people will say maybe I had a tough time with different teams like Aston Villa and Middlesbrough but in each situation, I tried to take the good things.” – Adama Traore

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17. “Aston Villa and Middlesbrough, they showed me what is English football. It’s tough, it’s difficult and they showed me how life is like in professional football.” – Adama Traore

18. “We wanted to be footballers, not part of some gang.” – Adama Traore

Adama Traore quotes and sayihngs

19. “Wherever you come from, even if it’s a rough neighborhood, there are always good people who know what they want to do.” – Adama Traore

20. “We know about Portuguese football, we know the Portuguese culture.” – Adama Traore

21. “We will accept any help we can as we attempt to keep moving forward to become a better team.” – Adama Traore

22. “That has to help if you know the mentality of your opponent, and how he wants to play.” – Adama Traore

23. “If I do not have the option of Barca and I have to go to Real Madrid, I do not close any doors.” – Adama Traore

24. “I have been playing in different positions and I keep growing.” – Adama Traore

25. “I believe if you keep pushing and keep believing, you get your rewards.” – Adama Traore quotes

26. “I don’t have resentment towards Barca, only good memories, but if Real Madrid called me I would think about that offer, in the same way, I would if it was a Barca one.” – Adama Traore

27. “All Spanish players want to play for the national team.” – Adama Traore

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28. “I spoke to Mali and they understand; I’ve never lived there and I never said I was going there, my intention was always to play with Spain.” – Adama Traore

29. “We have to play the game, you can’t go on to the pitch thinking the game is already lost.” – Adama Traore

30. “Offers from Madrid or Barca will come when they come, but my mentality is to continue growing as a player.” – Adama Traore

31. “My heroes were Ronaldinho and Ronaldo, and now it is Messi.” – Adama Traore

32. “When I left Middlesbrough I went back there and bought a lot of shirts from the club shop and signed them for the fans. They were very good to me and I wanted to say thank you.” – Adama Traore

33. “The most important thing for me was talking to players like Xavi, Andres Iniesta, and Javier Mascherano – they would tell me about the life away from football. All I wanted to do was play football but they explained how important everything is away, how you prepare and live your life.” – Adama Traore

34. “Whether it’s 90 minutes, or a half, 10 minutes or whatever, I want to show what I can do.” – Adama Traore quotes

35. “I like to improve myself every day and whatever my performance, I will always believe I can do better.” – Adama Traore

36. “My dream was to be a football player.” – Adama Traore

37. Players like Messi and Xavi are always hungry. Whatever the game or the competition – even if it is table-tennis – they want to win. We used to play two-touch football games after training and they would always be desperate to win. It taught you about life as well as football.

38. “I was born in Spain, I know the culture there, and lived most of my life there, but I have Malian origins too. For me, it’s a beautiful thing that I can have both. I can be in both countries, speak the language, blend in two cultures.” – Adama Traore

39. “There was a misunderstanding with Barca. Something happened that I didn’t like, but I prefer to keep it for myself.” – Adama Traore

40. “If the opposition puts two or three players on me, it means that some of our other players are free. If I can play like that, then it is better for the team.” – Adama Traore

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41. “Any situation in the game when you have the ball you can see there are good opportunities.” – Adama Traore

42. “If I am the same Adama as yesterday, then it is one day I have lost.” – Adama Traore

43. “I am grateful to Guardiola for showing his interest and I hope in the future I can learn from him.” – Adama Traore

44. “I’m going to return to Barca.” – Adama Traore

45. “Whatever excuses I can make to you about playing so many games, there is no point – the point is we have many games.” – Adama Traore quotes

46. “No matter the competition, Premier League or Europa League or cup, I want to win. This is the truth.” – Adama Traore

47. “Even if it’s an unofficial game, if I am on the pitch, I don’t want to lose any game.” – Adama Traore

48. “Ronaldinho changed everything for me.” – Adama Traore

49. “I don’t have to be stressed about it. When people watch videos of teams, they might see a certain player and think, ‘If we kick him a little bit, maybe he’ll get angry, maybe he’ll get a booking.” – Adama Traore

50. “You never know if there is anyone faster than me, but I know my speed and most of the time I use it for good, but I don’t know if there is anyone faster.” – Adama Traore

