A Short Story of Joseph Ejump Umeh – Owner of 9jaflaver

9jaflaver music blog

Joseph Ejump Umeh is a blogger, founder, and CEO of one of the top music websites, 9jaflaver. Ejump was born on 8th August 1992(28).

He started his journey into the Nigerian entertainment industry as a music artiste before becoming an entertainment blogger.

He started recording songs at the age of 18. He met many upcoming music producers which helped him to work on his music writing and singing skills.

Ejump had a lot of passion for music to the extent of him saving his feeding money just to record a track then.

How He Started

Gaining admission into the higher institution (university of Abuja) was a blessing for him in 2013. Just like many other artists, he dropped is music in 2014 and he was looking forward to being a hit.

As an artiste Ejump was looking for a source where people can download his music and enjoy it. That was how the idea of 9jaflaver came about, and he launched it that same year (2014).

Ejump describes himself as a normal average student when he was an undergraduate, no special skill or any kind of extraordinary brilliance, but what made him distinct was because he was able to innovate and create 9jaflaver through his deep passion for music.   

Ejumb is a self-taught programmer/ blogger. He reads a lot of tech articles and programming tips where he had to practice by himself.

Just like many successful bloggers, Ejump earned nothing from his blog when he first started.

After resuming for the second semester, he had to create awareness about his blog. He was using is departmental mates WhatsApp group to share his blog post and links.

This WhatsApp group was actually created for students to get lecture updates and other school news updates.

That was how 9jaflaver started trending including himself. During those days he works round the clock, he sleeps less and stays up all night more, working on his blog, and gathering news around the school campus. 

Progress So far?

9jaflaver is known for publishing news, gist, music, videos, jokes, comedy videos, fashion, football updates, lifestyle and many more media contents.

9jaflaver is one of the most leading websites in Africa, especially in Nigeria. 9jaflaver is also known for dishing out free beats and instrumentals. 

Their publications, content quality, easy navigations, nice designs that their visitors enjoy has kept the website growing in Nigeria and to other Africa countries.

What the Website Has Achieved?

Nominations: city people music awards.

According to Alexa website ranking 9jaflaver as a Global ranking of 3,825 and ranked as 30th most visited websites in Nigeria.

9jaflaver visitors by country ranges from Nigeria (84.82%) to Zambia (2.15%) and the United States (1.86%).

Social Media Pages?

  • Facebook: @9jaFlaver
  • Twitter: @9jaflaver
  • Followers: 3177k
  • Instagram: @9jaflaver
  • Followers: 4282k

Net Worth of the Website?

9jaflaver is one of the leading music websites in Nigeria which has many visitors around Africa and beyond.

9jaflaver has media content just for everyone, very easy to navigate. The website has also helped many upcoming artists by promoting their music and offering other supports.

9jaflaver has the following estimation according to SiteWorthTraffic:

  • 9jaflaver daily estimation: $263
  • Monthly estimation:$7,869
  • Yearly estimation:$95,981

No doubt, 9jaflaver is one hot music site that every music lover in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. What did you like about this music blog?

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