51. “Most of the time I don’t go down when they kick me. I try to stay up, so the referee knows that if I go down it’s because they kick me badly.” – Adama Traore

Quotes By Adama Traore

52. “If the opponent makes a foul close to their own goal, it’s a chance for us. I take it like this.” – Adama Traore

53. “Messi could maybe get away with not trying 100% because he’s the best player in the world. But he’s the first at training. He’s very professional. He was very good to watch and learn from.” – Adama Traore

54. “With the ball, I can run 37km but I’ve never been timed without it because my job is to play football. I’m not an athlete.” – Adama Traore

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55. “It was difficult at Villa because they’d struggled for two years and I’d come mainly from Barcelona B in the second division in Spain. I needed time to adapt but Tim Sherwood and Remi Garde had to win games; they didn’t have time to think about little things about my game. It was a bad moment, it was such a hard, sad experience.” – Adama Traore

56. “I almost missed the chance to join Barcelona because I was on holiday in Mali visiting my parents’ family for the first time. We spent all summer there and every day Barcelona was calling my mother’s phone and getting no reply because she had left it in Barcelona.

57. “Everyone knows what a good player Ruben Neves is and I have no doubt he could play for massive clubs like Manchester United, Barcelona, or Real Madrid one day.” – Adama Traore quotes

58. “I played my first game of football when I was 3 1/2 years old.” – Adama Traore

59. “I didn’t leave Barcelona in the best way but I took the decision to leave and I don’t regret it. There were a few problems with the club – some misunderstandings – and so I decided to leave because I wanted to develop as a player.” – Adama Traore

60. “I didn’t leave Barca well. I left because I wasn’t given an opportunity. If I had been given one, maybe I could say what I lacked.” – Adama Traore

61. “I don’t think that there is anyone quicker than me in the Premier League.” – Adama Traore

62. “Maybe there is no player who is faster than me in the world.” – Adama Traore

63. “When I came to Aston Villa, they had struggled for two years before then.” – Adama Traore

64. “I know my game is about trying to get past players and I know that if a bad tackle is coming my way, I have to jump or push my body out in front, but this is football. If they try to foul and target me, then I’m doing something good.” – Adama Traore quotes

65. “I know the way I play is with speed and ability.” – Adama Traore

66. “Yeah definitely, I have to be brave. There are some bad tackles that we don’t like. But it’s not my job to look at that, it’s the referee’s job, he has to see what is going on. All I try to do is keep going.” – Adama Traore

67. “Nuno works with each player individually. He has worked with me tactically, on where I have to move and when I have to move.

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68. “I joined Aston Villa to improve myself in the Premier League. It started well but then I got injured and Villa ended up having five managers that season.” – Adama Traore

69. “If I can adapt to different tactics I think I will be a better player.” – Adama Traore

70. “I get asked a lot about players like Lionel Messi and Neymar and people seem to have the idea that they don’t do any work because they have a God-given talent. That is just not true, they work all the time, they are totally dedicated and that’s why they are where they are.” – Adama Traore

71. “I am quite self-critical, I try to keep focused on what I need to do better, and in the final third of the pitch I know I can do miles better.

72. “My life in Middlesbrough is good.” – Adama Traore quotes

73. “I think the time I spent at Aston Villa was difficult. It was a difficult time and a difficult moment for the team.” – Adama Traore

74. “When there is a difficult moment, you need to stay strong because it’s difficult when you don’t play.” – Adama Traore

75. “Every player has a dream to play at Barcelona for a long time, but you have different roles for the team.” – Adama Traore

76. “What I have learned from my time at Barcelona is the invisible work that goes on off the pitch. It’s about the fine details.” – Adama Traore

77. “It’s about working hard, resting when you need to, leading a healthy life, and having a support structure around you. These factors help you improve.” – Adama Traore

78. “Talent is not enough – it’s about using it in the right way.” – Adama Traore

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Summary of Adama Traore Quotes

No doubt, these sayings and quotes by Adama Traore shows what he’s made of, what motivates him, and how determined he his to succeed.

Starting from scratch and making it to the top isn’t easy and these quotes and sayings by Traore shows anyone can keep growing to succeed, no matter how slow the process could be.

Which of these quotes and sayings resonate more with you? Let’s have your comments in the box provided below. Also, don’t forget to like and share this post.

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